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  1. sbrick

    gastric sleeve in Feb 2020

    It’s okay! I can’t figure out how to take that off. Maybe you could help me!
  2. sbrick

    gastric sleeve in Feb 2020

    Wait. Where does it say that I lost that much. Those may be stats from when I had my lap band years ago. I’ve since had it removed. I’ve lost 30.
  3. sbrick

    gastric sleeve in Feb 2020

    I also had the sleeve in TJ in February. How have you been doing?
  4. Hi all. I haven’t been on here in forever. I developed severe complications after having my lap band for nearly 8 years. I had it removed 2 weeks ago yesterday and am already up 16.2 pounds since removal. I was 138 the morning of surgery and now am sitting at 155. I feel completely lost and discouraged because I have eaten small portions of quality foods since removal and it seems to not be getting better. Anyone been where I am and have any positive advice? I really need friends right now because I don’t have anyone that understands what I’m going through.
  5. sbrick

    Appointment tomorrow!

    I went to my new doc yesterday and it made me feel very renewed. Sometimes you just don't click with people. Whether that's your doctor, boss, coworkers, relatives, etc. I may have been extremely high maintenance to my former doctor, who knows. My patient file reads that he saw me as doing great until this past visit. All in all, he wasn't encouraging or friendly to me in any of the visits I've had with him (and I'd been seeing him for 5 years). His nurses were very encouraging and friendly, and honestly, that's why I kept coming. Water under the bridge now, I suppose! I have a list of support group meetings I can attend and I've already set up an appointment with their dietician for two weeks. I am already feeling more positivity about my band and that's all I really wanted. Thanks for your input and support, guys! I appreciate all opinions.
  6. Hey all! Banded for 5 years and need some accountability after gaining 35 pounds! Any takers?
  7. sbrick

    Appointment tomorrow!

    I have already requested my medical files from my doc's office and have set up an appointment at another surgeon's office in two weeks to be a transfer patient. I'm going to move on from that awful, awful experience this morning! Thank you all for your kind words!
  8. sbrick

    LAP-Band Vet asking for advice!

    I am in the process of switching docs now. I have an appt in two weeks to meet with her and discuss everything!
  9. sbrick

    Upper GI this morning!

    My band doc took all of my fluid out last October because I was having trouble with water! I had to have an upper GI so that I could have a fill again.
  10. sbrick

    LAP-Band Veteran HELP!

    @@enjoythetime Thank you so much for the insight!! I am so happy you responded! And about the cosmetic surgery, no fluid was removed prior to it. I had a fill this morning and an awful experience with my lap band doc so I'm just trying to stay positive and start my new journey from here!
  11. http://BariatricPal.com/index.php?/topic/337174-Appointment-tomorrow%21
  12. sbrick

    Appointment tomorrow!

    Well, I have only gained 35 pounds according to my doc. Our interaction became very heated. He told me I need psychiatric help to work through my eating disorder and that a fill won't help me. He kept saying I had gained a MASSIVE amount of weight. He was quite factual but used absolutely no softening words to speak to me. As I sobbed, I told him he was berating me. It was then that he became noticeably irritated. He said that I was rude for saying that to him and he would "release" (fire) me as a patient if I kept speaking to HIM that way. He told me he was gonna leave the room to see another patient so that I could think about what I'd said. Like a scolded child. I then sat and cried and decided I needed to suck up my tears because I came to him for a fill and I wasn't leaving until I got one. Even though he'd already said a fill would do me no good at this point because I was obviously just eating terrible foods and being lazy, I beg to differ. Can we all just take the time to talk about how he removed my fluid 6 months ago due to complications, I found out I was pregnant and then miscarried. I have gained 35 pounds but it's extremely emotional to experience a miscarriage. The session ended with him adding fluid and telling me since I had a tummy tuck that if I gain weight, I'm gonna look like I swallowed a basketball and I'd look silly. Very last words before he left the room. Now I'm supposed to have a follow up in two weeks. Am I crazy? This dude is an a*****e, right? Are any of your doctors like this?
  13. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow after having all Fluid drained from my band last October. I'm hoping the results of my upper GI yesterday say that I can have fluid added back! I've gained 40 pounds after a successful 137 pound weightloss previously. Prayers needed, please!
  14. I had my upper GI this morning and the doc didn't discuss my results with me, he just sent them to my lap band doctor. So, it's a waiting game until Thursday. I'll update you guys after my band appointment and let you know if I'm able to get Fluid back in!
  15. sbrick

    LAP-Band Vet asking for advice!

    Thank you guys so much! You have no idea how much that helps hearing from you! I'll post after my doc visits next week! Have a happy easter!