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  1. Jerseydiva15

    Looking for support in Charlotte

    Thanks @@2muchfun
  2. Jerseydiva15

    Looking for support in Charlotte

    I was banded in August 2010. SW 288 lowest weight 153. Current weight 221. Ever since I have been in Charlotte between allergies and breathing problems. I was on prednisone and my band was unfilled since then I have gained weight I have not been able to lose. They started filling my band again slowly but I came to a point where I was throwing up too much and acid reflux was insane so they unfilled me again. I was filled a little yesterday I feel the restriction but I am just so frustrated. On the verge of depression.
  3. I have been struggling with my band and I am in much need of support.
  4. Jerseydiva15


    I see my doctor on the 23rd. I know I need more restriction.
  5. Jerseydiva15


    Thank you Michele! I have been working out, it's my eating that I definitely need to change. I have no discipline.
  6. Jerseydiva15


    I recently got a fill in July. I have a follow up end of the month.
  7. Jerseydiva15


    I am trying to get back on track. It seems my efforts are not working. I feel hungry all the time.
  8. Jerseydiva15


    I started 288 lbs. I was banded Aug 25th 2010. I went down to 153 lbs. I recently got sick and was put on steroids and I gained weight and I am current 220 lbs. I feel so frustrated, like a failure. I have been eating right and exercising but the weight is not coming off. I currently live in Charlotte, Nc. I need a buddy/mentor. I was to be at 170-180 lbs.
  9. Jerseydiva15

    Depressed. Frustrated

    That would be awesome!
  10. Jerseydiva15

    Depressed. Frustrated

    No it wasn't band related. Bad bad allergies.
  11. Jerseydiva15

    Depressed. Frustrated

    I got surgery done August 2010, started at 288, went down to 153. Got sick and 3cc were taken out and I was put on steroids twice, current weight 220.
  12. Jerseydiva15

    Depressed. Frustrated

    I got my last fill on 07/29. I was 218. I have cut down on carbs and I have been exercising 5 days a week. I just weighed myself I'm 220 lbs.
  13. Jerseydiva15

    Paleo Diet

    Hello everyone! I have been banded for almost 3 years now. I recently got sick with really bad allergies and doctor had me on a very high dose of steroids and 3cc's were taken out of my band. This caused me to gain about 40 lbs. thankfully I am doing great. I went for a fill on Tuesday, they have been filling me up gradually, so right now I'm on liquids for 3 days and soft foods for 3 days. Back to the basics so to speak. This time around I want to cut out carbs, just get the minimal amount needed, with that said. Has anyone tried the Paleo Diet? Has it worked for you? What do you eat?
  14. Jerseydiva15

    Pen Pal Goodie Boxes?

    I would love to join . Very kool idea! Lisha.ortiz@gmail.com
  15. Jerseydiva15

    Confused and disappointed

    Thank you so much everyone. I survived day one of liquids. Now on day 2. Trying to remember what are some mushy foods I can eat. Also trying to think of simple no crab meals.