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  1. OMG!! Im the same way. I would just look at the last bite and even though I new the outcome :thumbup: I would still eat it. Now I just tell myself...Self, you can throw it away now or throw it up in a few minuits. :thumbup:
  2. Its been a family fave in our house also. Thanks for the breakdown. Im so used to making it & since Its just me I make 1 serving at a time or I could probably eat the whole thing. Have a great day!
  3. The above recipe is not a blended recipe. Just mix with spoon and ENJOY!!
  4. cottage cheese wth 1 tlbs FF cool whip, sprinkle of SF orange jello & some mandarin oranges drain (in own juice) sooooo yummy. You can also use fresh strawberry's & SF strawberry jello instead of the orange.
  5. Isa Bella

    July Bandsters

    I was banded July 19th no pre-op diet & as of this morning have lost 22 lbs. I have had 2 fills & still no restriction but getting closer. I had not lost these past 3 wks & now gained little over 5lbs this week due to steroids I had to start taking for back injury. I was walking 5miles a day everyday swimming 2 x wk when 1day on the treadmill I over did it (9 incline for 1hr) after shower I heard a pop in my back and 3wks later still in lots of pain. I was soo close to "onederland" 202 but then...steroids. I know its temporary & Im determined to eat healthy & get better. Its a struggle bcuz the steroids keep me in a ravenous state of mind. Dont overdo the exercise. start off slow & Listen to your body. Everyone is doing such a great job. Im glad I got banded & found this forum. Have a great day!
  6. Im in the same boat. I injured my back & after a Toradol injection and muscle relaxants, anti-inflmmatory drugs felt no releif so I broke down and started taking steroids. Medrol which is a 6 day treatment starting off at 6 pills a day down to 1. I was at 202lbs on Wed & this morning at 207.8 I knew to expect the weight gain & I also get really hungry...ravenous is a better word. . I was in so much pain that I didnt care. I was sooooo close to onderville but I know that it will come back off. They say it takes few weeks to get out of system. Dont get discouraged. This is life & we will face hurdles every now & then but I know I have the band & that the weight will come back off. Wishing you the best & hope you feel better soon.
  7. Isa Bella

    Scars...what are you using?

    Hi Stefani, I was just wondering the same thing. Ive noticed they got darker recently. Or im completely losing my mind. Im going in for my 2nd fill tomorrow and Im going to ask the Dr what he recommends & also asks his staff if they know what has worked for their patients. Will update tomorrow.
  8. We all do the same. Some days are easier than others. Im going for my 2nd fill tomorrow & praying to get some restriction. Take it 1 day at a time. Keep each other posted.:drool:
  9. Im in the same boat. Remember its a slow process. I was banded on July 19 and have lost 23 lbs. I had my 1st fill on Aug 31st have a total of 6cc & still no restriction but I expected that. I have lost 1lb a wk since my fill. I just take it day by day. It is a daily struggle. Im hungry, dont get full but Im happy wth what I lost and know soon enough the weight will start to come off. To top things off I injured my back so have not exercised in 5 days. went from walking 10 miles a day to "0" NOT GOOD!!! Im starting to take steroids tomorrow & know Im going to gain weight but Ive accepted that we will come across hurdles in our lifetime we just have to do our best and develope healthy lifestyle. I did not do a pre-op diet either. Think about it. You have lost 30lbs in less than 2 mths. They want you to lose on average 2lbs a week so your doing a FANTASTIC job. Dont get frustrated. Focus on all the positive things that have come out of this already and stay focused on the new healthy habits you are learning for a healthy lifestyle change. Wishing you the best of luck and keep us posted. I go for 2nd fill on Thurs & will update. Im curious to see what will happen since I will be on steroids WHICH make make ravenous & getting the fill .
  10. Isa Bella

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    Go to their site. They have some promo's going on. Good time to join. Best of luck!
  11. I was banded on July 19 and up until last week all was good. I was struggleing a little but nothing I could not handle but then I over did it on the treadmill & injured my back. (I already had 2 back surgery's) Dr's told me just that week not to use the incline but I wanted a good workout and exercised for an 1hr on incline of 8 & 10. NOW im suffering the consequences. Ive had severe low back back went for a Toradol injection last tuesday & what do I do?.... Go to the Rose bowl & walk 2 laps (3.2 miles a lap) I should of rested but felt a little better and was soooooooo set on losing weight b4 my 2nd fill. I've had 1 fill & no restriction which Im ok wth I understand the slow journey but due to all the meds Im on the last 2 days have been munching on anything I can find. Even though its healthy still eating way to many calories. Ive been taking anti- inflammatory & pain meds + muscle relaxants & they have not helped at all. Im going to see Dr tomorrow & she will want me to take steroids. This is how I gained my weight in the 1st place. Im really frustrated and desperate. I know Ive gained & will probably gain more. I went from walking 6 to 10 miles a day to "0" + eating more calories. NOT GOOD! Im getting my 2nd fill on thursday & so hoping I get some restriction. Hopefully that will stop me a little. I know I will be on liquids for 2 days after so hoping that will help also. I apologize for for this long msg but needed to vent. Sometimes just letting it out and sharing helps me & hoping I get that will power burst that I need to overcome this small obstacle. I know its not the end of the world and evetually will be able to exercise & be more disciplined wth my eating after the meds leave my system. Thanks for listening. Blessing for all and wishing everyone great success & that they heal and feel better soon.
  12. Isa Bella

    Weight Watchers Online: Support Thread

    Im starting WW today. Im going for my 2nd fill Thursday & hoping to feel some restriction. Its been tuff past week especially yesterday. I was exercising all the time and eating really good then I injured my back and everything changed. I tried to not take the meds because they make me hungry & make me eat at night. I wake up and realize Ive gotten up from bed to eat. (NOT GOOD) But broke down cuz the pain was radiating down my leg & was in constant pain. So I went from walking 8 to 12 miles a day to "0" & yesterday I was munching all day. Even if it was healthy I consunmed to many calories. I jumped on the scale today (which I knew not to) & gained 2 lbs. Need to journal & keep track of what im eating especially now that im grounded. Good luck to everyone.
  13. It just started. Glad I read this thread or I would of forgotten to watch it. This season I will not be eating my chips while watching it.
  14. Isa Bella

    Half Marathon!

    Thats great. No matter if you walk, jog or run at the end of the day those who finish accomplish the same distance. I registered for the L.A. Marathon in March. I completed it the 1st time at age of 39 & then at 40. I walked both of them and finished in 6 1/2 hrs. Im 48 yrs old now & looking forward to complete it once more. My goal is to participate in a triathalon for my 50th. Good luck to everyone. You can do it!
  15. My 1st fill was 6 wks post-op. My second fill is scheduled 4 wks later. I feel no restriction after my 1st fill but I knew that might happen. My friends reached their "sweet spot" after 5/6 fills. It is a slow process but I know will get there b4 we know it. Best of luck to everyone.

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