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  1. BeverlyM

    *~January 2011 Bandsters~*

    Banded 1/26/11. Glad you made the thread. Im doing good trying to stay positive but since ive started food my weight loss has STOPPED. Im sure it will kick back up so im gona keep following the rules stay positive. Im still out of work had to stay out 6 weeks i have a very physical and demanding job i work with meantally physically disabled individuals so i couldn't go back without restrictions. I think once i go back to work plus exercising the weight will start to come off. STAY POSITIVE EVERYONE THIS IS JUST THE BEGINING. Do anyone elese have problems "using the bathroom" I go 5 or 6 days without until i take a lax.? Im drinking my 0 cal liquids and i do treadmill or Micheal Jackson The Experience on the WII. Im only eating protien(around 3 oz 4x day) When i need something between i eat sugar free Jello or pickle to try to ty me over.i've done low carb since Nov. hard to find low carb Snacks so i stick with jello pickles and crystal light popsicles. I know i could exercise more since im not working but just havn't wrapped that around my head yet I'm only getting in around 600 or 700 cals. and they say that might be my body holding on cuz it's not enough. I get my first fill 3/8/11 on my 6week visit then i can start low carb veg. and i will go back to work after my visit maybe things wiil start moving again.
  2. Since you wont to quote me what kind of food do you think I'm weighting? Well I weight meat. That's what I'm eating(other than the jello and pickle) according to my Dr. Office thats what im supposed to do. You don't think I know the difference in mass and volume? I work at a facility side by side with the dieticians making meal plans for our clients. I can eyeball 3and 4oz of food cuz we serve it everyday but its in a ground or pureed consistency. I weight my meat to make sure cuz its whole consistency and I'm not used to how much yet....Thank you for taking the time to respond to my quote. I don't wont to sabotage this band for nothing so if you think I'm measuring wrong please let me know. When I say I put my food on the scale I'm eating chicken pork cop fish.
  3. Was never confused at all thats why I wouldn't put my food in a measuring cup cuz I know cereal would weight less than meat. My point is my nut got me on 1/4 cup food and to weight it on a scale she wont me to eat 2oz. I'm not confused. But I understand what your saying. My ? is how many oz of food should I be eating if not 2?
  4. 1p=16oz 1/2pd=8oz 1/4pd=4oz 1cup=16 tbsp 1/2cp=8tbsp 1/4cp=4tbsp 8oz=1cup 4oz=1/2cp 2oz=1/4cp So 1/2 cup=4oz. 1/2 cup=8tbsp. 1/2cup=1/4pnds. Never said I measured in pnds. It would take me 16oz or 2cups or 32 tbsp to = 1pnd.
  5. Still don't get your response but me saying I can increase my food from 1/4 to 1/2 mean I can go to 2oz to 4oz. How is that not right? How many oz of food do you get out of 1/4 cup when you measure on a food scale? You told me it wasn't right so what's right?
  6. Hi relsiversea, I know those are the standard liquids but I use a food scale to weight my food. I also measured 1/4 cup of liquid minus the weight of the cup on the food scale and it still came out 2oz. She replied to my comment and told me 1/2 is not the same as 4oz but didn't tell me what it was. So what is 1/2 cup of food? I've measured and goggled and still coming up with the same thing. Just want to know what cocoabean is coming up with.
  7. So you're saying 8 oz is not 1 cup 4 oz is not 1/2 and 1/4 is not 2??
  8. when i weight my food out its usually between 2.5 to 3.5 oz so i know it wouldn't hurt to go to 4oz. I havn't been on the scale since i've started eating and i hope i dont do to bad. I do my protien and 0 cal drinks snack might be a pickle or sugerfree Jello or cheese (i know neither is protien but i dont like eggs peanut putter has alot of cals and very dry eating by it self and i like cheese but ive only used the "bathroom" 2x since surgery and that was with a softner) i plan to weight on Tues. so i well see what damage i done
  9. I use fit pal and I supposed to have @1200 a day but I'm only 2weeks and a few days out and eating 1/4 cup of food 4× a day. Its only giving me about 400 calories. Do this mean I'm not gona loose????
  10. BeverlyM

    Day 1 of Mushies

    My surgery was Jan. 26 didn't have one until tuesday 1st .
  11. BeverlyM

    on my way to the hospital

    Good luck and happy healing!
  12. BeverlyM

    Help me understand

    Wow........smh. I always thought it was normal to have fellings of doubt. Guess I'm gonna have to bring this discussion up at my next group meeting. Lol...smh (don't get it wrong all sorts of should I have, what ifs, and everything elese go through my head but I'm happy with the decision I made)
  13. BeverlyM

    Gained weight??????

    Not trying to sound gross but have you used the "bathroom " ? I know I weigh more if I haven't been.
  14. Congrats Shonette! Sounds like your getting to know your band well. They say learning how this band work is a daily process and you are on track. No need for diet pills your doing great i hope i can handle myself like you have when im going through as a new banster. Good luck you look great! (congrats on those pants falling off )
  15. Good luck you all and keep us posted.

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