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  1. Happy 35th Birthday She Smiles!

  2. Happy 34th Birthday She Smiles!

  3. 5 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 5th Anniversary She Smiles!

  4. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    I planned a surprise helicopter trip for hubby and I's anniversary a few weeks back, it felt a lot safer than getting up in a balloon for me. There are pics on my fb for those who are my friends. It was BIG fun! Oh-oh looks like slim is gonna own me sometime in the future--I'm a terrible lush! I thought I'd come reply here too after Lulu messaged me. I would love to meet up with you all. My hubby and I will be visiting his mother and a friend in CA at the beginning of the trip, then he will go to Chicago to stay with his father and I will go visit a few people I want to catch up with (you guys!) and then go meet up with hubby in Chicago for a while at the end. We will end up traveling for about 4-5 weeks total but we probably won't start making concrete plans until later this year though, we have a trip to Singapore coming up later this month an a couple of national trips to Melbourne and Sydney to plan for before then. I very much appreciate being counted in and considered for because I have to travel so far! But, if you guys need to decide on a date now, then please do so and hubby and I will arrange our trip around that, we are not wedded to any dates and don't have to be there for anything specific yet. I'll be there for a while--most of June I figure and possibly a few days/a week either end, so whatever works for everyone, I can work our plans around the dates that are chosen Which Lulu did, and I am so happy to be included!
  5. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Well hello strangers! Some one mentioned this thread on facebook recently so I thought I'd drop in and say hi! Sorry I've not been around for ages, but I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with this thread because I couldn't access it at work (when of course I should be on the net and not doing work LOL). I'm pretty active on facebook, so if you send me a PM here with your email or FB name, I'll try to check back in more regularly and I'll add you :wink2: Hope all of you I'm not already friends with on FB and can follow there are well and wonderful!
  6. She Smiles

    Green's passing.

    This is the first time I've logged on to LBT in some months and I am very sad to see this thread. Green was one of a kind and added a special something to every thread she participated in. My thoughts are with her friends and family.
  7. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Sounds like my 28 year old husband. I curse his father for not developing his palate beyond that rubbish as a child and teenager because it means I am restricted in the food I can cook at home for the two of us. If we eat out, he gets his rubbish food and I get to indulge in something with a bit of flavour. Keep trying to get her interested in other flavours/textures, you never know she might try something "exotic" one day and it will unlock her desire to experiment a little!
  8. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Ok its funny that you guys are on the topic of farts at the moment because I had a new co worker start sitting at the desk next to me on Monday. She's settled in VERY quickly and we already know all about how her baby daddy left her and she's a single Mum and lives in a granny flat and doesn't have a car but is the coach for a cheerleading team and so on and so forth blah blah blah. I know more about her in 4 days than I do about some of the people I have worked 6 months with. Today, I thought I heard her fart. Loudly. I ignored it and carried on my work, and so did she. Then later, she did it again LOUDER but excused her self this time. Then a another co worker told me that he had been showing her some work on his computer and she farted just standing there and carried on like nothing had happened. Am I out of the loop? Is farting loudly and in the vicinity of your workmates socially acceptable now? I was in shock, and I wouldn't call myself a prude by any stretch of the word, but manners go a long way!
  9. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Hahahaha Plain have a read of this! inthemix | International News | Fatboy Slim checks into rehab Booze? Yeah and the rest! Susan - good luck with the sleeve, I've always said if my band had to go for some reason I'd get a sleeve. I'll be eagerly waiting to read how it all pans out for you (which of course will be fabulously!). LJM *hugs you super mega tight*
  10. She Smiles

    Last person to post WINS!

    Uh-oh Susan. Where do I collect my prize?
  11. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Pffft how could I ignore you Plain! Ahh the Crystal Method that takes me back to my Uni days! I saw the Prodigy at another festival earlier in the year, that was a step back in time too! Fat Boy Slim actually did amazingly at the festival considering one of his turntables wasn't working which limited his mixing and scratching ability (it rained all day, I think that might have contributed--smart me went and made my crew buy gumboots and plastic ponchos in preparation though hehe). The festival was called Good Vibrations so he did an awesome mix of the beach boys "Good Vibrations" and he opened his set with a super trippy mix of "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and the chocolate Factory :thumbup: Of course he was completely wasted which was quite amusing to watch on the big screens LOL. He's doing ok for a DJ who's been around forever and has probably consumed his body weight several times over in illicit substances! I recommend you check out The Presets and Infusion on iTunes, they're both Aussie and are amazing--I've seen them both live too. End music rant
  12. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Phew! I'm caught up.....! I go away for a while and can't get on cos LBT is down and I come back to a kajillion pages! Plain you asked paaaaaaaaaages back if there were any good acts at the music festival I went to--Fat Boy Slim rocked my world and there were a few great Aussie acts too. Music is one of my joys
  13. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    Thanks Kat, I wish I knew what the equivalent is here in Australia. They are VERY strict with over the counter meds here, we don't have the meds that people have talked about on here that help you sleep at night....we have to see a Dr for anything even mild. I have a Dentist appointment at 3pm tomorrow, only after I begged the receptionist to find me an appointment before I go away for 3 days of travel for work Wed-Fri. I'm prepared to have a fat face and sore jaw tomorrow. No doubt I'll need a filling or worse :hurray: I dread that needle, not for the needle but cos the injection of the number KILLS!!!! Hope your DD is feeling better soon, what an ordeal! *hugs*
  14. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    The Veronicas were AWESOME. They are such fabulous singers and HOT too.....I told hubby he could have one if I could have the other LOL. I have a MASSIVe tooth ache. I noticed on Friday that I have a huge chip out of one of my incisors and it is throbbing with pain now. I hope I can get into see a dentist tomorrow or Tuesday cos I am out of town at a conference the rest of the week. I should probably go to the dentist more often I guess instead of waiting 3 years....
  15. She Smiles

    I hate it when people post just to post.....

    PJTP and to say I'm going to The Veronica's concert tonight! Woot!