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  1. I am die hard diet Coke fanatic! I need to break that habit right now! So that is it not so hard after my surgery. Please share what your favorite non-carbonated beverage is! I love variety and hope to find something I like equally as well as my Diet Coke! Thanks for your input!
  2. ladybug on a mission

    Good thing I had lapband

    Praying for all normal results for you! Hugs and prayers!!
  3. ladybug on a mission

    Their here...

    Amazing!! Each month I am so inspired by your "green shirt" picture.
  4. ladybug on a mission

    Newbie from Atlanta

    Welcome! Congratulations on your upcoming surgery!! I am 1 month post op - banded in Atlanta, by Dr. Titus Duncan. Hugs, Jane
  5. ladybug on a mission

    Do any of you take Prozac?

    I too take Prozac and have been taking my capsule reguarlly since a few days after surgery. I have not had any problem swallowing it, but I also do not have any fill yet. HUGS
  6. ladybug on a mission

    Screaching Halt to my journey

    (((HUGS))) I can only imagine how disappointed you are. Hang in there. The small diversions will pay off. You will go into your LapBand surgery healthier!! I will praying for quick resolution to your issues. (((GIANT HUGS)))
  7. ladybug on a mission

    Recipe Of The Day! Easy Cooking Cheese Ravioli With Pumpkin Sauce

    Sounds Yummy!!! I love your posts of the day!
  8. ladybug on a mission

    Feelings for today.....

    Congratulations on your loss and thank you for sharing your inspiring message!
  9. ladybug on a mission

    First Fill Yesterday! (73 days since surgery)

    Congratulations on doing all the right things on the cruise to be able to continue to lose weight! Good Luck on the job hunt, I hope your perfect job pops up for you!
  10. ladybug on a mission

    A lost soul

    Sorry to hear that you have had a struggle with your band. It sounds like you are back on track and heading in the right direction. Keep your head high and move on! HUGS
  11. ladybug on a mission

    If you have UHC Choice Plus..

    I had approval within 5 business days! Good Luck!!!
  12. ladybug on a mission

    1 week Post Op

    It is very hard for me to believe that I have been banded for 1 week already! Where does the time go?? I am almost at 100%, still have a tad bit of gas pain that settles in my left shoulder occassionaly, but when it does, it hurts! A tiny bit of tenderness in my belly button, but otherwise feeling great! I returned to work on Post Op Day 5 and it has definetly helped to be up moving around. I was certain I would be able to feel my port, but I can not. I had a dream last night that when I went for my post op (which isn't until next Wednesday), that they told me I didn't have a band! Oh my, it woke me up from a sound sleep! LOL! Just curious if others know exactly where their band is?? I read the boards and blogs diligently and it is very amazing to me the variances in post op diet by surgeon. My surgeon requires: Day 1-14 -- thin liquids Day 15-30 -- thick liquids Day 30+ -- soft foods To say I am sick of just liquids is putting it mildly, but I am not and will not give in! I am going to follow the rules to a T to be sure I am given myself every available avenue to be successful! I so want something crunchy LOL! Not too many crunch liquids out there! I will end with my stats -- I am pretty happy! Week 1 loss 4.8 Total loss 14.4 (since starting preop diet) Hugs, Jane
  13. ladybug on a mission

    Surgery and The Day After

    Congratulations on your surgery! I look forward to following our journies together!
  14. ladybug on a mission

    Successfully Banded 10-15-10

    Glad to hear all is well and that you are feeling good!
  15. ladybug on a mission

    Just over a week to go!

    Congratulations on your upcoming surgery date!
  16. ladybug on a mission

    Updated pictures

    Wow! Your updated pics are fabulous!! Congratulations on the hard work and thanks for sharing!
  17. ladybug on a mission

    getting nervous

    Good luck on your new journey! I am one week post op and know exactly how you are feeling. Don't let the nerves get the best of you - just keep focused and you will be fine! HUGS
  18. ladybug on a mission

    I Signed up for a 5K Run - What Have I Done?

    I can not wait until I lose enough to feel like I could even sign up for a 5K - so good for you for being brave and knowing that you need to move to the next level! I can not wait to hear how you do!
  19. ladybug on a mission

    banding on monday

    Congratulations on your surgery day! I am 1 week post op and doing great! Following your doctor's orders and you will be fine!!
  20. ladybug on a mission

    First Business Trip (Almost 5 Months Out)

    Awesome!!!!! I could feel the excitement in your post!
  21. ladybug on a mission

    Yeah Onederland!!!

    Congratulations on Onderland!!! How exciting! You are doing fabulous!
  22. ladybug on a mission

    5K Race for the Cure!

    Awesome accomplishment and I know your Mom is looking down on you with pride! (((HUGS)))
  23. ladybug on a mission


    Wow! Amazing!! You are carrying your miracle child! Best wishes! I will certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers. (((HUGS)))
  24. ladybug on a mission

    Big victory for me!

    Awesome Victory!!! Congratulations!!
  25. ladybug on a mission

    1 week post op plastics

    Glad to hear that your healing is progessing and you are feeling better! I can not wait to see how slim and trim you are going to look when all of your swelling is gone! HUGS!

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