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    Fun loving person, love to talk, have been in real estate about eight years specializing in high-end Manhattan properties. I've done several milti-million dollar deals, but I also handle a full range of sales and rentals. I love my job.
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  1. Happy 55th Birthday Debra G!

  2. Debra G

    What I use to look like.

    Photo's of me when I was at my biggest.
  3. I have lose all my weight I had wanted to and more. I have not been on this site for a long time.I saw my old profile picture. Now this is what I look like today.

  4. I have lose all my weight I had wanted to and more. it's been a long time that i have been on this site and I saw a old picture of me. Now this is what I look like today.

  5. Debra G

    Meeting the new me..

    Hello Rachel. You are in for a journey of a life time. And Am sure you are going to love the new you. I Did, I so love myself now. Wish you all the best and good luck.
  6. Debra G

    Living At My Goal Weight!

    Thank You Judyjones. You will do it, and I will be reading yours soon. Remember Hang In There! All The Best To You!
  7. Debra G

    Living At My Goal Weight!

    Thank you Judyjones. I know that you will do it. And I will be reading yours soon. Remember Hang In There!
  8. Debra G

    Living At My Goal Weight!

    FEELING GOOD AND EXCITED! I was Banded on October 26th, 2009. Yeaaa for me! I have been at my goal weight for months now. Before posting about this, I wanted to see if I could stay at this weight and I have! That's my new profile picture. I lost a total of 140 pounds and I'm a size 9 now, I'm 150" pounds now. I'm 5' 11", and when I look at myself now I smile --- soooo very happy. The mirror is a dear friend of mine, now! LOL I worked so hard at this -- I work out almost every day, and I did most of it at home. When the weather was nice I would walk 3 to 4 miles daily. I do some kind of workout on a daily basis. I watched everything that I ate and drank. I just saw my Doctor. whom I love -- he changed my life. I now see Dr. George Felding, a surgical god to me, every 3 to 4 months, and I was told he is so proud of how much I have lost. He asked me to be a part of his seminars to share my story of how I got to where I am at today, and to share my before-and-after pictures. I have not had a fill for over 7 months now, and in that time I still lost 30 pounds. I have a new look now I have been called a fashionista. I shop all the time and I do not have to try on clothes. I can look at them and tell if it will fit or not. I just pick up a size 9 or a medium in a top and I'm done! What a great feeling that is. My family and friends are so happy for me also, and they see the change in me as well. I have become very health-conscious in the way I eat, and I have become very active. Life is so much better now -- 95% of my health issues are gone. I ran in a 5K race recently and finished in fifth place (well, fifth from the end, LOL, but I DID finish the race and I did not cheat - what a great feeling). I'm, also dancing again, have music back in my life, going out and enjoying my new life. So for all of you out there hang in there, do the hard work - it will pay off. One day you will be looking back and writing your goal story for all to see. The Lap-Band is only a tool, it takes a lot of hard work to get there and to maintain. It's a lifestyle for me now. I have to work at it every day to keep it. When it starts to look bad or you think it's not working, hang in there. When frustration sets in, hang in there. When the weight seems to be coming off too slowly, hang in there. When you think you can not eat again or you start to think that your band is not tight enough or that it is too tight, hang in there. When your friends or family tell you that you took the easy way out (bullshit), hang in there. I have felt all of these things and more, but I hung in there! TO ALL OF MY BANDED FRIENDS HANG IN THERE! 150 POUNDS LIGHTER, LOOK OUT WORLD HERE I COME! FEELING GOOD AND EXCITED!
  9. Hello it will take 6 months from your 1st consultation to your surgey date. There are many things you have to do within that time. Like, 6 month of working with a nutritianest, a psyciatiy consultation, perparing all your paper work. The 6 months will fly by, when I heard 6 months I started to cry. And the NP told me it will go by very fast. And it did, I had my surgey done back in OCT 26th 2009. Don't give up!! It's all worth it !! I lost 130 pounds.. Best of luck to you...
  10. Debra G

    need some good advice

    Not to worrie cynthia c. You should be just fine.. throwing up is not somthing you want to do. this happens when you eat to fast or eat somthing that your band does not allow. Be very carfull with throwing up because you can come Potassium deficien. And this happen to me effects of low potassium put me in the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. Low potassium has a lot of the same feelings of a heart attack, and the meds for it to bring the levels back. The pills are so huge they are like horse pills so I could only take the liquid and yuck, taste so nasty. Good luck to you..
  11. Debra G

    will i be hungry?

    Your tummy needs time to heal, you will not be hunger. I agree with seanamw take it very Slow. Wish you well....
  12. Debra G

    Missing Old Friends and Hate this new site set-up!!!!

    Thank you all, good to know that I'm not a lone on this. I will try to keep up with my recipe of the day here , but it seams like a waste of time now if only 2 or 6 people are looking at them. Thank you all for your comments: juliecook, Derby, lea1085, crystalmarble00, Bandednellie, Lmaluckydog. Going from 30 or 40 a day to 2 or 6 a day. UMMMMM seams to me it's not a good change. I argree with this comment.. SORRY LAPBANDER TALK YOU BLEW IT!!! All the best to everyone.........
  13. Has any of the blogers out there who use to use the old lap-band-talk site see what I'm seeing? There use to be a lot more blogers maybe around 30 to 40 a day. Now I have notice there are only 2 maybe 6 a day. I think many are feeling the same way that I am about this new set-up.. HATE IT!!!!!!!! The old way you felt a more personal connection with a reader, now it just feel so cold and unpersonal... I miss my old friends that use to be out there. I have grown to know them. We new all about each other, there kids, weddings, travels, work, grandkids, there pets, there home towns-ect... We use to talk about our feelings and the space we where in at that moment. And those shared feelings helped me with my feelings, most of the time they where the same feelings or what I may have been going through at the moment also. I miss knowing how they are doing and how far we all have come in our amazing journeys. I got as far as I am in my journey because of all the loving support I found here. I dropped over 120 something pounds here with your support. (And of course a lot of hard work on my part) Thank you for being there for me... There is still less then a hand full you left here, and thank you for still being here. I think you know who you are without mentioning names. THANK YOU.. This new site setup am feeling a huge disconnect with. Maybe it's just me...... If anyone els is feeling the same please let me know? So I know am not along in feeling this way. Change is apart of life this I know, but change is to make things better not chase people away. Going from 30 or 40 a day to 2 or 6 a day. UMMMMM seams to me it's not a good change. I MISS YOU MY OLD BANTERS! - AND MOST OF ALL I MISS THE OLD SET-UP!
  14. Debra G


    RING IN THE HOLIDAYS GUILT FREE The holiday season provides use the opportunity to catch up with old friends and family and to partake in the holiday meals and holiday drinking. This does not have to be an anxiety provoking time. Good Food and A Nice Drink are to be enjoyed without not making you feel so guilty about it. The holidays are here once again, and I'm always coming up with new ideas to help the holidays along. I started doing guilt free drinks with part-1 when I started celebrating, my new weight loss this past summer. And I did not want to blow all the heard work I have done. And did not want to give up all the celebrations with my family and friends. So here is a great way to do it all and not feel guilt while doing it. So drink up, have fun and not worried about the scale with these 100% GUILT FREE DRINKS. I kept them all under 200 calories so you can have more then one if you like. I have 24 drink recipes for you. I will give them to you -6- at a time for the whole month of December. ~ HAPPY HOLIDAYS ~ AND ENJOY!!!! CHAMPAGNE DRINKS OF ALL TYPES ~ Happy Chanukah ~ Merry Christmas ~ Happy New Year ~ "A Goodnight Kiss" 4 oz Champagne 1 splash Campari bitters 1 sugar cube 1 drop Angostura bitters Place a drop of angostura bitters on a sugar cube and drop into a champagne flute. Add champagne and splash of campari. (per 4.1 oz serving) Calories: 90 "American Glory" 3 oz Champagne 2 oz orange juice 2 oz lemonade Add ingredients to a frosted ice-filled highball glass. (per 7 oz serving) Calories:111 "Aztec" 3 oz Champagne 3/4 oz watermelon schnapps 1/2 oz gold tequila Pour ingredients into a champagne flute and serve. (per 4.3 oz serving) Calories:148 "Two Lovers Black Tie" 3 oz cold Pineau des Charentes white wine 1 1/2 oz Champagne Pour into a wine glass and garnish with a black grape. (per 4.5 oz serving) Calories:90 "A Very Merry Champagne" 3/4 oz Kirschwasser cherry brandy 1/4 oz cherry heering 4 oz Champagne Stir kirschwasser and cherry liqueur together in a mixing glass filled with ice cubes. Strain into a champagne flute, fill with champagne, and serve. (per 5 oz serving) Calories:160 "Champagne Ambon" 4 oz Champagne 1/2 oz Pisang Ambon liqueur Pour into a champagne flute, and serve. (per 4.5 oz serving) Calories:131 FOR MORE OF MY GUILT FREE DRINKS PART 1 AND 2 OR FOR MY RECIPE OF THE DAY! VIST MY BLOG AT http://life-after-lap-band.blogspot.com/ OR CHECK THEM OUT HERE AT LAP-BAND-TALKS
  15. Debra G

    What is it like after you recover?

    Hello soccermom10. It's a new life for you now, and that means eating very differently. I had no sorness after surgey, I was able to move around as normally, for 2 to 3 days I had gas pains. But all in all I was doing great and feeling great. You have to give your stomoch time to heal. so that means eating soft foods and clear broth. 2 weeks for each - 2 weeks of clear & 2 weeks of mushy. On your 4th week you can start to eat the foods that was told to you. They should of givning you a list of foods to eat. And a list of foods that you can not eat. Remember everyone is very different what I can eat maybe you can not. I can eat rice with gravy over it, I can eat shrimp, I can eat white chicken that is not dry and very most. Gravy will become your best friend. LOL.. I have always been a cook and I do recipe of the day here for all. Look for my post or go to my blog and see some of the recipes and how to prepare them, I do low in calorie foods. Do not for get your protien drinks.. VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU!! I lived on clear broth for 2 weeks, then mushy foods for 2 more weeks so my new stomoch could heal. Your band is there for life, and you will have to eat smaller bites and chew every thing well for the rest of your life. And after a while eating like a mouse we become 2nd nature to you, you will know longer look at like that, but as a way of life.. I'm 14 months into my Lap-Band. This is my link to my blog . All the best and good luck!

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