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  1. soXlovely

    has anyone experienced this?

    during my pre-op classes, they recommended mixing a little bit of meat tenderizer into a glass of water and drinking it so that it loosens up anything stuck. i havent had that issue, but i also havent had a fill yet. but i do have a little bottle of the meat tenderizer just in case.
  2. soXlovely

    Not your usual Constipation

    I had a similar problem and used milk of mag too. My problem was that I was definitely not drinking enough water. It really has to be at least 8 glasses of water a day, 64 oz, otherwise you will get backed up badly. I upped my water intake and have been monitoring it much more lately to make sure I get enough and I havent had the problem since.
  3. soXlovely

    Dr. Jeremy Korman - :)

    You are in amazing hands. He banded me on May 10th and I'm super happy with how everything is going.
  4. Hey guys so I've invented a dish for those who are in the end of their mushy phase and but need something more and/or people who don't like plain eggs. 1 big spoonful of nonfat refried Beans 1 egg over-easy pinch of kraft non-fat cheddar cheese microwave the beans with the cheese on top for 30 sec - 1 min. with nonfat cooking spray, cook the egg over-easy. put the egg in the bowl with the beans and cheese and cut it up and mix it together. use a good hot sauce for some bite if you want. I don't have all the calorie counts for this but I estimate it at about 10 g of Protein and almost 0 fat. I happen to LOVE this lately. If anyone else tries it or has tried it before let me know what you think!
  5. soXlovely


    the only prob with sushi i heard is the rice. esp since rice fills you up fast but not for long. i would stick with sashimi if you can just because youd get more nutrition out of it too.
  6. Banded on May 10 at the ripe old age of 22, lol. I cant wait to enjoy my 20's
  7. You only need 60-80 grams per day. I use the premium protiein from costco for one drink. it comes in a box with like 18 cartons and each one is 30 g so if you drink two a day and all the water, then you will be fine. Also, pure protein from trader joes or GNC, they come in cans at 35 g per can, again, two per day will help you meet the quota. i also drank the isopure bottles which come in at 40 g. Any combination of any 3 of those will help you meet he requirement and make you feel less weak.
  8. So it's been 10 days since my surgery and I'm down 18.8 lbs from then. Well at least I WAS. Now in like a day I've put back on 4 lbs. Granted I did just start eat the mushy food. Also, I just started my period so it could be Water weight. But either way I'm absolutely FREAKING OUT about putting on the lbs. Did this happen to anyone else? I've never been more depressed about a little weight in my life and I'm feeling completely horrible about myself.
  9. soXlovely

    Hi Hi!!! Any College Banders?

    Hello! I just got banded May 10 and was back at school 4 days after surgery. I'm having a hard time during this first week of only liquids. Its easier because I dont have to prepare food, but I cant stand the monotony of it especially since I'm used to all the greasy awesome college food which I'll be leaving behind soon.
  10. soXlovely

    Gyno TMI - but have no one else to ask

    This didnt happen to me, but I've notice my abdominal area is really sensitive. Since its only been a week, you're still healing and things are still tender because of the surgery and getting used to the band inside. I cant say nothing is wrong because I'm not a doctor, but it seems normal that there would be pain.
  11. soXlovely

    The girls are changing!

    When you lose weight its fairly sure to say that some boob will go with it. I just got my band on the 10th and loosing my DD are something that I'm a little scared about. Buying bras was always hard for me, but I found Fredericks of Hollywood to always have something so I recommend trying them. Worst comes to worst, you buy a bra in a C with a smaller size and get an extender for the time being so that they work, thats what I do now.
  12. Hey guys! So if your date was May 10th, then you obviously had your band done already. Congrats! Me too, lol. I just thought it might be nice for everyone to have a place to check in and compare what we are all going through. I havent had any problems so far and the more I walk, the better I feel. I'm already down about 4 lbs from when they measured me pre-op. Ive also found the premier protien shakes from costco are really good and I'm about to try the ones from Trader Joes. How is everyone else doing?
  13. soXlovely

    Very confused..Pls explain

    Here is what my surgeon told me: Chew your food to the consistency of applesauce. If you cant chew it to that, like with a tough piece of steak, do not swallow it. You don't have to eat dry meats, you can eat the dark meat of chicken, just take the skin off. If food does get stuck mix a little bit of meat tenderizer with some Water and that should loosen it up. As for raw veggies, if they're stringy or fibrous like celery or something, you wont be able to eat it. Your sweet spot should keep you full for quite some time with no throwing up and you should drink 30 minutes before and/or after youve finished eating to help keep the fullness going. They gave us a whole class on this with an entire binder that has everything in it. You should see a dietician who has experience in lap band patients to get some expert advice though.
  14. soXlovely

    Getting my surgery May 10, 2010

    Congrats on your date finally being here! I'm getting banded on May 10th as well and am beyond nervous and excited for this!

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