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  1. BabyGirl2730

    July sleevers!

    Sleeve revision on July 15th, pre surgery weight 208 as of today 183, probably a couple pounds less if it weren't for that time of month! The first couple weeks you are so tired, but don't feel discouraged! By week 4 you will feel a lot better. Being able to eat regular foods really does help. I noticed someone said they couldn't do the protein, I couldn't either. I got so tired of them when I had the band that they just make me sick now! I would suggest focusing on staying hydrated more than anything because that is actually more important anyways. If you can do that and then get to your purée stage, you should be good
  2. BabyGirl2730

    feeling like food is stuck in my throat

    Thank You all for the info, I just worried because with the band I always had that stuck feeling. I do believe that it's just my bodies way of saying I've had enough food, as it only lasted about 15 minutes
  3. I'm almost 2 weeks out, so still on liquids but I kind of get what you are saying. I have not been like most patients, I was up walking the day after surgery, never had any pain, nausea or anything! I have asked myself that same question. I feel as though the only surgery I had was my hiatal hernia repair. I can feel pressure in my chest at times. It's weird because sometimes I can get more liquid down at one time than what I thought you were suppose to with the sleeve. I've even thought about asking my surgeon at my next appt if I really had it done, lol. I must say after dealing with what I did for 3 years of the lapband, I think I'm going to love my sleeve Good luck!
  4. BabyGirl2730

    What foods can you eat?

    Thank you all for your feedback
  5. BabyGirl2730

    July 17 band to sleeve

    3 long bumpy road bander to sleeve here as well I was sleeved on July 15th and since having surgery, have asked that same question a few different times. I just have to keep reminding myself that I did the same thing after having the band and the further out I got the better I felt. I think my problem is the no eating just liquids, because I just had surgery June 10th to take out my band and was on liquids for 2 weeks and here I am doing it again, I must say it really sucks, lol! Good luck to you all

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