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  1. BabyGirl2730

    July sleevers!

    Sorry lol didn't see you're surgery was same day as mine obviously you are eating now.
  2. BabyGirl2730

    July sleevers!

    Sleeve revision on July 15th, pre surgery weight 208 as of today 183, probably a couple pounds less if it weren't for that time of month! The first couple weeks you are so tired, but don't feel discouraged! By week 4 you will feel a lot better. Being able to eat regular foods really does help. I noticed someone said they couldn't do the protein, I couldn't either. I got so tired of them when I had the band that they just make me sick now! I would suggest focusing on staying hydrated more than anything because that is actually more important anyways. If you can do that and then get to your purée stage, you should be good
  3. I'm 2 weeks out today and started on my puree phase. I ate about 1/4 cup of cottage cheese. This isn't my first bariatric surgery so I know to take small bites and chew very well which I did, but I feel as though I have something stuck in my throat. I got this feeling a lot when I was banded so I'm just wondering if this is natural with the sleeve? I did not over eat, I stopped as my stomach started to get that full affect. I also started to burp a lot after eating, something I also did with the band. Any info would be great
  4. BabyGirl2730

    feeling like food is stuck in my throat

    Thank You all for the info, I just worried because with the band I always had that stuck feeling. I do believe that it's just my bodies way of saying I've had enough food, as it only lasted about 15 minutes
  5. BabyGirl2730

    feeling like food is stuck in my throat

    Poorehouse, I had my revision done in 2 separate surgeries. Mine were about 5 weeks apart. I know a lot of people on here had theirs done at the same time though. I actually preferred my surgeries done in 2 parts. I had a lot of pain with the removal of my band, mainly in the area of my port. I'm thinking it had a lot to do with the fact my port had flipped causing a lot of scar tissue around it. They also found while removing my band I had a very large hiatal hernia that was starting to close the hole between my esophagus and stomach. They did wait until my revision surgery to fix it though. I had the sleeve and hiatal hernia repair done 5 weeks later and had no pain, nausea or acid reflux with that surgery, which makes me wonder if it would have been worse to have all that done at the same time! My revision took 7 1/2 hrs as it was, if I would have done it all at once it would have been a good 12 hr surgery!!! No thank you, lol. I'm only 2 weeks out and started puréed yesterday and although I felt that stuck feeling like I did with the band, it ended up going away after about 15 minutes unlike when I had the band. I'm thinking its just another way for our stomach to let us know when to stop eating I really haven't had a lot of issues like some others have for the exception of getting dehydrated but if I had to do it over, I would!! There is a room on here that is all band to sleeve revisions, you might want to post and ask others as well, we are all different and experience different things. Good luck in whatever decision you make!!
  6. I'm almost 2 weeks out, so still on liquids but I kind of get what you are saying. I have not been like most patients, I was up walking the day after surgery, never had any pain, nausea or anything! I have asked myself that same question. I feel as though the only surgery I had was my hiatal hernia repair. I can feel pressure in my chest at times. It's weird because sometimes I can get more liquid down at one time than what I thought you were suppose to with the sleeve. I've even thought about asking my surgeon at my next appt if I really had it done, lol. I must say after dealing with what I did for 3 years of the lapband, I think I'm going to love my sleeve Good luck!
  7. BabyGirl2730

    How Long R U On Liquids After Band Removal?

    I just had mine removed last month and I was told I could have gone right into solids within a few days. I decided to take it a little slow though and actually did liquids for about a week and a half. I just got sleeved about 2 weeks ago and have been on liquids and have lost 17 pounds so far. Getting ready to go into my puree stage in a couple days, can't wait cause my body is telling me I'm ready Good luck!
  8. I'm a band to sleeve revision as well. For 3 years I couldn't keep any type of solid foods down. I'm only 11 days out from surgery but down 17 pounds! I'm also a low BMIer (BMI of 32). I'm sure I'll slow down but I know eventually it will come off. I have been lucky, as I have not had any pain or nausea but I have had issues with dehydration. I really think that what you put into your weightloss is what you get out of it. If you exercise and eat healthy foods it will come off, but if you eat the wrong things and sit around, you obviously won't lose but maybe even end up gaining. Good luck in what ever decision you make!
  9. I am a band to sleeve patient and had a lot of issues with my band. I basically had to live on soups for 3 years because solid foods would get stuck and come right back up. I'm just wondering if I will be able to eat "normally" once I've started my "food for life" stage? How many of you can eat a couple bites of pizza, burritos, turkey burgers, steak, ribs, even a little pasta or maybe even a bite or two of a dessert around the holiday's? I guess I've gone so long without real foods that I just want to be able to have a small couple bites of the foods I loved. Please no negative comments as I have suffered on soups for 3 very long years. Any feedback would be great, I just want to know what most people can or can't eat. Thank you!
  10. I have a issue with whey protein, it comes back up as well and the isopure is whey. I had this issue when I had my band! I was thinking about trying soy until I saw this, lol. I'm a week out and not getting my proteins in that much either, feeling tired a lot if you find something please share!!!
  11. BabyGirl2730

    What foods can you eat?

    Me too!!
  12. BabyGirl2730

    What foods can you eat?

    Thank you all for your feedback
  13. BabyGirl2730

    What foods can you eat?

    JoiaRox, thank you!! It sounds like you had issues like me. Vomiting after every solid food meal is not fun and I suffered for 3 very long years! I think I miss salads and Chinese food the most so thank you for letting me know about salads because that was one thing I forgot to ask I'm only a week out from surgery and still have a week to go on liquids before i start my 1 week of puree. I'm looking forward to having that "normal" eating experience again!!!
  14. BabyGirl2730

    Liquid diet nightmare!

    Just tell yourself how dangerous it will be for you liver during surgery! You don't want your liver all big and flabby to the point it could get nicked and cause damage!! It is difficult but you can do it
  15. BabyGirl2730

    July 17 band to sleeve

    3 long bumpy road bander to sleeve here as well I was sleeved on July 15th and since having surgery, have asked that same question a few different times. I just have to keep reminding myself that I did the same thing after having the band and the further out I got the better I felt. I think my problem is the no eating just liquids, because I just had surgery June 10th to take out my band and was on liquids for 2 weeks and here I am doing it again, I must say it really sucks, lol! Good luck to you all
  16. BabyGirl2730

    July sleevers!

    I do have a lot of burping, a lot like when I had the lapband. Does anyone else burp a lot?
  17. BabyGirl2730

    July sleevers!

    I was also sleeved on 7/15 I am a lower BMIer (BMI of 32) but have lost 7 pounds so far. I have not had any issues with nausea or pain. I did end up in the ER the day after being released due to dehydration. I was focusing more on my protein than staying hydrated:( So I have decided to stick mainly with clear liquids for a few more days. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  18. Thank You all so much for this info!! I have looked everywhere to find out how to go from the band to the sleeve. I was banded in July 2010 at Ft. Lewis, WA and since then have only lost 52 pounds. I have had so many issues with the band and most of my weight loss has come from it starving me to the point I couldn't get fluid down even ended up in the ER a few times. I vomit ALL the time usually with every meal, I'm lucky if I can get down a couple spoon fulls not to mention the blood that I have been vomitting up. I finally had to have ALL my fluid taken out and still have these issues even after the fluid has been out for about 5 months. I really wish I would have taken my surgeons advice and gone with the sleeve to begin with. I see a off post surgeon because they don't have anyone at the base I am at that will even touch me becuase there is no one that is certified in this field here and was hoping to get approved to have the band removed and the sleeve done in it's place. Please keep me posted if anyone gets any news and is able to have this approved!!
  19. Wow, am I understanding this correctly...Tricare doesn't cover the sleeve? I do know they do it on military bases, which is where I was banded but I have had SO many problems with my band that I was considering having it removed and going with the sleeve instead. Has anyone heard if it has been approved through a civilian provider yet?
  20. BabyGirl2730

    Can you ever eat 'regular' food again?

    I know these post are older but I just have to say thank you for all these comments. I'm 6 days post op and just want to cry. Keep asking myself if I will ever be able to eat normally in a sense again. I have family members who have had this surgery as well and some say they can tolerate one thing but not another. I love steamed rice, I love banana nut bread and I'm half italian so yes I love pasta and to think that I would never be able to have any of this ever again was driving me bonkers. LOL I'm glad to see that some can still eat these things even if it's just a bite or two. I think I might wait about 6 months out before trying, then I should be healed and might be able to tolerate it. Right now I feel sick, I can't even get down all the liquids they want me too and can't seem to stay hydrated. I also HATE most soups so I'm getting to that point where I just want to sleep until my mushy stage and then the real food stage. LOL All your comments have given me a postive outlook that things will get better and I will have more of a normal way of life again, it just takes time So thank You, been a great help!!!!!
  21. You look great!!! You said tricare did your tummy tuck, do you mind me asking what base? By the way, it's nice to see a fellow Cav wife on here :)

  22. I'm pre-op and need to drop 10 pounds for surgery. The doctor said to go on a all liquid diet and I'll drop weight quick but didn't give me any ideas in what fluids to do. Anyone have any advice how I can drop 10 pounds quick???? Any help or advice is welcome.....:thumbup:
  23. BabyGirl2730

    at goal weight of 135

    I just have to say you are beautiful both before and after!!! Congrats on your weightloss :thumbup: Starting out you are close to my size, do you have any problems with extra skin? And do you have any advice or tips???
  24. BabyGirl2730

    Tricare Approval

    If anyone is in WA state please let me know if you are having problems because I have the numbers to call... You should never have to go through submitting any paper work if you are at a military base that does the surgery. If you have to be sent out to a civilian hospital for the surgery I'm not sure then. I had the easiest process ever. Never had to write any letters or anything of that nature like I have heard some people talk about. it took about 3 months for my number to come up for the pathway but once I started the pathway it only took me about 2-3 weeks to get through the pathway. Now I'm just waiting on my appt with the surgeon next week to let him know what surgery I'd like and to schedule my surgery date... If I can help anyone in my area please let me know, I know how it feels to be lost in the beginning!!! :tongue2:
  25. I don't mean to butt in on your conversation but my husband is military and we are stationed in WA. I am actually at the end of my pathway and getting ready to see the surgeon next week to set my surgery date. The steps I took were very easy and should be for you, if you are near a military base that provides the surgery. I never once had to write any letters to tricare or anyone. All I did was go to my primary care doctor on post and she put in what they said was a referral. You go to this huge meeting at the hospital with a group of other people (which you need to get there early because the whole process is first come first serve) and listen to the surgeon and plastic surgeon give a conference on the different types of surgery and what all everything intels. When you show up and sign in your name automatically will be put on a list. The waiting time for me to start my pathway was about 3 months. You will go through mandatory classes which I completed in 2 weeks then you will see a shrink and do a personality test that can take up to 4 hours. you go back in a few days to a week to get the results and then from there you will make you appt with the surgeon and at that initial appt you will schedule you surgery date which is usually out about a month. As long as you have a BMI of 40 or 100 pounds over weight OR you have a BMI of at least 36 and health issues such as high blood pressure you should have no problems. I have a BMI of 38 and I have blood pressure and had no problems what so ever through the whole process, I never once had to even deal with tricare. I'm not sure what steps you have taken but if you go to you doctor and have them put in the referral you should have no issues. I hope that I've been able to help :tongue2:

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