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    Pre workout?

    I agree with the above posts. Get that checkup before beginning any supplements. Need to find out if it’s an actual metabolic or physical issue or just need the boost. PREWORKOUT are not made to pick you up before the workout. They are made to aid you during. Fuel the pump so to speak. Myself I have been using supps for about 2 years. The ones I like best are made by RedCon1. Total War is the high caffeine version (gives you that tingle) and Big Noise has no tingle. Both are quality products.
  2. NurseMichael

    New Video on Bariatric Strong

    Hey guys, new video up on Bariatric Strong, the show all about bariatric fitness and nutrition. Today we discuss the wonderful world of Chipotle (can be a really good choice for macros and performance). Just click here --> Bariatric Strong Channel to be taken to the channel!
  3. NurseMichael

    Tattoo Time

    OK Guys, so i think this may have been done before, but i had a question. Has anyone gotten a tattoo after surgery? Either to memorialize the process, or simply because they feel comfortable with their new size and want to show off a little. I myself have over 10 different tattoos and I am currently in the process (2 sessions done) of doing a half sleeve because im pretty damn happy with my arms. If anyone wants to share, or even show pics of there tats (be respectful please, this is a public forum), lets see what you got. You show me yours and ill show you mine (HA!)
  4. So what are you guys doing with your new found weight loss. New experiences, new obstacles overcome? This is what i did. Climbed a cliff in Bermuda, swam with a Dolphin. And tomorrow I go parasailing. All things I never did when I was heavy!!!
  5. New episodes of Bartiatric Strong up on YouTube. This is the only show out there that talks about fitness and nutrition as it pertains to bariatric patients. We discuss nutrient needs, how to fuel your workouts, what different exercises we could be doing. Anything and everything on the topics of how to fuel better performance in our athletic endeavors. Check it out, comment, ask questions, and subscribe if you want to be notified when new episodes are uploaded (im trying to do weekly) Nurse Mike
  6. Had bariatric surgery and now you want to become a beast of physical fitness? Let’s use this are to share workout ideas, diet plans, goals and accomplishments!!! About me... HW 356 Gastric sleeve - May 2016 CW 214 and 14% body fat Lifts currently Squat - 315 Bench - 205 DL - 405 Let’s get this going!!!!
  7. NurseMichael

    "I think you're overdoing it"

    You are killing it and never...NEVER let anyone discourage your fitness. I am in the gym 6 days a week. 3 of those are at a powerlifting gym. My life revolves around my workouts and my nutrition and I have encorporated It into my career. We are now bariathletes and should be damn proud of it. It’s much harder for us to temper our diet with our athletic performance. You are amazing and I am proud of you for what you have accomplished. Any time you wanna give powerlifting a try, just ask and I’ll bring you to my gym!!! If you want some info on nutrition and fitness as it pertains to Bariatric surgery, check out “Bariatric Strong” on YouTube. It’s a show all about just this!!! Keep it up!!!!
  8. NurseMichael

    First support group

    The best thing is to keep an open mind and try to listen to what is said. You don't need to contribute anything but feel free to ask any question you might have, either to the group or after to the group leader. I always brought a pad and pen with me to take notes if there was something I wanted to clarify later or if someone said something i knew i should remember.
  9. NurseMichael

    Liquid diet

    I have found that many things on the liquid diet (protein shakes, Jello, sugar free ice pops) all ran on sweet side of things, which got old pretty quick. I found that chicken broth was a lifesaver. A little salty treat for "dinner". Try to break up the sweet and salty and it should help you out. Its temporary and you will get through it. Just remember why you are doing this.
  10. NurseMichael

    New Episodes of Bariatric Strong

    Its my pleasure. Feel free to share with your friends. I just hope people get something out if it.
  11. NurseMichael

    HIIT or normal exercise

    HIIT is great and blows away any steady state cardio. What type of HIIT is up to you as there are many. Personal opinion is that you absolutely should incorporate weights into your training. Building muscle is key as we loose body fat. Good luck!
  12. NurseMichael

    Triathlon done!!!!! Woo hoo!

    BADASS!!! Way to go! You are an inspiration! Next stop Hawaii!!!
  13. Protein absorption is not about the size of our stomach. What you take in will be absorbed. You mauy just not be able to take it in as fast as someone without the restriction. You will get those 30 grams!
  14. NurseMichael

    Intermittent fasting

    I think the important thing here to ask is how many calories people are taking in during their eating window. As a Bariatric Power Lifter, I am taking in about 3400 calories on heavy lifting days. With my restriction, it would be near impossible to get that in during an 8 hour window. In order to eat for athletic performance, IF does not work for me. If you eat less calories, I can see the appeal.
  15. Hey everyone, So im trying out a new endeavor. I have created a new YouTube channel dedicated to people like us: Baritric surgery patients who now want to be more athletic. What should i do for a workout? What should I eat for performance? What foods fuel muscle growth? Questions like these and more are what I will try to answer through some simple little videos. Its not bout money or sponsors, its about creating a bariatric fitness community. I only ask that you guys watch, comment, and maybe give me some suggestions on topics to talk about for future episodes. No one seems to be able to give us good answers on this stuff so I figured I should seek them out myself. You can check out episode 1 here - https://youtu.be/2NvPVKE_kv0 - and feel free to subscribe to you know when new episodes come out. and as always...stay Baritric Strong!
  16. NurseMichael

    New YouTube Show - Bariatric Strong

    So I can only speak from experience here. I have competed in a few longer distance obstacle course races (13 mile spartan, 18 mile Bone frog, and the NY Half Marathon) so i can speak to what I did for those events. Lets start with during an event. I find that carrying small easily digestable carbs works really well. Items like the Cliff Blocks Energy Chews or GU Energy Chews are really easy to carry and i usually eat half a pack every hour. I also like the stroopwaffles for a little texture and energy. I have gone with the GU brand or the Honey Stinger ones. Any of those options work great during endurance events. That being said, with the concern about dumping, i would try any of these items before your actual event. Like maybe during a shorter workout. As far as prior to the event, you are on the right track with the oatmeal or a protein shake. Both of those should give you the energy you need to get through the first bit of the event. Quick comment on intermittent fasting if I may. I tried it and found that there was no possible way to get in all my calories for performance in the time window. Its just too much for my restriction to handle and personally i do not recommend it for anyone who has undergone a weight loss procedure. As well, if you read the literature, the results of IF dont vary that much from balanced eating throughout the day. Hope this helps a little and hope you guys tune into the show. As always, stay Bariatric Strong!
  17. NurseMichael

    Getting to enjoy this lifting nonsense

    Come on brother...give us an update!
  18. NurseMichael


    No, No, a thousand times No..... Do not spend your hard earned money on this. If you can find one at your gym, and you are using it in addition to an actual workout....great, but for the love of everything....dont spend your money on it!
  19. NurseMichael

    YouTube Channels???

    Not necessarily a workout channel but trying to put some good advice about fitness and nutrition out there, www.bariatricstrong.com
  20. NurseMichael

    Male Before and After Pictures

    Jumping in here late but here goes.
  21. NurseMichael

    DDP Yoga

    My advice is to find and activity you enjoy. If you like what your doing, you will stick with it. I love weightlifting and have been doing it for over 2 years. You wouldn’t catch me in a Zumba class. Not because I can’t see the benefit (I can) but simply because it’s not for me. Do what you enjoy and the results will come. Just be consistent!
  22. NurseMichael

    Exercise and Mouthwash

    I have seen some strange “studies” in my days, and I add this one to the list of “needs replication”. In the eyes of research, studying 23 individuals hardly proves a hypothesis and simply provides a basis for further inquiry. Go ahead and use your mouthwash!
  23. NurseMichael

    please help with exercise strategy

    As a Bariathlete and power lifter, I found performance nutrition to be an ongoing puzzle. Like you, I have had trouble getting in the amount of food needed to properly fuel performance. Through trial and error it seems that many small meals (7-8 a day) supplemented with protein shakes seems to be getting me to my numbers. On high performance days I’m taking in about 3500 calories and 250g of protein. Weight hasn’t really moved in a year!
  24. NurseMichael

    Strongman Lifting

    Bariatric Strong
  25. NurseMichael

    Tattoo Time

    Love it