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    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    HI everyone! I haven't been here in ages...I'm not fond of this format. Took me forever to find The March Bandsters 2010!! Anywho...I was banded a year ago March 5th. It's been an extremely rough 4 months. In September I had 2cc removed because of constant vomiting. The fear was slippage. My stomach healed and there was no slippage (phew) and by November the doc put .5cc back in. By that time I put on about 5lbs. Not too horrible, because my weight was coming off slowly anyway (I was down about 45lbs since surgery at that time). A couple days before Thanksgiving, my father was diagnosed with 3 brain lesions that were the beginning of a full diagnosis of Stage 4 Lung Cancer....:cryin: He's gone through radiation therapy to get the use of his right side (which was numb and sort of paralyzed from the brain swelling) and to help him finish his thoughts/speak again. He opted for no chemo treatment. He told the chemo doctor " I want a few good weeks." The doctor didn't argue w/him and said he's made the right decision. As of today, my dad is doing extremely well. He's lived longer than predicted so far!! :thumbup: However there is so much more going on with family concerning dad's disease, that needless to say, I've been EXTREME emotional eating. The holidays were a prime opportunity to keep a snack in my hand/mouth. I gained about 15lbs between snacking and not getting my exercise in. Just too much going on to think of myself. As of my last doctor visit (Feb. 8th, 2011) I have 6.5cc's in my band (still hungry all the time) and went back to the beginning. I'm counting calories, measuring food and getting back on the exercise wagon. Part of me wants to spend every spare moment with my dad because of the little time I have left with him, but I also know that if I'm feeling sick and icky about myself, I'm doing him no good. All in all, I'm down 31lbs since I started this journey back in October of 2009! Even if I've been playing the yo-yo game lately, that 31lbs hasn't come back :hurray:!! Love to everyone and miss you all!! Tina
  2. Carosel2002


    Hey all. I've been working on eating slower and smaller bites. Watching the calories a bit closer too, but I've gained 5.8lbs in the last couple weeks:smile2:. I don't know what's going on. I can't get past 190lbs and it's driving me nuts:thumbup:! Don't get me wrong, I still am proud of not gaining a huge amount back. I just need to figure out why the body is fighting this. :thumbup: I'm kinda at a loss as to what to do just short of exercising every spare moment.:thumbup: Any ideas are welcomed! Hope things are well with everyone! Tina
  3. :smile2:I just saw my surgeon on Tuesday of this week and he wouldn't give me a fill (would've been my 4th). I agreed with him when he said " Just because you can eat more than a cup of food, doesn't mean you should." My doc told me to eat a quarter cup at a time. Take 15 minutes to eat the 1st 1/4c, wait 15min then have another 1/4c if I'm still hungry...etc. He wants me to learn how my band feels. Take your time eating. I catch myself eating too much and too fast. So I'm still learning even 6 months out. :thumbup: You can do this!!:thumbup: Small snacks if needed!! :thumbup: Special K Protein Bar always help me! You've already won by choosing to be healthier and you've lost 25lbs!!:ohmy:! Good luck! Tina
  4. Carosel2002

    Liquid Diet

    Sugar free popcicles!! You can chew them and the flavor is nice and strong so you actually feel like you're eating. For me they really helped with the hunger before and after surgery. Lucky for me though, I only had to do clear liquids for 2 days before surgery and 3 days after. Good luck! Tina
  5. Carosel2002

    It's a start

    Look at the pre-loss requirement as a learning tool. I had to lose at least 10lbs in 6 months. That whole time I learned portions, how to read labels etc....I'm really glad I had to do that and lost 15lbs to boot (^^)!!! It'll help you in the long run. Go for walks to help with the weight loss. It worked for me to get me started on an exercise program. Good luck!! Tina
  6. Carosel2002

    im pretty sure my surgeon is nuts.

    My surgeon doesn't want me to have any liquid calories (protein shakes, soup...), and nutritionist agrees. He's wanting me to not "be on a diet". I'm kinda liking the fact his goal is for me to be able to eat just about any kind of food in moderation. I was dropped to 800 cals a day about 2 months ago...body went into starvation mode and I gained a few pounds. Went back to 1000-1200 and I'm back down again. Everyone is different and you'll figure out a good balance for you!
  7. Carosel2002

    Rest and relaxation

    Hey all! Haven't posted in awhile. Been busy with work, then a mini vacation:w00t:! Anything away from work is a vacation:wink2:. I've been spending quality time with the BF:tt1:. Saw the surgeon yesterday, and things are well and good. Only 1lb down since I saw him last month, but that also means no gain!:wink: No fill this time and I totally agree. I've been having equal amounts of loose fit/tight fit feelings. He wants to wait 4wks and see how things go. I personally think I'm eating too fast again causing the urps and pain. He agrees. I'll learn slow but sure. Even getting stuck is good (but painful), because I'm learning my band and how it should feel. Well...not much else to share...oh yeah:blush: *slaps forehead* My 6 month bandiversary was on 9/5/10:thumbup: Hugs to all! Tina
  8. Carosel2002

    It's time for the butcher (a.k.a plastic surgeon)

    YAY YOU!! Good luck w/the surgeon search! Tina
  9. Carosel2002


    Hey all...it's been a rough couple weeks at work. Tonight I was called into work to cover someone who was covering another someone's shift. :huh2: Yeah...:glare: This makes only 2 full days off (not in a row) in 2 weeks. I'm getting burned out (I work as a phlebotomist in a hospital lab). I haven't had a real vacation since last year. Can't count the 10 days or so I took off in March to have my surgery. I may be whining, but I really need to!! I'm trying to bring myself to email my boss and supervisor to give them my opinion on a certain employee that keeps dumping shifts (yes...that's who I'm working for tonight). I have a rough draft letter started, but considering financial problems hospital is having...do I risk pissing someone off??:sleep: It's crummy...I like my job and need my job, but dammit! I dunno...just tired of the same ole same ole....but isn't everyone??:scared2: Hugs Tina
  10. Carosel2002

    hello all just joined in mn

    *does the I'm from Da Range polka dance* Hey all!! I had my surgery @ the U of M w/Dr. Leslie. He's awsome!! I waited the 6mo (BC/BS) and seemed to actually go quickly!! I liked the fact that it teaches you how to eat properly (even if I was bitchy the first month or so :sad:) Good luck on the hosp./surgeon you choose!! It'll be great!!!
  11. Carosel2002

    Three Month Bandaversary and Ashley!!!

    Yay you!! Congrats and I'm jealous of that 60lb loss :biggrin: !!!
  12. Carosel2002

    NO Patience

    Yup calories....my surgeon put me on 800 and I started to gain. I upped back to 1000 to 1200 and now I've lost 5lbs! As for the hair loss, try Biotin caplets. I started taking them about a month ago and I think it's helping. (again..OTC B vitamin suppliment packaged under "HAIR, NAILS AND SKIN) Don't over work yourself and take it easy. I'm the same way with cleaning (I do it in more detail now that some pounds are off!!...hormones??) Tina
  13. Carosel2002

    Double digits!!!!

    So happy for you!! Awsome job! :thumbup:Keep it up and soon we'll get a post from you about ONEDERLAND!!:confused:
  14. Carosel2002

    Closet Shopping

    I do the same thing!! I've toted up some and put them in the basement! I'm too cheap to buy new things right now even tho my scrubs are way to baggy (and yes! that's sooo awsome of a problem!!). If your work clothes are too expensive to replace, see if you can find someone to take them in for you. Keep the style, not the size !! p.s. to Finallyncontrol>>I may be in a world of my own but THE 80's CLOTHES ARE COMING BACK!! (I'm determined to wear my spandex, hot pink, animal print skirt and sweater set again!! And besides...I ROCK big hair!!)
  15. Carosel2002

    Happiness is a warm puppy!

    ....and knowing that I've done something good for me:tt1:! I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again: if I don't lose another pound, the surgery was still worth it! I'm no longer pre-diabetic, have elevated blood pressure or edema, I've learned how to eat properly and my self-esteem is awsome! Like anyone else I have my downs too (which is why I started blogging), but the good things happen much more often now!!:w00t: Everyday is a challenge I'm willing to take head on! Someone at work the other day said to me, "Lemme look at you. I don't know what it is about you?! You're just so damn cute! You just shine!":laugh: Made my day! I love knowing that my positive well being is showing that much! And thank you all too, for being out there and giving advice when needed! Blogging really helped to get me out of my slump of sadness.:biggrin: I highly recommend it:wink2: (cheap therapy). Have a wonderful weekend! Tina
  16. Carosel2002

    Pizza and Subs and Chocolate...oh my!!!

    Hey friends! :tt2: This week at work has been interesting. Some evil person keeps bringing in junk food to "share" with everyone.:wink2: I think it's nice, but I do wish they would consider others that shouldn't /can't have that stuff. It seems the further along in my banding, the easier it is to slack from proper eating. My mind flips to "diet" mode and looks in the mirror and says...."You look fine, why keep watching what you eat?" I hate it when my brain does that. I've had that problem for years. I lose a few pounds and then think "pffft:tt2: you're ok." I know reality is that I did this because I was physically ill and I don't want to be that again! I need to kick it into gear, stop being a butthead and do what needs to be done!!!!:thumbup: I WILL SUCCEED!! Down with chocolate!....ohhh wait...scratch that:blush: (a small bit now and again is ok:wink2:) Hugs and good thoughts! Tina
  17. Carosel2002


    Hey....it's been quite a few days since I last posted. Feeling better now, so thank you for the well wishes:smile2:. I'm @ work and ssdd (same sh**, different day). Frustrating, but I'll leave it at that:mellow: My weight has gone up a couple pounds. Can't seem to get past this lull even with my last fill. I keep busy, keep exercising and watching food intake (even watching my liquid calories...yeah I know...not supposed to have them :thumbup::tt2:). Other then just short of working out every spare minute, I'm kinda at a loss of what to do. I'm just going to take it as it comes. Small losses, small gains....:wink2: Tina
  18. Carosel2002


    Feeling crummy. Achy head, shoulders and stomach. Body is bloated and sore, stupid TOM:glare:. I'm thinking of calling in sick tomorrow and just veg-out and get the body up and running proper again. Haven't been sleeping to well this week. I can get to sleep, just can't stay there. Oh well...can't wait until work shift is over...just 2 more hours and I can relax. Have a good nite everyone! Tina
  19. Carosel2002

    Random Odd Thoughts...

    2 things keep popping into my head at odd times....:glare: #1) Why does it seem that I spend more $$ on groceries now then before I had surgery and BF became diabetic??? #2) Why can't I find a bra that fits?? These two subjects keep running marathons in my brain. It's so annoying!! #1>> My theory is that now that we have to watch carbs and sugar, we end up getting more expensive breads, pastas etc. Although we absolutely LOVE Dreamfields Pasta:tt1:. It was created for diabetics so it's darn near perfect! But again...pricey. #2>> When the "hoots" were bigger I never seemed to have much of a problem supporting them, but now that they are smaller ...PFFFTT:tongue2: nothing wants to fit properly. I'm about ready to burn the bras I have left.... Enuff of the randomness...LOL:laugh: Nite all! Tina
  20. Carosel2002

    Random Odd Thoughts...

    Heeheee...weight....love that )
  21. I agree with calling them back and see what other options they have. I'm confused? So basically she was telling you that it was your fault that you've been at a stand still on pounds lost???:thumbup: I'd would've kicked her in the shins!! My surgeon does blind stick and I've never had a problem, although my port is kind of prominent. The floroscopy should be used or what Christie said, get another person to try!
  22. Carosel2002

    My first fill..,

    I had 6cc's on my first fill and I thought the same thing.."damn that's alot". The nurse told me that since I have a ways to drive to see surgeon, he wanted to give me a bump up to last 5wks till I saw him again...it worked ! You'll do great and the lbs will just slip off!! Tina
  23. Carosel2002

    Goals are made to be broken

    YAY YOU!! Every pound is a small victory! I'm soooo happy for you! Keep it up or shall I say DOWN !! Tina
  24. Carosel2002

    Feelin' groovy...

    Ok...not really! But feelin' not too bad :wink2:. Saw the surgeon and wouldn'tcha know it...put on 3lbs of water weight :glare:..*mumbles* freakin' tom.....Oh well, he's happy with things anyway and gave me another small fill. I can feel pressure and a bit of sorness (I bruise easy anyway) so I know it's tighter for now. We discussed calories, exersize and how he wants me to be able to comfortably eat breads/pasta, not that I should eat them all the time:laugh:. It's nice to know that he wants me to be able to eat just about anything and this is a tool to help me control the amounts. I feel bad that some people are stuck having liquids for a couple days after a fill. I don't have to. I'm feeling spoiled in that area! All in all, a good appointment! Can't wait to see if I'm down lbs in another 4wks when I see him again!:w00t: Have a good day! Tina
  25. Carosel2002


    I'm down another pound! This just thrills me to no end! The bad news is....I'M STILL HUNGRY!! :smile: I've upped my protein intake, but it seems like I need to eat about every 3 hours. So I've been snacking on grapes or a meal replacement bar. Well...something kicked in as far as the weight dropping off again. I dunno if Doc's advice (no fill last month and calorie counts) worked or if my body just figger'd it's time to dump again...either way... YAY ME!!:tt2: Started shopping for my "gym" accessories. Found 2ft x 2ft rubber interlocking mats (6 for $19) to put on the floor of the basement and thinking of the style of elliptical I want. Right now getting basement organized is a work-out in itself!! LOL:tt2: Can't wait until Monday for my check-up. I sooooo need that fill! Hugs to ya all! Tina

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