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  1. suzzie33


    Do any of you follow the Adkins diet ? I was thinking of starting it but only phase 2
  2. suzzie33

    Green zone

    Same here it took me 4 Years to get green. Now I am full after like half a chicken breast and right now cause it is summer a small ear of corn and I am stuffed
  3. suzzie33

    Finished insanity on to round 2

    I have it and I am restarting today as we Speek
  4. suzzie33


    Got .05 back in !
  5. suzzie33


    Can you all find you eat more when you eat a salad? I usually just pick the protein out
  6. suzzie33

    Green zone

    I know everyone's different. I think I finally hit my green zone. How have all of you known you were inn the green. Also do any of you eat lunch meat as protein ?
  7. suzzie33

    New fill

    Well happy to say ! Since my new fill Tonight a tiny piece of chicken and tiny but of spinach and i am totally stuffed and I could not even eat salad tonight ! Deff and lot less then this time last week before my fill
  8. suzzie33

    Too tight

    I am going to get some out tomorrow No vomiting or anything 3 bites And way way way too full
  9. suzzie33


    So I decided to give it one more day today! Too Tight I can tell ! Not vomiting or anything just too much pressure. So I will call and get some taken out tomorrow !
  10. suzzie33


    When you go to get a unfill for being too tight How much don they usually take out?
  11. suzzie33


  12. suzzie33

    Third Fill

  13. suzzie33

    Third Fill

  14. suzzie33

    Too tight

    My fill was yesterday ! I want some out ! At least I can things down just to tight is not for me
  15. suzzie33

    Help help

    Got a fill today! Soft cheses are going down good , shakes and stuff ! I did notice I am Salivating more then normally. This has been my first fill in over a year and a half. Is this Normal Help
  16. suzzie33

    Help help

    Had Soup !! No burping but just a little saliva But it has been a year ! I maybe be swollen Dr said wait a few days if stuff is going down and not getting stuck
  17. suzzie33


  18. suzzie33

    Hip hop abs

    Has anyone tried hip hop abs
  19. suzzie33

    Really hungry between meals

    That's me too ! Have not had a fill in over a year! I get starving between meals ! Can still eat fast ! So I need a fill. Was 241 now I am 156 give or take. I need to lose 25 more
  20. suzzie33


  21. suzzie33


    I heard that the interval training is the best
  22. suzzie33

    Help help

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