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  1. Nycfw

    Avatar was filmed in my front yard NO LIE

    the proof is in the photo lol
  2. Nycfw

    pre op body shots

    so sad but hopefully i can use this handy tool inside of me and be happy about my body
  3. Omg you should check them out they are very great and you will see like a salad from fridays might have 1400 calories but if you make it the same way at home with healthier ingredients it comes to 200 calories Like go to target in their book section and just read through those books and your going want to buy them.. I have the resturant one when sooon I might apply it but the cook this not that I like a lot because for one thing it has better health choices and a second reason I need to learn how to cook I don't want my kids being over weight likke me and thinking a super size @ mcdonals is the only size (don't have any right now)
  4. Yes I also have the resturant one I never used it yet but the cook this not that is very good I can't wait untill I can eat again... I keep reading the book like its a porno mag I want everything in it lol lol And the book also have a lot of interesting facts like one for instace Men who moderately drink alcohol 3 to 7 days a week are at a 32% lower risk of heart attack then men who drink less then once a week. Which me boyfriend pointed out to me after I said I think he drinks to much (foot in mouth) lol I can't wait untill I can start making this and there is like 3 fullfulling meals Breakfast lunch and dinner that I can make and it will only add up to 1200 calories and low fat They also have a section on instant lunches for example They have buy a rotisserie chicken at the supermarket remove the skin and shred every last bit of meat. Then it gives you a lunch idea for each day of the work week and all together it will cost 20$ I just want to eat.. I'm not hungry but all the food ideas look ohh soo good lol
  5. Lol aww yeah : ) omg my mother swears she has wrinkles too.... so one day I walked into her room and I thought she was having a seizure or just got finish having one, because she was doing all these face movements I'm said "wif r u ok should I call the ambulance" and she said "no I'm doing facial excersize to get rid of the wrinkles on my face" lol I told her "she looked like she was a scary women having a seizure" lol. So even though u might have more wrinkles if you can still be mistaken to be 20yrs younger then those wrinkles don't mean anything lol. I can't wait to love my weight lost, I want to go to the gym real bad but I keep forgetting I just had this surgery. Sooo bad I want feel that fullnes after eating a little bit of food, that's just what I can't wait to feel. Right now I have no hunger pains I'm still on my post liquid diet and I'm doing fine well sometimes I might do a annorexic move and chomp on something and spit it out lol but that was like twice and that even made me more hungry so I don't do that anymore How I feel now, just not feeling hungry and sometimes I say to myself eh "I want some broth but it can wait untill tomarrow" I never felt that feeling before. If my dad was cooking and it was taking to long I would go to mcdonals and get something to eat to whole me over for 20 more mins...... so I do see an extremly drop in my food craving I'm not quite sure if that has anything to do with the band but I hope it does :drool: and hope I continue to have this feeling, On may 5th (surgery) I was 284(starting weight 299) and now I'm 266 I used my wii fit so hopefully that's right.. its just soooo amazing that It took a week to lose a good amount of weight that took me 4yrs to gain lol I'm just amazed @ that. I know it was a lot of writing but I am in my writing zone lol
  6. oh ok i was going to buy something that will make me go to the bathroom but i wasnt quite sure if i should do that. i have gas coming out but i think its just from the air they filled my body up with.. thanks for your quick response
  7. I also found myself sleeping on my side and crooked to avoid the the port. I am also miserable in my bed I can't get comfortable but as I wrote above I am going to rent a center and getting a recliner, I do not want to mess anything up inside of me. No you didn't read it wrong I was by myself my boyfriend took to the surgery but he couldn't enter my apt because he has server allergies to my long hair cat which I will never give up lol and my "mother" I'm not really talking too but she had shown me she could be a mother and did help me out a little but other than I was on my own but I'm glad nothing serious happend I just kept looking @ my stomach every 5mins to make sure I wasn't bleeding lol....... also right under my right boob too I have that discomfort when I use the tolite I have to hold those bad girls up cause if not my port site begins to hurt....
  8. Thank you very much, I try the whole propped up thing but I just slid all they way down lol maybe its because I have no ass who knows lol. @ night I find myself sleeping crooked trying to avoid my port side and yes its kinda hard to get up but I'm getting through it
  9. Thanks for everyone advice. I'm going to buy a recliner a day before surgery and the next day I'm going to use it but if I don't feel right I'm just going to have my friend return it for me, I'm just worry about waking up and seeing me on my stomach and blood everywhere or whatever lol I just get worry over ever lil major thing but oh well
  10. I bet where your @ is going to get even more illegals now since their earthquake yikes lol Yup all illegals know great running cars like all the illegal spanish people in in my town they all drive beat up old honda, toyotas they can be bog down with cars that going to break down they need a car that can outstand the weight of 10 people in a car lol and so far I see honda wins that over here. Hey I never had any problems with them toyotas so they have my devotions. My fiance and I argue about my car he wanted me to get another ford truck and I completly refuse and now he brought a ford truck so he loves their truck but for the past couple of days I see him and his guy friends keep looking @ it looking under the hood and when I ask what's up he say oh we are just amazed with this truck but I know something is wrong with it but when you have strong devotion to something you can't see anything wrong with it so oh well lol You have you "logic" and I have mines
  11. For one thing buddy if you look at the first post I made (since I started this thread) you will see why I don't like ford and a second you need to reread, where did I said ford made toyota go to india? Lol did I offend. your little interpation is way off.
  12. well i guess i was wrong lol:blush:
  13. Nycfw

    Clothing Exchange. To good for it?

    Yeah I'm glad she did but oh well, everyone else there were very nice and greatful, I wasn't going there for a pat on the back just trying to be nice but oh well I feel happy knowing that other people have clothing they need now
  14. I went to a clothing exchange, I have not had the surgery yet but I am schdule for lapbad surgey in march, so anyway I went there to give my older clothes way that I can not fit and do no want even when I do lose my weight. So I go there and it was like you know a big group and people just talking about their weight loss and other things, so we sit in group and began putting our stuff out and sharing and people taking want they want and then I hear these 3 ladies saying wow she thinks to good to take our clothing and they kept saying it to other people but here I am with 5 big big bags of clothing half still have tags, I'm like what is the problem I'm just here to help I don't need to get clothes from here I have not had the surgery yet and when I do get it I will be buying my new items, And they kept saying oh you think you to good for this you just think we are charity cases, you come here with your flashy car (ugh just a nissan lol) just to look down on us, that car is probally your parents anyways. (No asshole brought it fully no lease no finance) So I'm like wait a second lady I'm sharing these items with y'all and most of my items cost 100$ and above and I'm giving it away your little posse are the only one with a problem, this stuff is not gap or old navy items, walmart, target clothing, these items you have to special order or go to saks or berdoff goodman, and macys so on and so fourth. I don't want anyone else clothes I have been blessed to have a family that are very well off, I have a great designer position, and a fiance with a great bussiness, that I don't need to come here and look for clothing, I'm not knocking it but why can't I just help with out having to put my hand in the pot. (This is why all these big bussiness are going down) I think she was just upset because her weight lost stalled she only lost 30lbs(post/pre) and its been 6months. But I do not believe I was being snobby or looking down on people I just wanted to give my clothes to people going through the same things I'm going through. I know if I would have taken it to salvation army they would have taken a lot of those items and not even give to the people that need it. I had a pair of jeans that cost me 200$ I never wore it and it still had the tags on it,(one of the ladies that was saying stuff took that and when I was walking out said sorry and thanks) I just wanted someone else to have these items who had/having wls But everyone else there were very happy with it and the other people told me those particular ladies are just mean ladies and don't pay it no mind. I don't think I'm too good for the exchange but I do not want to lose my weight and settle on other people clothing?

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