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    Hi I'm Stephanie. I just turned 38 not too long ago. I had my surgery October 1, 2009. Looking foward to what life has to offer!!
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    I LOVE to cook... I will always love to cook not matter if I can eat it or not!! I love the beach and I'm looking forward to my " I'm not a fat ass anymore and I can finally fit on the rollercoaster" adventure park tour!! :-)
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    case manager for a health insurance company
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    New york
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  1. LEXUS86985

    Tummy Tuck on Halloween

    I had mine done November 13th and I just had the drains removed last Tuesday.... January 7th I believe. One drain produced more than the other but he left them in together. They were both under 15 per day. It makes more sense to leave them in rather than needle aspiration. Do you "milk" the drains?? The blood clots in the tubing and you need to hold the tubing and squeeze and pull the crap down into the drain. I did that a lot to keep them flowing properly.
  2. LEXUS86985

    Drain hole issue/question

    Well I'm actually not working right now and I can tell you that I'm quite glad!!! I can't imagine having pressure to get back to work having had this done. (Which is why I chose to do it now) it's been 7 weeks since my surgery and literally the last week maybe 2 I've felt well enough to consider myself normal. I would wait for the summer to be honest. The compression garment isn't the material you may be thinking of. It's quite airy really. I was told to get a Veronique garment. It has bra hooks up and down both sides as well as zippers. Its compression for your whole core section not just the stomach. It's quite comfortable really. The first week I think I had a reaction to the anesthesia because I had a wicked itchy rash!!! I was miserable but fortunately it went away!! I certainly wasn't thin but I had such a huge piece of fat and skin hanging down that I needed to so something about it. My dr removed 14 lbs of skin and fat. You need to garment to set the flap in place and keep the swelling down. It helps keep the gauze and wound care bandages in place as well.
  3. LEXUS86985

    Drain hole issue/question

    I had a tummy tuck on November 13th and I just had the drains removed today!!! The one on the left could have been removed sooner but my surgeon didn't want to remove it then have a pocket of fluid build up. I was supposed to see him before Christmas but he wanted the drainage to be under 30 per day and being it was still over 100 I spoke to him and we decided to save myself a trip into the city. Removing the drain even after 7 weeks.... Didn't feel a thing at all!!!! I was worried it would hurt and I was thankful it didn't!! This procedure really knocked me on my ass!! I normally bounce back and feel good quickly. This was not the case!! I can't really say I was in Pain.... Just general discomfort. My muscles felt like someone stabbed me with a hot knife a few times until I stopped trying to move so much!! I guess feeling dizzy and exhausted kept me from doing damage.
  4. LEXUS86985

    Worst fill so far

    Your period will affect the band too. Fluids... Swelling etc. I never had a fill when my period was due. Try hot tea no milk.... Seemed to relax the band. As the day goes on it seems to relax a bit. Just go with the flow.... You will become accustomed and lose weight ????
  5. It honestly may just be that you need to get used to the band. It's a foreign situation. I had an endoscopy done and was told I didn't have any restriction in the band yet I FELT every little thing. I just ate very very small bites and eventually got used to it. That's the point.... You feel restricted when you eat. Even liquids need to be sipped. It's an adjustment but you won't feel like you did before the band.
  6. LEXUS86985

    What Does Lap Band Mean To Your Partner?

    There will come a time when eating those things in front of you won't even phase you. If I don't want it then I don't care. It feels good to be able to say I don't want any!! But it's nice to have support!!!
  7. It is true that there are soooo many people who have had this surgery and NOT lost weight. It is a tool and all decisions are our own. I always tell people about the band for one reason.... It WORKS!!! So many people struggle with losing weight and if there is something that can help like it helped me then I want to promote it!! :-)
  8. LEXUS86985

    I have my date :)

    Yea I'm a little over three weeks post op and there are days I am absolutely miserable!!! I still have the drains and to be honest.... Taking a shower is exhausting!!!! I am not working right now which is why I did this!!!! I cannot imagine having to get up get dressed and go to work!! Not to mention I have not been cleared to drive!!! I may have had more work done than a standard tummy tuck. I have incisions from hip to hip... He tightened the underlying abdominal muscles and had to go lower to smooth out the fat pad over the pubic bone. He said I won't really feel better for a few more weeks!!! He always said 6 weeks but I handle pain well and heal quickly so it's been a rude awakening that I haven't bounced back!!!
  9. LEXUS86985

    New York Here

    Nassau co here!!! ????
  10. LEXUS86985

    What Does Lap Band Mean To Your Partner?

    I love to cook and I love to eat!!! I've lost 130lbs with the lap band and just 3 weeks ago had a panniculectomy. Huge procedure and it's been a rough recovery!! When thinking about what I wanted in a partner.... I wanted someone that loves to eat!! Let me tell you.... I found her!!! Having the lap band before I met her.... She just always knew I ate slowly and much less. She also eats VERY fast... Soooooo she has to sit there while I eat!!! Hahaaaa .... I order what works best for me. I don't feel bad about it. I still cook amazing good and I love to feed people. I eat everything but don't stuff myself!!! I have the best of both worlds!!!
  11. LEXUS86985

    Thanks A Lot Obamacare!

    If you feel something is stuck.... Sip on pineapple juice. That will break down anything that may be stuck. I've also tried meat tenderizer with water. Vitamin shoppe sells papaya enzyme.... Same thing as meat tenderizer. It will break down anything stuck. They work great for anyone as a digestive aide!!
  12. LEXUS86985

    Tummy Tuck on Halloween

    How long did it take you to feel "better"??? I'm almost 3 weeks out and I have to say I don't feel good at all!!! I have a high pain tolerance. I would not say I'm in PAIN.... But the only time I feel normal is laying down!!! I'm getting like cramp shocks in my lower abs. I see the dr tomorrow.... I just feel I should feel better by now!!! Frustrating!!!
  13. LEXUS86985

    I'm Having A Minor Melt-Down

    I don't know where everyone lives but the cheaper places by me are Burlington coat factory, tj maxx; Marshall's ... Basically they buy leftovers of name brands and sell for less. I usually don't spend more than $10 for dress pants. They have all sorts but you have to go through .... Not all laid out like expensive stores.
  14. LEXUS86985

    I have my date :)

    What about the bandages??? We kind of were last minute with that because my friend works for a dr and was supposed to get them for me. She did but it wasn't until a few days later. I had to change the bandages twice a day. Drains have to be emptied. Do you have someone to do that??
  15. LEXUS86985

    I have my date :)

    Awwww I'm sorry about your mom!!! My mom had the same situation a little over four years ago. Pain in the knee that turned out to be lung cancer that metastasized to her femur. Luckily it was caught in enough time to put a rod in her leg to keep her walking. That surgery actually isn't that bad!! Maybe a week between the hospital and rehab and she was home. Obviously she had stage IV cancer and she passed away 6 months later but for the moment I think you should go ahead with your surgery and later on you can be there for her!! Believe it or not it's more comfortable to stay in the garment. My doc told me not to take it off for 72 hours. I kept it on for 6 days until I saw him for follow up. At that point he said I could shower so when I got home I took it off and showered. It was washed but took a day to dry. I had another garment I bought at kohls but it sucked!!! I guess once the bandages are done and stitches heal I can get something different. I have a Veronique garment style #853..... It unzips down both sides. It's a size 4x so it cost $150. When they measured me before the surgery I was a 5x but since I was having actually tissue removed the dr wanted the smaller garment. Fits perfectly!!! Do you have everything prepared for after??

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