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  1. Hi there! I was banded dec 3 of 09. I am 210 lbs down. I am enjoying the physical transformation but have had to work a lot on the mental and emotional aspects of it. Anyhow....just thought I'd chime in.
  2. mommymya

    Anyone else on youtube?

    Shoot! Looks like its a no. Mine was called one year bandiversary and my name is mya....may be under "mommymya" if you'd like to search it.
  3. mommymya

    Anyone else on youtube?

    I'm hoping this post will have my signature where I have a link to my you tube. I put it up last December ( one year anniversary) and am approx 50 lbs thinner now...finally at goal!!
  4. mommymya

    December Delights 2009

    Hello, Hello! I was banded Dec 3, 2009 and I am soooooo excited to say that I am just about through losing. I have a few more lbs (becasue I want a buffer, lol) and am enjoying my new body so much. I feel really healthy, my body confidence is so much higher and I can do so many more things. Things I never really thought about before, so didn't miss. Now I think "how could I have never done these things!?" I just started facilitating two lap band meetings in my area and am happy to have the accountability as I learn about maintenance. I am currently saving up for the reconstructive surgery I hope to have by the end of this year. Its been a WONDERFUL journey for me and I am so happy to have had this forum to come to during the tough times. THANK YOU! ~Mya
  5. mommymya

    One year out movie I made...

    I am so happy to hear that my video transformation has touched so many. I am also happy to hear about you being newly banded. Looks like you are off to a fabulous start!! Good job! You can totally conquer this. Before you know it, you will be looking back (much like I did when putting together my little movie) with such pride and so much better health. Keep up the good work!!
  6. mommymya

    One year out movie I made...

    Thanks! I know what you mean about it being a bit quick. I made it in a hurry and meant to go back and edit it out a little longer. Needless to say, THAT never happened, lol. I am glad you enjoyed it though.
  7. mommymya

    One year out movie I made...

    lol! I posted ALL THE TIME about being so flippin tired of puree'd black Beans. I made it through and you TOTALLY will too!
  8. mommymya

    One year out movie I made...

    In the beginning, before my band, I would watch these types of videos and just BAWL. For me, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was an AMAZING feeling. Seeing other people, just like me at the time, succeed really instilled some extra confidence in the journey for me. I am so happy to have been able to share with you before YOUR journey.
  9. mommymya

    One year out movie I made...

    lol! I really liked that line too. I also really liked the line about her scars letting her know how far she has come. People get really funny about the scars I will have after reconstructive surgery and I always think of that line in the song when they bring it up. Thanks for checking it out!
  10. Thanks! I really appreciate that. This whole blogging thing is hard for me to do because I'm not truly confident it will touch people. Thank you!
  11. mommymya


    First off, here's some cheesy internet hugs (((hugs))). I am SO SORRY you had to go through this. No matter how open you are about the surgery, I believe you still deserve respect while you are going through all these new life/lifestyle changes. Possibly he was uncomfortable that it happened in front of his friend and chose to make lite of it. At any rate, it would have really hurt my feelings and I would be feeling just about how you are about it. Unfortunately it is really hard for others on the outside to know all of the things that you are going through: the fear, the excitement, the embarrassment, the self doubt, whatever. There are so many things we go through in this journey. Hold your head high and try not to let other peoples views get in the way of your goals. Coming from experience, there will be many many speedbumps. Even from those that you love the most, and who love you. Take things slow, and you will find a balance. You are still very new to banded eating. Hang in there.
  12. Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you all again that I GREATLY appreciate the support I gain here. I have started a blog that I thought you might enjoy. Check it out! http://myasweigh365.blogspot.com/ Thanks!
  13. mommymya

    One year out movie I made...

    haha! Well, no I DO NOT have a fast metabolism. That is for.sure. What I did was I really made sure to eat Protein first, then whatever veggie (if I had room). I avoid most simple carbs. In the beginning I kept my carbs below 50g a day but kept my protein at about 120g a day. This worked really well for me. I tracked all of this on www.lapband.com. I started walking AS SOON as I got back home from surgery. Then about 8 weeks later, I decided on a personal trainer. I knew I would not be able to be motivated enough to go to the gym by myself. Having appointments with a professional kept me accountable. I worked out with her using hand weights and some machines mixed with cardio twice a week. Now I attend her boot camp twice a week, which is much more affordable. I really don't have any money, so a lot of what I did was a financial stretch, but I KNEW it was an investment I would not regret. I also sought out a nutritionist I would see periodically, as well as a therapist. I also attend a support group twice a month. As I am typing this, I realize it sounds very overwhelming. I have 5 children, lost my car and my home this past year. So I guess my point is, if I can do it, so can ANYONE. Oh, and WATER!!! A very important part of this lifestyle is getting the Water and Vitamins so that you can flush out all the fat you are working hard to eliminate from your bottom, lol. SO, ya...this is what worked for me. Everyone is different though. Making sure to journal my intake helped me figure out what worked best for my body. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! I am stoked to help.
  14. mommymya

    One year out movie I made...

    Thank you! Off topic, can you tell me how you did that link to your blog? I just started one and I am pretty computer inept, lol.

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