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  1. “The body keeps the score” is a book on scientifically why our body holds traumatic experiences. I’ve read in a lot of places that as people loose weight these emotions (stress toxins) come to the surface... and we can no longer stuff them back down.
  2. Happy 34th Birthday milescollins!

  3. Happy 33rd Birthday milescollins!

  4. 2 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary milescollins!

  5. Wandering Woman

    Dating options post surgery

    You'll be fine. I can't eat anything but yoguart and shakes before about 11am. so for me, I wouldn't date in the am. You'll learn what you can eat comfortably for dates. Salads, and quesadillas work for me! If you go to bars often...hopefully you don't drink beer, it has carbonation. If you have a tendancy to overdrink, you'll have to watch that too. You'll just learn to sip a drink or two all night. Who knows, maybe after you start loosing weight, you will be inspired to demand more from a date, like hiking, bowling, golfing, etc.
  6. Wandering Woman

    New to group BMI 30 surgery in May

    By the way, I've had 3 fills. I'm at 6cc's in a 10cc band. I can still eat a small plate full, but that is enough restriction for me to loose about a pound and a half a week.
  7. Wandering Woman

    New to group BMI 30 surgery in May

    It doesn't WORK for some people because many of our overweight issues have nothing to do with food. i have found myself STILL self medicating with food when stressed, upset,lonely or even happy. However, I have also dealt with issues that I previously thought I was dealing with and really wasn't. The band has forced me to see somethings about myself in only a few months that I ignored for years. Also, you still have to excercize and watch what you eat, which is really hard.
  8. Wandering Woman

    New to group BMI 30 surgery in May

    I was banded in december. I've lost 31 pounds in 4.5 months. Compared to everyone else...this is not much. But I've never been this small. I'm 5'9, and I'm 179 now. It comes off a lot slower, like 1-2 pounds a week. But it comes off. I have almost no side effects too, because I was healthy and 'smaller'. I can eat what ever I want, i just have to really chew dry or tough meat and put some gravy or something on it. I can eat everything else though, and rarely think about chewing or anything else to do with my eating. I get "stuck" every so often, but have never thrown up. It's just like swallowing a really big pill that feels "stuck" for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. uncomfortable, not unbearable. I eat a lot less though, and my "binge" is like a whole sandwich. so far, it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.
  9. Wandering Woman


    It's not worse than a C-section, by any means. for about 2 days, I pretty much layed around in bed...but that might have been cause my husband was taking care of our 4 boys, and I was taking advantage of it! The gas pain in my chest kinda sucks. I was all back to normal in about 5-6 days.
  10. Wandering Woman

    50 lbs to Lose

    I only have 50 pounds to loose as well. I've been losing 1.5-2 pounds a week since my 3rd fill. It's wonderful to not always be hungry!
  11. Wandering Woman

    December Bandsters 2009

    Dont fret! My Doctor said that restriction wont happen until 2nd or 3rd fill. Fortunantly my doctor is agressive and I just had my first fill. (Banded Dec 10th, 1st fill Jan 5th), but I can still eat anything and as much as I want.I havent lost any weight yet. My lovely husband got me a icecream maker for christmas. I think he wants to keep me fat!
  12. Wandering Woman

    December Bandsters 2009

    I went through top surgeons. Yes, all those bill boards! I have personally emailed three people who went through top surgeons and they more or less felt like they were part of a "lap band mill". For me, I don't really need their emotional or any other support. Just do my surgery precisely, and give me fills correctly. I have found my own therapist and get other information online. As a self pay, I didn't have to do anything extra; no nutritionist, psychologist, etc. Today is Saturday, I didn't have any pain killer and I feel pretty good. Only some discomfort (about similar to being on your period, gorging yourself while having some gas). Nothing I haven't done to myself! I started feeling a bit hungry today. I ate about 1/4 cup of cream of chicken soup water downed. Supposed to be on clear liquid till Tuesday. OOPs. Felt fine though. I'm happy now that I've done it. So far, I've been very emotionally stable! I'm really wondering how much of my mood was sugar induced? I did this mostly to break my addiction to food. Being thinner is a plus ( a big one). But I think I could have learned to love my (currant) size if I wasn’t a slave to each meal. Constantly arguing with myself over every meal. If I didn't gain 12 pounds a month when I ate what ever I wanted. I am an addict, and this is more of an emotional journey for me. I'm really looking forward to my real emotions.
  13. Wandering Woman

    December Bandsters 2009

    Hi everyone! I was banded December 10th in Southern California. 2 days out. I've been reading posts here but haven't posted because I thought that I might pull out at the last minute. Going into surgery I was shaking violently! Pain isn't too bad with liquid loritab every 5-6 hours. I've almost picked up leftovers from my kids and ate it without even thinking about it. I'm not hungry, even though my stomach is growling. Tired. I can feel the gas inbetween my shoulderblades. Less painful than a c-section. I am a self pay, low BMI-er. my weight is 210, and height is 5'9. I wear a size 18/20. and I'm about to turn 31. I've struggled with food most my life. I am very aware that my food addiction is Emotional. I'm taking away my addiction. Hats off to everyone who had to do a pre-surgery diet...I was so nervous, eating everything, I'm not sure I could have done it. Anyways, looking forward to seeing everyones progress.
  14. Wandering Woman


    I love my SPANX! The incognito is great. It slims me down about 2 sizes and smooths everything out. I don't know if I could wear it everyday cause I get hot easily. All my girlfriends who've tried them, swear by spanx. So does OPRAH. I think they are worth the money. I have 4 others, but you can always see the lines through the clothing, and I find them Too restrictive. Spanx isn't too tight if you order the right size.
  15. Wandering Woman

    12/3/09 The Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

    Thank you for your insight. Chocolate chips...guilty. I buy them to cook with, then eat them straight from the bag! Anyways, great read.

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