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  1. ******NSV**********

    My last black dress (funeral dress) i bought was a Calvin Klein size 12.....

    Saturday i bought a TH dress size 4.........

  2. Today is a wonderful day..... A great weekend filled with friends.  Probably the only person that hasn't watched all the Marvel Movies.... So we started at the beginning..... IronMan, The Hulk, Thor and Avengers.... 

    My husbands favorite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy.  So i'm getting to know all the people.

  3. From the band to nothing.... to the sleeve..... it has been a longggggg journey.  It begain in 2009 with the band and at 232lbs....(5'2") size 18-20..... and here i am today at 126lbs and a very comfortable size 4....

    Life is great

  4. I came across this picture on a friends FB page...... OHHHHH HOLYYYYYY HELLLLLLL.

    This was posted in Feb. 2010.... but now that i think if it.... I'm pretty sure it was in Nov 2009 when i was doing my preop liq. fast.

    Can anyone else see the saddness....  That jacket was a xxxlarge....

    me feb 2010.JPG

  5. WOW..... 50,005 people have viewed my profile..... Hope i was able to inspire at least one....

  6. So i joined this site back in 2009 when it was called LapBandTalk.....  It, and I, have gone through a lot of changes..... Band, weight loss, grandkids, divorce, remarriage.......

    I just noticed that over 49K people have viewed my profile...... I sure hope i was able to inspire at least one....

    Today, i'm down to 141.4....  Size 6 Worthington pants.  Had to make a hole in my belt..... Whoop whoop

    I need yall's fashion help......



  7. just wanted to say Hello..... it's been a while... so much going on.  

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    2. BayougirlMrsS


      hey Kathy.... nice to see you are still around.

    3. Redmaxx


      Glad to see you. I haven't been here in a long time myself. I hope you are doing well.

    4. BayougirlMrsS


      doing great... Sleeved 7 weeks ago.

  8. hey guys..... been a long time.  Update:  We are nearing a conclusion on the propery settlement with my ex.... it's been two longggg years.

    It will be two years March that my beloved Tina (my band) has been gone.  Not going to lie, keeping the weight off has been HARD... but still chugging along.  Weight is at 155ish.... but I joined Crossfit and my body is becoming more leaner and stronger.  I didn't realize how weak i had become.  I really thought id die doing crossfit.... but i have really started to love it.... I know... but i do.

    Two weekends ago... i bought my very first wedding dress.... (picture attached).  I know i was married twice but both were when i was prego... and never had one.  This is the last time, so im doing it right.  We are going to Jekyll Island Club Resort.... Looks like September 2019....

    Thursday the 7th we leave for a short mini vaca to San Pedro.... and then the Honeymoon May 15-24 is in Italy.... Venice, Florence and then Rome.  I know we are doing it backwards, the the trip was planned first.

    Miss you guys..... if anyone wants to fb me or Instagram or email.....  Christina Callahan Cenac (fb), christinacenac (Instagram) or christina2315dd@yahoo.com (email)

    P.S.   Yes the dress still needs adjustments... hehe


    1. BigViffer


      You are going to be a beautiful bride Bayou!

      Wow, still having to deal with that property settlement? Man, that is crazy.

      You so deserve all of this happiness you have found with Tim. I swear he is the reward for all the years of suffering. I hope he knows he got the rainbow unicorn!

    2. weneebug


      I have actually thought of you a many times after you lost your band and wondered how you are doing. I think your weight is absolutely amazing. I don't know if I could hold my down without the band! Jekyll Island is great...I live in Georgia...it is beautiful and you are going to make a beautiful bride! Good luck!

    3. weneebug


      I am adding you a FB as I don't get on this site much anymore.

  9. in the "neighborhood" and wanted to say hello....

  10. Haven't been here for a while.. So let me catch you all up.  As you all know I lost my band in March.  Still hanging around 150... but I do need to get to the gym.  Still in the 4-6 size jeans...

    I quit my job in Houma and moved to Madison, Ms.  Wasn't expecting to get a job so quick.  Went on Three interviews on a Friday and got Three job offers.  So I took the best one for me.

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    2. MowryRocks


      Sounds like things are looking good!

    3. Gen17


      Wow! Way to go!

    4. MusicMom1384


      Good job! I used to live there... many fond memories of Parkway!

  11. Just a share.....  People ask me all the time... Who was your inspiration when you first came here?......  I say with out a doubt.....  Makulafamy & Lellow..... These two chick rocked the band.  Although they don't come here any more.... I still keep up with Makulafamy via FB and her blog.  If you want to be inspired and laugh and cry....  http://cheeseandsunkist.blogspot.com/   ..... When i saw these two's before's and after... everything seemed possible.  

    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      I will be taking a look at their blog. I love reading about people's suggest. However, your success really inspired me. When I first came on this sight, I remember reading a post that you had replied to. I then looked at your before and after pictures and I was AMAZED by your transformation!! I really thought any thing was possible!!

    2. BayougirlMrsS


      Awwww that makes me feel so good... Thanks Girl

  12. Wow....  43,328 people have viewed my profile.

    I sure hope that i was able to at least inspire one person.... That would be nice.

    1. Newme17


      I'm sure you have hon. :) Be encouraged!

    2. Sleeve1stFitNext


      You inspired me!! I want to look like you when I grow up.

    3. BayougirlMrsS


      and I'm sure you will look Amazing....

  13. i got so depressed last night.... As some of you know i got divorced at the beginning of the year.  I'm now in the process of cleaning out my house to sell  .... I was going through the filing cabinet. Files of house stuff like appliances, ac, insurances... etc.... then i got to the files of crap that my ex bought for himself... boats, all the **** that goes with it... troll motors, 150-200$ reals.. 100 rods... hundreds on fishing tackle.. Stereo systems for every veh HE owned.. (not my car), guns, camera's..$3000-6000 ... Lens, just one of which was $8000... I could go on and on.... but what really got to me, was in that entire file cabinet... I had 1 sheet of paper... not even a file... one sheet... my wedding ring that he bought for 1900 bucks.... that was it... it's all i had to show for 26 years of marriage.  All I could do was sit and cry.or 26 years of marriage.

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    2. Redmaxx


      So sorry. You did the right thing by kicking him to the curb. Your life will get better everyday.

    3. BayougirlMrsS


      viffer.... and you above all others know what i have been through... You have been a great friend and sounding board... Thanks for always being there for me.

      Thanks guys... i am so much happier...

    4. Sleeve1stFitNext


      After 26 years of marriage you have more to show for it than you think. You gained a new lease on life. You lost your insecurities and gained your confidence. You gained a lifestyle you may have never thought you would have 26 years ago. You inspire people to continue going because your progress was so real and raw that people hope to gain the strength and knowledge that you have.

      Most importantly, you gained yourself back. I think that is worth more than the $1,900 ring, the $3,000 cameras and the boats. You are worth more than all the receipts in the filing cabinet combined.

  14. Heyyyyyy guys... hope everyone is doing great in there weightloss journeys.   It's been a struggle since march 23 when my beloved band (tina) was taken from me.... god i miss that minks....  

    I didn't realize how much she kept me from feeling hungry all the time.  I find my self grazing more and making some bad choices.

    i've put back a few, but still fitting in my size 4 jeans.  Monday starts a new exercise program and im getting these few lbs off

    On other news..... It looks like i will be moving to Madison, ms....  very nice town just north of Jackson.  Tim (the guy i have been dating for the past 8 month) has been promted to the corp office for Enetergy.  He's buying a house up there and has asked me to move in with him..... and i say...Why the hell not.  It's only 3.5 hours from my home now... so still close to family.

    Miss you guy....  if anyone wants to email me.... christina2315dd@yahoo.com ....  i check that all the time.




    1. ProudGrammy


      hey girlfriend-nice to see you!!

      you slumming by visiting us:lol:

      what happened to "Tina" - did

      she erode or something? are

      you converting to sleeve? inquiring

      minds want to know!! good luck

      with new living situation - you'll get

      those lbs off again, no more slipping,

      i have faith in you - huggggs kathy

    2. Newme17


      If all fails, you can blame it on Tim for being so comfortable with him. :) LOL (That's basically how I started gaining my weight...comfortable and happy and eating with my husband who doesn't gain anything. LOL) Kidding here.....good to hear from you! I'm sure you'll get yourself on track soon. I believe you will.

    3. BayougirlMrsS


      i'm blaming the wine.....

  15. So march 23rd i got my beloved Tina removed.... it has been hard and scary, but i'm crusing to month #2 with no weight gain... hopefully i can keep this up.

    Went to West Palm Beach, Fl this weekend to meet tim's son, his wife and his granddaughter.... 

    Had a wonderful time


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    2. Redmaxx


      Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

    3. Sweet as peaches

      Sweet as peaches

      Sexy mama!

    4. weneebug


      Awesome picture! So glad you are maintaining...you can do this!

  16. As some of you know.... this weekend was a big one....  We (tim and i) flew to Ga for the Easter holiday.  I sent his mom some Easter flowers (which she loved) on Thursday.  Flight was great and no problems.  We landed and went to his parents (Joan & Benny) home.  Of course he was messing with me the whole time... hehe  So we pulled up and of course he introduced me and I'm a huger, and so are they.   We sat and talked for a bit then drove to eat a quick lunch.  We talked the whole time, the conversation was easy and flowed very well.  Back to their home where we set around and visited more.  Left to go check in to the hotel then back to J&B's to pick them up for dinner.  This time his brother Matt and SIL Sonja met us.  Again... things went great.  Dropped them off home and we went to the room.

    Saturday, we woke and met J&B at the IHOP for breakfast.... then back to their home to set everything.  Put out the tables, chairs and set up the outside games.... Joan and i were setting up the Corn hole game and she said... lets you and i play a game... Wow.. sure, i'd love too.  And we did, played two games.  Then we went inside and played a game of dominoes (tim and i against J&B) and a couple games of Yahtzee (i won one and tim won one).  Tim and his dad left to go get the food and that's when Joan and i were left alone....  She and i sat that the Kitchen table and talked for 45 min... It could not have gone better.  But then the others started to arrive.... his other brothers and their wives and kids.

    Of course i was out being my normal self... playing games and talking with everyone..... one of his SIL told him before they left.... She's a keeper...hmmmm.  Get this.... his brother Matt is married to a Sonya, brother Dan is married to a Christy, brother Phil... Also married to a Christy..... and im Christina.... hehehe.... Anyway, the day was great... i felt so welcomed by everyone.

    Sunday, breakfast again with J&B then back to their house for a little bit till we had to head to the airport.

    Yesterday, he said.... You definitely passed the mom and dad test..... now, off to West Palm Beach for the middle son test on the 5th.

    1. Redmaxx


      Very happy for you.

    2. Newme17


      Wow! So glad you had a great time! I love the name thing, Christy, Christina, etc. That's pretty cool. You PASSED! haha

    3. BayougirlMrsS


      i passed..... now on to meet his middle son and then the youngest. the oldest doesn't associated with anyone on his side of the family... only the EX wife.

  17. Tomorrow will be three weeks since my band removal.  So far i've managed to maintain my weight and even went down a pound or two.  So far so good.

    This weekend is a big one....  I'm flying to Ga to meet Tim's family.  I was supposed to go the weekend of the 24th... but the emergency band removal killed that.  So we are going for Easter.  i'm a bit nervous.... apparently his mom likes none of her daughter in laws and never liked any of Tim's gf's or his wife of 21 years.....

    So ya'll pray for me... hehe

    i'll update on Monday

    have a Happy Easter Everyone 

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    2. BayougirlMrsS


      it went great....

    3. Redmaxx


      That is fantastic. I am so happy that it went great. :)

    4. BayougirlMrsS


      fixing to post an update....

  18. Hello everyone....  What a ruff week it has been.  What started with a bug... Ended Thursday with my BEST friend leaving me.  Tina (my band)... is gone.  After 8 years 4 months and 13 days....  It was a great journey for sure.  

    The slip was pretty bad.... i was less than 24 hours from a perforated stomach.  But i feel much better.  The pain i was in was the most unbearable pain i have ever felt..... and everyone who knows me here, know how much of a high tolerance i have for pain.

    So, it's up to me now.... i must continue on my journey with only the knowledge i have gained over the years and pray that i can do it alone.  

    But, even though i don't have my band anymore... i will still come here, because you all are my friends and i treasure your support.



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    2. Newme17


      Oh hon! You are going to do very well without the band. I believe you will. So sorry you were sick and in pain. Not fun. Take care of yourself now

    3. BayougirlMrsS


      Thanks sweetie. I appreciate the vote of confidence.

      Ill stick around here. Cuz I still need yall

    4. Didjit


      Oh no! Well, think of it like this: You've lost the training wheels and now you're road-ready!

  19. found a new place to shop.... (well when someone else is buying .... lol)  Chico's....  according to THEIR sizing... im a Double zero..... no matter that a 00 is 3-4.... the tag says....00.... hehehehe

    and i got two new bikini's in.... they fit like a glove..... ill take pictures and post in a couple days.

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    2. Newme17


      Double 00! Heehee take it!

    3. BayougirlMrsS


      im wearing the white pants today with the orange top.... and i really think i could have done the 000. but ill take the 00

    4. BayougirlMrsS
  20. yes.... Lawdddd..... mardi gras is over.  

    8 days till my divorce on the 10th.....yeahhhhhh

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    2. blizair09


      Carnival about killed me this year. But it was a blast. And now I happily put alcohol back on the shelf for a little while so I can push toward getting these last 40 pounds or so off!

    3. hermione53


      At this time of the year it's a relief to no longer live in New Orleans while trying to lose weight. I had my first lap band installed while living in New Orleans!

      Congrats on your divorce! How are you celebrating?

    4. BayougirlMrsS


      ohhh yes... carnival time is a go go go time. parades every night. parties...

      You had your band removed?

      I'm not sure.... it's next friday.. so im sure it will be good

  21. These past few weeks have been a roller coaster...  So in 18 day (march 10) i will be divorced.  In the mean time i, as you all know, have been dating.  And yes there have been many, i wanted to play the field for a while.  Few significant people:  Blaine, he was a guy i dated 30+ years ago, we reconnected, but he is not "available" so that's out of the picture.  Then there is Danny, he and i have been friends for about 30 years also, we never dated, but i did date his BF for a short while.  And Tim... Wow.... Tim and i have been dating for 4 months and i have to say, i thought men like him were existent. You know the kind, the ones that open all doors, pulls out your chair, helps with you jacket, holds your had, kisses you so passionately that your toes curl.  ahhhhh.  Here lies the the problem... Danny.  Danny and Tim are both head over hills in love with me.  Before Tim came along i spent most of my time with danny.  But, danny played it cool... pretended like we were just friends with benefits.  Now that he knows about Tim..... omg, the emotions have come out...  I hate hurting his feelings... but with Tim is where i want to be.  I told him this last night again... and he started to cry.  A 62 y/o man crying.....  This is all so crazy......  So at the end of March im going to meet Tim's family in GA.  I'm very excited about this.  I just simply just hate hurting peoples feelings.....  That's all Rant over...

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    2. BigViffer


      Adulting is so damned hard isn't it?

    3. 2-Liter


      It's Best to pull the Band-aid off quickly!!! The longer it would have lasted with Danny the more Devastated he would have been. If Tim is where your heart is then it could never work with Danny anyways and in the end you are doing him a favor by setting him free to find someone else that will eventually Love him unconditionally. Good for you about doing some exploring because how else would you know what you like if you don"t try a few flavors.

    4. BayougirlMrsS


      hehe.... thanks V.....  and what a great way to put it 2-liter...

  22. So its been over 6 months since the divorce process has started. Tomorrow i take the final papers to the courts.

    1. blizair09


      I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Divorce is hard under even the "best" of circumstances.

    2. ProudGrammy


      today you have lost a lot of weight via your ex-husband - and GAINED health and happiness!! great weight loss - good luck - congrats - kathy

    3. Treadmillwalker


      If I remember correctly you had been married 25 years. Even if the divorce is for the best, I'm sure there is a bit of sadness. All the best to you. Big hug.

  23. If all goes well ill be getting a fill tonight. All i can say is im grateful i have a close personal friend who is a surgian.

    1. Treadmillwalker


      What size is your band and how much is in your band? I have a 10 cc band and it is filled to 5.5 cc. This amount feels good to me. I have had the stuck feeling so I'm actually afraid to get it any tighter.

  24. my sister in law is a HUGE Ravens fan....

  25. Hidden Figures.... a must see at the movies...

    1. Hiraeth


      I can't wait to see this! :)