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  1. Happy 62nd Birthday Tex!

  2. Happy 61st Birthday Tex!

  3. 2 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 2nd Anniversary Tex!

  4. Tex

    Paul Super

    Has anyone on this forum had Mr P Super, and if so when did you have your first fill? When can you have your first fill? Thanks.
  5. Hi I have had the band now 4/5 weeks and was doing really well lost 12lbs but now I seem to be putting the lbs back on. My first fill is on the 18 November and am very worried I will but all the weight back on before the first fill. I know you are new to the band like me and wondered if you could give me some advice. Can you bring the first fill forward. Many thanks
  6. Hi Guys my op is Saturday 26 September. I would like to join in the support group, I am self funding. Looking forward to the op (I think)
  7. I did not want to tell my husband. If i could have done it with out him knowing I would have done. At first he was a bit (not sure) shall we say. But today he has been with me for my appointment and sat in with me and was very supportive, apart from him making the odd wise crack (through nerves) My op is this saturday and I just can not wait for it. If you tell him our important it is for you and he sees how the op is performed he will probably be fine. I bet his concerns will be that as long as you are safe and well. Good luck,
  8. Hi Suepro, well done that is a fantastic result. Would you mind if I keep in touch via this site. I am not sure how to use the site fully and it was by pure accident I managed to post anything. Not yet been accepted bmi is 30.4 I think. Emma said it would be ok. I am so desperate to get rid of this weight. I just want to feel human again, if that makes any sense. Appoint with Dr Ashton today. I have not told anyone except my OH about this and I would like to keep it that way for now. I know my mates will try and talk me out of it and my family would be so horrified (sisters both slim). Many thanks again.
  9. Hi Suepro many thanks for your help. Poss having band done this week with Paul Super but getting a bit scared now, read that a few had had their hair fall out and read also that my bmi is not high enough for the band. Not sure what to do.
  10. Hi I am Interested if Saw Summers works from a private hospital could anybody let me now which one it is or his he only NHS
  11. Hi I am Interested if Saw Summers works from a private hospital could anybody let me now which one it is or his he only NHS

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