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  1. Oh my gosh I forgot I even have my sizes in my signature! I should check it and make sure it’s still current! I can’t see it when I’m on the app, wonder why? Glad it helped you [emoji108]
  2. I thought I’d chime back in 😃 I survived my 6 months of Options classes and had my bypass surgery on March 7th 2016! It was a hard surgery for sure but I lost all my weight! Right now I feel nervous because I’ve gained back 10lbs it’s easy to slip into old habits once you’ve healed so really take advantage of the honeymoon!!!! I still feel fabulous and wore my size 10 jeans today with joy! I’ll get my 10 back off, best thing I ever did! Thank you Kaiser!! Great program!!!
  3. Soexcited

    Sugar free Popsicles

    Yes, popcicles are fine!
  4. So sorry for the pain I'll be 1 month pist op this Thursday and feel totally normal now unless I just way way overdo my day then Im just exausted, but feel no pain.
  5. Soexcited

    Scripps Mercy?

    Don't worry it will get better.......be patient....eveything in life happens for a reason.
  6. Soexcited

    Scripps Mercy?

    You did find it, your welcome......my facebook page im sophia smith !
  7. Soexcited

    Scripps Mercy?

    Hello! I am Kaiser too and Dr Tanaka gave me my RNY at Scripps Mercy just last month. It was a very good experience, the doctor's and nurses were all super. I encourage yo to join the kaiser facebook page......there are soooooo many of us to chat with there!
  8. Soexcited

    Time off from work?

    I had my rny 3-7 and I had a rough 3 nights in the hospital, lots of throwing up and generally just feeling unwell. I spent the first week in bed and taking walks. The second week taking naps and walking and the 3rd week finally started to feel normal. My energy sucked! Im in the beginning of my 4th week now and just getting back to my job. Sent from my SM-N900P using the BariatricPal App
  9. Im on my fitness pal and Im 50!! Will be 51 this June, Ill tryto find you. My rny was 3-7 and my username is sophiasmithshrinks Sent from my SM-N900P using the BariatricPal App
  10. Meeee toooo!!!! My doctor had me on clear, then full liquids after my rny now im on soft foods. I can eat a whole scrambled egg with 2 teaspoons of refried beans and salsa. Thats been my dinner every night for 5 nights now (just doing shakes for breakfast and lunch) i can drink easily and eat with no problems at all. I have also been wondering if my new tummy was made too big.
  11. I had my rny 3-7 and I'm doing better! Im 50, f, 5"9, and have lost 20lbs. I'm 205 now and goal is 150.
  12. Hello!!!! Just checking in! I had my rny 3-7 and I'm doing better......finally! I had a tough hospital stay (3 nights) and a rough few days at home too. Now I'm 18 days post op, drinking my protein and eating soft foods. A typical day for me is a protein shake for breakfast 30g of protein and 160 cal. Another shake for lunch and then a yogurt for a snack 80 cal 15g protein and for dinner a scrambled egg with 2 teaspoons of refried beans and salsa. So far Ive lost 20lbs but I stalled a few days ago and have lost nothing in the past 3 days. I'm now 205lbs and need to get to 150........I just want time to pass quickly so I can loose some more!! Happy at times but still have some buyers remorse. I still get so tired in the afternoon I need a nap....hoping my energy is back soon!
  13. Congratulations on your surgery rachel and Roalmc. Ice chips were heaven!!!! Have someone bring you some crystal light squirts and you can put a little on your ice!
  14. Soexcited

    Chronic Constipation

    My doctor has me take milk of magnesia too! I also had constipation prior to my rny but its worse now. The milk of magnesia works like a charm!! Highly recommend it!
  15. Soexcited

    I haven't lost any hair. Weird?

    Im 12 days post op rny and started my biotin before surgery and started using Rogaine last week. Im petrified to loose any so am trying to be proactive!

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