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  1. Yep I had to do the same thing, and the day of surgery in the prep room I had to wipe down with this wipes that were nasty and sticky but they helped reduce infection !
  2. I def need to up my water .
  3. Thanks I see its fairly common to stall around this time. I am waiting for it to kick back in ! I see you were a revision too ! thanks
  4. coltonwade

    Pre-Op Liquid Weight Gain?

    You can loose and gain as much as 5lbs in a day . I would suggest not weighting your self but weekly right now . I had my surgery on 11-14 an weighted myself daily at first, But once the loosing stopped I stopped weighting, its too frustrating . But its normal to lose and gain more than you think . The pre op diet is more about shrinking your liver more than anything, so just keep what your doing .
  5. Mine was the same day and I have been at a stall for a while I do seem to be loosing inches at least
  6. Hi I had band removal and revision Surgery on Nov 14th ( was in the hospital for 5 days due to swelling and vomiting ) I am just getting started on solids ... A couple things, I feel like im hungry all the time . Anyone else fee this way at this stage ? ? Am I maybe not eating properly ? Also because im a litte "Scared" to eat solid proteins I have been eating a litte bit see how it fees then eating some more ? Anyone else do this ? I am scared of proteins because they hurt to eat for so long with my band. I am finding it hard to find some " Semi Solid " proteins besides hamburger meat I am a little scared to try things like pork chops or chicken . can you maybe give me some ideas. I feel like I have forgotten how to eat properly Anyone else ?
  7. just saw your update. I hope they can fix it soon and you can get some relief.
  8. the same thing happened to me , here is my blog post i just copied it ! On Tuesday night I had to be taken to the ER by my husband. What started out as a good day , I was finally able to eat some food , no liquids ! About 9pm i started having MASSIVE stomach pains, cramps that radiated around to my back . They were coming and going, like labor pains ! Finally after not being able to stand up straight around 1AM hubs took me to the ER . The ER where i had my surgery is about 30 mintues away , I told him I dont think i can make it there . He took me to a closer ER one that I HATE because the people are idiots and lazy . I knew I was in trouble when the nurse said " WELL WHY ON EARTH would you EVER have your lap band removed GEESH ?" I looked at hubs and mouthed OH EFF ! She then proceed to try to start an IV and was talking to her self " Is this a vein or a tendon , vein or tendon ?" While she's poking around on my arm, I told her "you got ONE SHOT to stick me lady ! " The doc comes in and as I am telling him my history he is looking at me like im speaking french . He has NO IDEA about any kind of WLS .. and tells me " yeah you should have gone to the other ER " WTF !! I was baffled that a doc had no idea essentially what i was talking about as far as revisions etc . I understand not seeing many patients but to not know ANYTHING ? WTF Is that. Anyway , they decided to do a CAT scan on me and the nurse ( new one by now ) comes in with 3 glasses of contrast for me to drink and says " you have to drink this in about 10 minutes " I looked at her and LOL and said " YOUR KIDDING right ? " she said " no why ", I told her " It takes me 3 hours to drink 8 oz of Fluid I cant drink that " So she tells me to do the best i can . After labs and more stupid questions the CAT Scan showed nothing, no leak etc. So they tell me " You ate too much too soon most likely " THANKS YOU IDIOTS !! I called my surgeon to let him know I was in the ER and if he had any intelligent response and he told me ( after looking at the reports from the ER ) my body probably was in a little bit of shock from not eating food for so long and the re fried Beans I had probably built up some gas that could not come out and caused the pain . GAS pains ?? Yep gas pains. Well that makes sense ! On a good note after a couple day stall I lost another 2 lbs and im down 20 pounds now !!!
  9. I had insurance but it is the PCIP insurance through the govt, the pre existing condition plan . The dedictible was $2000 maximum out of pocket was $4000. I would call them ! I was expecting for them to bill me the 20% post op , and they did NOT , they billed me up front. After my deductible its 20% which came out to $3800 total w/ the dedct. I was only expecting to come up with $2000 which i did , I actually had a fundraiser to come up with the $2000 ( mine was a revision that i needed my band out NOW ) . They called me the DAY BEFORE surgery to tell me how much it would all be and I would nee the additional $1800 since i had $2000 already they let me make payments on the rest . $75 a month for 2 yrs ! UGH . So if your worried i would call them .
  10. coltonwade

    Not able to stop loosing weight ?

    I got a little more info , She does not work out and has reached her goal of 125lbs but it still loosing. She's going to speak to her doc about it , I think its a good idea for her to speak to them . Like i said i dont know the details was just asking for some ideas. I had heard of the wasting away disorder , I think she maybe just needs to adjust some things, Sometimes its hard to put the breaks on the way your eating if your loosing even to maintain . Thanks everyone.
  11. Your not eating ENOUGH .. When i had my lap band surgery the ONLY time i stalled was when i did not eat enough . I know it sounds like 600-800 cals is not enough but it is , but under that your going to put your body in starvation mode.
  12. Seems like stalls are common in week 3 or 4, I have not lost any weight for several days but im ok with it, im not even on full mushies yet . So im ok with it . Your body is adjusting stilll just keep doing what your doing . it will come off.
  13. 'If you cant keep liquids down I would go in an INSIST to my doc they check your sleeve . You may have some swelling that wont go own .. I was in the hopsital post op for 5 days due to not being able to keep liquids down if youc cant keep down liquids something is wrong. Is it any liquid, certain liquids ?
  14. coltonwade

    I have so many questions

    here is a list of high protein foods. You can eat things like peanut butter, eggs, egg whites, Tuna Salad, chicken salad, beans, cottage cheese, there is lots of things you can eat with protein besides powder, my guess is your not eating ENOUGH ? http://www.momswhothink.com/diet-and-nutrition/high-protein-foods.html
  15. coltonwade

    I have so many questions

    What are you eating ?