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  1. I have had some complictions and want to share them with everyone, expecialling since it stretches across the Pacific to down under. I promise to write of all my experiences as soon as I am feeling better. I am still in hospital now, but looks like another week or two they will let me out if my tests go well.
  2. This has gotten very interesting. Ask him about his fantasies and tell him some of yours.. He may just be sexual beast hiding in the closet.:001_tongue::drool::blushing::001_tt1:
  3. loser

    Urgent Prayers needed!

    Sorry to hear about your dad. Prayer for strength for you both.
  4. loser


    I never liked Cokes but have been wanting one... Am I strange or what? Sometimes I feel like I need to burp but can't. I use to take a drink of a carbonated beverage to help me burp, anyone have that? I really want a large very cold orange juice with pulp,, but no can do. Maybe at about a year out..
  5. loser

    Today is the day!

    MMMMM,, love your name.. Best of luck to you and may your recovery be quick and uneventful. See ya on the other side on the losers bench.
  6. Dr. Alvarez did my surgery February 1st. He is a great surgeon. Can't really even see my scars. I try to show them off and no one can even see them,, LOL.. Just do everything he instructs you to do and you will have a good experience,, well as good as can be expected for major surgery. He is fantastic with calling you back and answering emails after the surgery. I really just can't say enough good about him. Feel free to PM me with any personal questions you may have.
  7. loser

    17 days to go

    Welcome to VST. There is a great group here. I think I can say almost everyone is a little scared of the surgery and also how will they feel after the surgery. Are they doing the right thing. So far I know of no one who has regretted having the surgery other than during the first week or so, which is a rough time for some of us, but not all of us. So follow your doctors preop diet and postop instructions and chances are everything will be fine. You will be glad you did.
  8. I think everyone has second thoughts. I know I came real close to backing out, and was looking for excuses to not do it. Right now I do miss eating like a piranha in heat and kinda miss my ole fat self at times, but I am only 4 weeks out and have had some swelling issues. The desire to gorge is fading though, and the feelings of wanting to eat healthy are growing.
  9. loser

    Eloping- yeee haaaaa!!!

    Coopersmama, that is a fantastic idea!! He is one lucky man. Send us some wedding pics so we can celebrate, with our protein shakes & pork rinds.. :>)
  10. NSAID is anti-inflamatory drugs, such as Mobic, Advil, Ibuprofen, Vicoprofen and a host of others and also many more have NSAIDs in their formula. According to an article in OH magazine, they should be avoided after VSG or RNY.
  11. Try switching to Gatorade. If you are not drinking enough water you should be drinking Gatorade anyway for the electrolytes. I was having the same problem. Started getting dehydrated, went to hospital and got a liter of saline. Made me feel much better. While there the doctor stated it is important to drink Gatorade/Pediolite for the electrolytes if your not getting in enough water. I found the red Gatorade to go down easily. It is 6:30AM I have been up for an hour and have downed 1/2, 32oz bottle already. If you are staying thirsty, watch out for other signs of dehydration. Be careful to not let it go to far. Be on the safe side and spend an hour or two getting some saline IV. Hang in there it does get better my friend.
  12. Well, everything is getting better and more enjoyable, ie. sex, putting on shoes, trying on clothes, walks, flying, the list goes on and one. One of the best is throwing clothes in a box knowing they will never fit me again. I have pants in my closet from 34w to 46w. This is the first time I know I will not be gaining the weight back so as I shrink the larger clothes are gone. This is a good feeling. I have had stomach swelling issues, but feel it is getting better, so the smiles are coming on strong. Happier,, ?? yeah, for sure..
  13. loser

    Sleeve Tomorrow

    Welcome to the losers bench Hugapug!!! Let us know how you are doing. OBTW,, I love my pug,, he has been the best dog I have ever had. Good to see another sleeved pugster on here.. LOL>>>
  14. I haven't been able to eat near as much as you. I have had some issues for the past couple weeks. The first two weeks I was doing great, and probably over did it a little, and now I am paying the price. I really don't feel so well. My surgeon did a fantastic job, I think I messed up. Went to the emergency room a couple nights ago, and had some blood tests and took in a liter of saline. That helped a little, pluse I have no fever, my protein is on the high side, and white blood count is normal, so I don't suspect a leak. My surgeon said it sounds like my sleeve has become swollen and this happens from time to time, and with time it will get better. So I keep going on faith. There is no way I can eat 2oz of anything.

    Loosing weight fast comes with a price. You are loosing just fine and healthy. Keep up the good work!,, BTW,, We are a couple miles south of the Woodlands Pkwy.

  15. loser

    Fried Food Hell?

    I spend a lot of time in the UK,, just don't eat any black pudding. I found fish cooked many way besides fried, don't care much for the taste of their beef, but the quail is really good. I love the milk over there, it is processed much different than ours, tastes like cream. They don't even worry about it getting warm. As you know they still have home and office delivery. Eggs are very good and their bacon is more like ham or Canadian bacon. There is no shortage of great Indian restaurants, might want to watch the hot stuff though. You will be eating so little I don't think I would worry much abou it. I have had some very good food there, especially at some of the pubs in smaller villages. Looks like I am going to Chile in a couple of weeks and have some concerns. I think I will take Tiffykins advise and pack up some protein that can be mixed with water. Food may still be scarce.
  16. loser

    Before and After

    The Incredible Shrinking Man,, great job, work that sleeve..
  17. woohoo!,, hooker boots!! you look great! Your sooo hot my computer screen was smokin.. So good to see you having fun, you are an inspiration to us all.
  18. Wow,, you looked good before the weight loss, now your smokin hot! Congrats on the weight loss and the engagement Shanda!!
  19. loser

    So Discouraged....

    Today is one month since my surgery. Be glad you are where you are, loosing weight in a healty way. I have lost total 60lbs, 22lbs of that preop, but I can't eat anything really without getting sick. I haven't been able to drink anywhere near my 64oz of water in weeks and really watching for signs of moderate dehydration. I know I am in mild dehydration now. I try to eat less than an oz and get the slims, sweats, and gag like I am going to throwup but never do. I am learning that I can drink until I try to eat and then that is it for the day. This morning I was feeling alright, downed 8oz of Gatoraide, waited about an hour, ate less than 1/4 of one egg, taking about 1/2 hour to eat that, and have been sick the rest of the day. I am begining to think I have a stricture. The doctor says my tummy is just still really swollen. Getting really tired of this though. I feel sick and thristy. Not really happy about the weight loss, since it has been so unhealthy. Loosing weight slow seems to have a lot of advantages. If your not eating as much as you use to you are going to loose. So feel good about it dont' get discouraged, you are staying healthy as you loose.
  20. loser

    Another Greek Yogurt Dip creation

    Sounds great Tiff. Can I come live at your house... lol..
  21. loser

    Treadmill victory

    Itstime, congrats on the endorphine rush working out. That is great. FYI, from a mans view, nothing wrong with hamburger buns...
  22. Chancie, your looking great. Congrats on your awesome success!!
  23. loser

    I want to stop loosing now

    I understand your concerns. Replace that fat with some muscle by working out, weight training. Maybe do some bio-identical hormone treatment. Working out will build muscle and help fill the void where the fat was and the hormone treatment will help your skin. Can't promise they will make you look 13 again, but will help. I am 55 and developing the turkey neck. I purchased a product I am going to start using, it is a type of wrap. If I see an improvement I will share it with everyone. You must feel much better though. Congrats on the weight loss and improvement to your health.
  24. Good story and good news. Time to hit Celebration Station!!
  25. loser

    Pork rinds?

    Barbara, Are you using over the counter Prilosec?

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