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  1. Maintenance is so tricky It sure is for me. I am at about 129 lbs now which I can live with. To stay there I see a nut, go to Overeaters Anonymous and eat no sweets. The weight is gone but the obsession is not. I tried the 5:2 and it just didn't work for me. I would binge on my food days. I know that's not what I was supposed to do, but somehow it set off my food obsession even more. It's too bad because I think intermittent fasting is healthy, but I can see that nothing is one-size fits all.
  2. Lisalu

    WLS and 12 Step Support

    Perhaps it's a gift of my age, but I just don't care if some people in program object to my WLS. I'm a food addict--well more specifically a sugar addict and a compulsive eater. I was that at 200lbs and I'm still that at 130lbs. I need support if I am to maintain my food plan and stay healthy. For me that's OA right now. There will always be someone in program who objects to something I do. They may object to the fact that I take antidepressants, they may object to my understanding of HP, they may object to my WLS, they may object to my nutritionist's progress-not-perfection food plan. The thing is: they're not me. They don't necessarily understand my past, my reasons. I understand those things and I'm doing what I believe is best. What I do in the future may change based on my evolving understanding, but the best I can do now is seek the truth through prayer and meditation and follow the leadings I'm given. This is much easier for me because of a wonderful and supportive nutritionist. I can only afford to see her monthly but she keeps me on track. I'm eating better and not gaining, so I feel pretty successful. Would I like to lose 10lbs and be at my 1year post surgery weight? Sure, but I'm 5'3" and healthy at 130, so it's OK if I stay here. Glad this forum exists. Thanks.
  3. Lisalu

    The sleeve has made me a snacker.

    I was a grazer before surgery and could still eat constantly if I let myself. There isn't anything wrong with snacking per se, but for those of us who eat w/o being hungry, it can be a problem. If I can fit in 500 calories into my pouch and eat 3X a day, then I'm at 1500 calories and pretty much OK. If I eat 6X times a day and still go for 500 calories per meal, then I have a problem. Some people modulate how much they eat when they eat more frequently. Sadly, this was never the case for me. You are almost 10 lbs below goal now, so the snacking doesn't seem to be hurting you. A word of caution, though. I can eat a lot more now than I could at 1 year or even two years out. If the same ends up being true for you, the snacking will lead to weight gain.
  4. Looked online for more non-food treats. I was doing great until I got to the one that said: 1. car rides 2. extra sniff time It was a list for dogs!
  5. My fasting days are Monday and Wednesday. I was going to try to put in one non-food treat on one of those days. It's a little tough since I work full-time, but I could probably manage once a week. My idea is to do some nice things for myself on fast days that I don't allow myself on other days. Optimally, they would be relatively inexpensive. Here are some ideas I have so far. 1. Get a mani or pedi at the beauty school 2. Get an eyebrow threading 3. Shop for a kindle book on amazon (instant gratification) 4. Buy something unneeded but fun like bubble bath, sexy undies or a kitchen toy 5. Take that bubble bath by candlelight 6. Linger at Starbucks with a coffee and newspaper 7. Get a 15 min massage at the mall What do you do to reward yourself?
  6. Lisalu

    5:2 Links and info

    Me too M2G, I never ate that much at one time but I was always eating. One can pack on the pounds with constant grazing. Tomorrow is a fast day and I'm looking forward to it. It seems like a reset button. Cool. Let's see how I feel about it tomorrow, LOL.
  7. Lisalu

    5:2 Links and info

    Hey Georgia (and others), Why do you find yourself looking forward to fast days? What does it bring you (besides weight loss) that you value?
  8. Lisalu

    5:2 Links and info

    Hey all, First fast day went great. It was easier than I expected. I think I had a little over 500 calories. Jazzed.
  9. Lisalu

    The 5:2 Diet

    Well, I did it, my 2-day fast for my colonoscopy. (BTW, I passed w flying colors. I don't have to do that again for 10 years.) It was easier than fasts before VSG but harder than I had hoped. I slid right into day three of a pouch test. Now on day 5. On Monday I will begin my 1st official fast of the 5:2 plan. I'm kinda scared. My two days are going to be Monday and Thursday. On the other days I hope to follow the Cornell University bariatric eating plan. I had a rude awaking at the GI clinic. I weighed 136 lbs (dressed) AFTER a 2-day fast and colonoscopy laxative purge. That means that my pre-fast weight was probably over 140. CRAP! That's up 20 lbs from my lowest weight. I am glad you all are here. I need the moral support.
  10. Lisalu

    5:2 Links and info

    Hi All, Long time since I've been on the boards but my new year's resolution is to come back. My surgery was June 2010. I've had weight gain issues. I'm probably about 135 lbs now--still a healthy weight but 1) I'm afraid of continuing to go up and up and 2) I really did feel better at 120 lbs. Sooo, what to do? Considering 5:2. Actually, I'm doing a modified 5:2 this week because I have a (routine) colonoscopy on Thursday. My doctor has a two day fasting protocol. I am on day one. so far, so good.
  11. Lisalu

    3rd surgiversary approaching

    Globetrotter, we must have a similar surgery date--I'm almost at 3 years too. I know you have struggled, but I must say from your photo, you look awesome.
  12. Hi All, I'm 3 months from 3 years out--yikes. Noticing more symptoms these days, an occaisional charley horse, some fatigue. At last blood work, my Vitamin D was low and my A1C a wee bit high ( 5.8). Other tests looked fine. What is all meand is that I should be following my surgeons plan, but I've been a slacker. I resist following his super low-carb diet though my blood sugar says I should. I even resist daily Vitamins. Really I've been a crappy patient lately and I'm not sure why. Maybe I need to find a life coach. I'm not sure what would help me be accountable. My clothes still fit and I look pretty much the same, I think. I've been too scared to step on a scale.
  13. Hi Y'all. 125.2 this morning. I read my post from last week and I'm up about 1/2 pound but not concerned. Bought a fitbit pedometer and getting my 10,000 steps every day. Feeling healhier. Now to deal with those sugar craving--yikes!
  14. Couldn't get to the scale yesterday, so I'm a day late. 124.8 this a.m. Not as bad as i feared. i will weigh myself next Monday and report. I'm grateful for all of you.
  15. I'm struggling. I've gained some--maybe 5-7 lbs (haven't been on the scale) and some things no longer fit. The other day, at the store, a size 8 dress didn't fit. WTF? That seems impossible. I'm not sure how to get back on track. I'd like to be about 120lbs for my wedding at the end of february but I'm always so hungry. It stinks.

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