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  1. lfoley

    TT complete! (Pics)

    looks awesome! congrats!
  2. There pictures are from this past year till present.. was banded 8/11/2009
  3. lfoley

    Cape cod ??

    Hey everyone! I was banded last year and just graduated from college living on the cape.. anyone else out there around the area!
  4. lfoley

    Dr. Adam Glasgow

    heyhey! i was banded last year with adam, he really is an amazing doctor. my first appointment was at the end of june i think the 26th or 27th and my surgery date was august 11th. I scheduled the appointments immediately so I was able to get them all done at the beginning of july.
  5. I was 21 when I got banded! its been a year and one month and its was the best decision i ever made! :smile:
  6. lfoley

    Hi Hi!!! Any College Banders?

    heyhey!! so i'm 22 years old now.. ( can't believe it) and a senior in college ( also can't believe it ) I have absolutely no free time during the week. I am in a sorority. I was president, i had a radio show, I did orientation for incoming freshman and so on and so on. I was banded in August of 2009 3 weeks before the beginning of my senior year, and at first I thought it was a huge mistake. But honestly it was the best decision of my life. My doctor is about an hour and 45 mins from my college so going to appointments is always a hassle, but his office made me top priority since I am so far away. The first thing I learned was don't cheat! I moved back to school 2 weeks post op. I was just starting mushies and tried to go for bigger and better things such as some grilled chicken and it did not happen. Everyone is different yes, but don't rush your recovery process, do what the doc advises you!! Protein shakes, Soup and applesauce was my life the first two weeks of my senior year in college and every time I get a fill which has been about 5 times. Mind you the first week back I was in orientation, which means that I was out of my apartment literally from 6am until midnight, so I spent from midnight to 12:30am getting my breakfast/lunch and dinner together for the next day. You have to make time!! Trust me you can do it!! I even would make huge batches of chicken soup and freeze them and then take it out to let it thaw in the AM so I had lunch. This semester I have a ton of free time so I am able to cook. My school was very accommodating to my new eating style, they switched my to the commuter meal plan, because I could eat full-meals that you pay for it's pretty much just cash that i could spend either at the on-campus grocery store or at the big dining halls. When I'm in the dining halls I usually stick to chicken salad, tuna, or Soups. I will get those huge sandwiches they make and eat all the stuff from the inside out, instead of eating the bread. I eat a ton of guacamole now with a spoon , i make it homemade and Beans. It is so hard being at school, I am constantly stressing out. My friends go out to eat all the time, so I go online and look at the menus before hand. Once you start it's not a big deal, its just getting into a routine. My sisters at first were weirded out with me because i was bringing a lunch box ( small one ) with me to lunch, but eventually got over it. One thing I've hardcore learned though even if you have to eat "bad" things such as a burger or mac and cheese or something like that, look at how much your eating now. It's not a big deal when you use to eat like 2 plate fulls and you can only eat 1/2 of one plate now. Sometimes you have no choice but you just eat healthier the rest of the day! I have definitely noticed when I'm at home I lose so much more weight when I'm at school, but i do still lose its just getting use to eating different! It's so nice to see this topic! i have no one at school that can relate to me with this, my mom is banded but she doesn't understand how hard it is at school! Feel free to msg me or whatevs! goodluck and be strong! we'll lose together!
  7. Hey!! I was banded in August 2009, then had to have a port revision in January of 2010 during winter break. I'm a senior in college and it's been the most trying year ever. I too had been cheating for awhile I'm down almost 30 lbs since my August 2009 surgery but I've definitely noticed when I go home I lose more weight then when I'm at school. I know it has to do with the types of food I'm consuming, it may not be a lot but its higher in calories. I got a fill last week and the doc gave me a little too much so I've been on liquids since last wednesday. I was planning on going to get some Fluid taken out wednesday, but they are saying a snow storm and he is located about an 1 and 1/2 from me. When I was first banded it was so hard being at school, I've come to quickly realize what I can and can't eat. I can not eat anything fried at all, obviously it's not good for you, but living on campus it's pretty hard to get anything other then burgers and fried food. It's been stressful, but I know in the end it will all be worth it! How's it going for you though at school? Have you told any of your friends you were banded? It took me awhile but about 5 of my closest friends know..
  8. lfoley

    Mushies Stage Recipes

    So I just started mushies and I had swordfish tonight and mashed potatoes. I have no restriction yet so everything went down fine Swordfish 1 steak wrap in tin foil with 5 sliced lemons, a dash of sherry, a little bit of butter salt and pepper then put it on the grill. I love swordfish and we usually just grill it but this way it poached and came out AMAZING. the mashed potatoes were just boiled, smashed, hit it with a bit of half and half, butter salt and pep
  9. My pre-op liquid diet was 10 days prior to surgery. Then again for 2 weeks post surgery. It really wasn't bad. It consisted of 3 Protein shakes a day as many bowls of chicken broth as much sugar free fudgesicles, Jello 2 cups or less of apple, grapefruit, orange juice 2 cups or less of skim milk, or low fat yogurt Hope that helps!
  10. Hey everyoneee! I'm 21 years old.. was banded on August 11th 09 : ) Im from the cape and go to school in west hartford, ct. The process for me was pretty easy. I went to the group meeting on June 27th, went for my sleep study ( I have sleep apnea), met with the nutrionist to go over the pre-op and post op diets, and has my pre-op appointment. My insurance covered the surgery, thankgod. I'm a little bit nervous about going back to school next week ( going into my senior year in college). I'm going to be in my mushy phase and it's going to be interesting because I didn't really tell anyone at school I had lap band surgery, they know I had a hernia fixed ( which is the truth). I've lost 22 lbs so far including pre-op weight...
  11. lfoley

    Surgery tomorrow!

    I have my surgery tomorrow tooo!!! IM SO NERVOUS! BLAH! haha
  12. lfoley

    Sleep Apnea test?

    I was so nervous for my sleep study. I did it on July 5th.. and we hit so much traffic off the cape to go to it, i was crying the whole car ride because we were running late and i think nerves had just got to me. I arrived to the study an hour late, and was greeted by a super nice women and calmed me right down. There were a lot of wires etc but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I didn't sleep to well I fell asleep around 2 am... She wanted me to start out sleeping on my back ( that didn't happen) and i ended up falling asleep on my side totally fine. In the middle of the night she woke me up and put me on the cpap machine and I fell right back to sleep. Come to find out I have sleep apnea, honestly I would have never known if I didn't go. I thought you had to be snoring to have it, because my dad has it and snores, but you can have it and not snore.. Hopefully once I lose some weight it will go away!
  13. lfoley

    pre surgery testing

    I had to fast for my blood work... But I had my blood work done a few days in advance of my pre admissions testing.. I didn't have to fast for the testing it was just a ton of questions of medical history.. probably varies for everyone though! hope that helps : )
  14. lfoley

    Surgery in 2 days!

    i'm getting banded in two days too!! can't wait : ) keep in touch we can support eachother !! goodluck!!
  15. lfoley

    Did you tell everyone or no?

    For some reason I'm really nervous about telling everyone. I'm going to be a senior at my college and I'm president of my sorority and I don't really want everyone to know. I told two people from school so far, plus my three bosses and my family. I haven't told my roommates yet, and as far as people know they think i'm having my gallbladder out. Not really sure what to do..

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