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  1. I was 21 when I got banded! its been a year and one month and its was the best decision i ever made! :smile:
  2. Hey everyoneee! I'm 21 years old.. was banded on August 11th 09 : ) Im from the cape and go to school in west hartford, ct. The process for me was pretty easy. I went to the group meeting on June 27th, went for my sleep study ( I have sleep apnea), met with the nutrionist to go over the pre-op and post op diets, and has my pre-op appointment. My insurance covered the surgery, thankgod. I'm a little bit nervous about going back to school next week ( going into my senior year in college). I'm going to be in my mushy phase and it's going to be interesting because I didn't really tell anyone at school I had lap band surgery, they know I had a hernia fixed ( which is the truth). I've lost 22 lbs so far including pre-op weight...
  3. lfoley

    Did you tell everyone or no?

    For some reason I'm really nervous about telling everyone. I'm going to be a senior at my college and I'm president of my sorority and I don't really want everyone to know. I told two people from school so far, plus my three bosses and my family. I haven't told my roommates yet, and as far as people know they think i'm having my gallbladder out. Not really sure what to do..
  4. Hey everyone!! So I just joined because the psychologist I just met with, who was awesome, mentioned this site. where has the summer gone? umm I had two appointments today.. the morning one went well everything is good... the afternoon one was the psychologist appointment. To be perfectly honest I was nervous to meet with him, and I have no idea why? But it went very well! I'm set for the surg. I started my liquid diet on August 1st. From August 1st to my surgery is liquid phase. ( I have my pre - op and meeting the anesthesiologist on August 5th) August 11th at 8am I have to be at the hospital. My surgery is at 10 am. Then I'll spend the day/night in the hospital. On Aug 12th in the am, I can leave, woot woot! After that its 2 weeks of more liquids. I have an apt on Aug 25th with the doctor for my follow up. After that its two weeks of puree. I think that I've been ready for the surgery for a long time. I have had trouble losing weight, I have tried dieting, and i want to have a normal life. I want to fall in love, I want to figure skate again, get back out on the ice and do what I was born to do. Wear normal sized clothing. Not hide my emotions which I have been doing for years, and I'm done. It's time to kick this problem in the butt for once and all. I'm ready to change my life, work hard, and see a positive outcome! : )

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