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  1. Barbara278

    Can someone analyze what I'm eating pls?

    I'm almost 4 weeks out and have been having a hard time getting in over 500 calories per day. My protein has been right at 70, and carbs about 20 - 30 per day. A few days I barely made it to 600. I think once I am able to eat a few more things (I'm on mushies) I will be able to do 600 - 800 calories per day which is what my doc recommended. It sure is a learning process isn't it?
  2. Barbara278

    Unjury Unflavored Protein

    I aboslutely hated the Unjury. I tried every way possible to get them down and just couldn't stomach the smell or the taste. I think everyone is different though, some like it and others not so much. Even the unflavored made me gag.
  3. Best wishes Margo. Looking forward to hearing your journey.
  4. Barbara278

    Status on my whereabouts!

    Take care Lan...hope you get things up and running soon.
  5. Barbara278


    Most Chinese buffets have egg drop soup, that would be an option. Also, some have boiled shrimp or boiled crab legs, both of those would be ok also.
  6. Stuck, It really isn't so bad. I mean when you think about it, (if you are a meat eater) we eat cow muscles, no? I drink one daily. Eventually I want to get all my protein from food, but until I can eat enough food, I'll use the bullets to supplement. I just find if I take little bitty sips from it I can get one down a day easily. :001_unsure:
  7. Barbara278

    Guess who got a date??

    yahooo Katrina. Congrats!!!
  8. Barbara278

    Just been sleeved

    Bitsy, I'm still not able to swallow pills either. I've found that if I mix them with either Liquid protein shot, or Crystal light in a small medicine cap it's a little easier to get them down. I too have several that are horrid tasting and it's not very easy to get them down. Hope that helps and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  9. Barbara278

    Home from Mexicali

    Firefly, welcome to the losers bench. So glad everything went well. I was so cold for about two weeks after surgery, but it's getting much better now. I did have a few down days, but for the most part it's been pretty smooth change. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  10. Barbara278

    Mexico or Bust!

    Congratulations on your surgery date. I too had surgery in Mexico, but with Dr. Aceves. Keep us posted on your progress and best wishes to you also.
  11. Barbara278

    Hello... I'm getting a revision :)

    Diva, I really can't speak highly ENOUGH about Dr. Aceves. I did lots of research before deciding to go out of the country. I couldn't find anything negative about him or his staff. The hospital was awesome, extremely clean, and well run. They don't mess around. All his staff spoke very good english. Everything was explained in great detail, and they made sure that you understood everything in advance. I never once felt compromised during my whole stay there. The hospital was full of Americans and a few Canadians. So I made several good friends while there. My husband traveled there with me, and he too felt very safe and was really rather amazed at how great the Docs and hospital staff were. On top of all that, Dr. Aceves has done hundreds of sleeves without a single leak. He explained to me prior to surgery, that the method he uses has been extremely safe and effective and for that reason, he refuses to change it or take any shortcuts.
  12. Barbara278

    TnTPoP Sayin' "Hi!"

    Hi TnT and welcome to the forums!
  13. Barbara278

    Hello... I'm getting a revision :)

    Diva, thanks for sharing your story. There are several others on here who had the band and converted to the sleeve. Best wishes to you and I look forward to hearing more from you.
  14. Barbara278


    DeeDee...that's fantastic! You did it! Congratulations to you and your hard work
  15. Barbara278

    Reducing My Meds

    Good Job! It takes great dicipline and will power to start doing those healthy things way in advance, but I have no doubt, you won't regret it. Keep up the great work!
  16. Barbara278

    A very productive day

    DeeDee..your closet looks great. Now you can buy some "new" clothes to help fill it up. Hope the sun shines for you soon. I know the snow can get old very quickly.
  17. Barbara278

    When is Egg Drop Soup OK?

    Egg Drop soup is the ONLY thing that hasn't agreed with my tummy so far. I made the recipe from the recipe thread here last night for dinner (I'm in mushie stage) and I only ate 2 oz and had a tummy ache most of the night. That's so disappointing to me as I love Egg Drop soup. I'll definitely try it again later because from what I've read, sometimes your tummy changes and you can tolerate things you didn't in the beginning.
  18. Barbara278

    Bye bye stall

    congratulations on breaking the stall and hitting onederland!!!
  19. Barbara278

    Yahoooooo i finally made it!!!!!!!

    Great job Judy!! Congrats!
  20. Barbara278

    VSG Dietary Guidelines

    Printed a copy out. Thanks Tiff!
  21. This is my first weird food dream since being sleeved. Last night in my dream I forgot I was sleeved and was in a rush to go somewhere so I just grabbed two hotdogs (How weird cause I rarely ate them:scared0:) and a diet pepsi and shoved them in my mouth. About 20 mins later I thought " OH MY GOD" I can't eat those, I'm on full liquids!!! Then I thought, my sleeve must not be working right, cause I feel totally fine! lol'ing:lol0: I woke up in a sweat!!! whew....glad it was just a dream.
  22. Barbara278

    I am 'normal'!!

    Congratulations Jane! What an accomplishment!
  23. Barbara278

    Today is my my day!

    Congratulations!! Sending prayers your way for a successful surgery. (ditto on the go Saints)
  24. Mark, sorry to hear about your insurance not covering WLS. It can be devastating to hear that kinda news. Don't give up, just keep working on it and a solution will come.
  25. Barbara278

    Interesting situation last night

    I was told not to swallow any pills until 3 months out. All pills should be ground up until then. Hope you get to feeling better.

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