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Four Weeks Out

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It's been 4 weeks since surgery. Amazing how much my life has changed since then. It's really kind of been a blur;but a good one. I'm just really starting to get in more mushies/soild food in the last couple of days. So far everything has gone down ok. I do find eating chicken feels so dry and I have a hard time swallowing it. I've tried chicken salad with a small amount of lite mayo in it, and that was really hard to swallow. Maybe it's the lack of drinking, but it sure seems foods are much dryer to me than before the surgery.


Last night was my first social event with a group of friends. We had a late Valentines dinner with 5 other couples. It was a little akward because it was a sit down dinner severed in courses. First course was a potatoe soup, I did fine with that but ate very little of it. Second course was a pasta salad, which I skipped altogether. Third course was the main course which was baked cornish hen, mashed potatoes with gravy and sweet potatoe cassarole. I did ok with the main course but was really afraid to eat. I have been measuring everything at home, but when you have larger servings on your plate, it's difficult to judge how much you've eaten from each item. I have no doubt in my mind I ate way less that 2 oz because I was unable to judge my portions and I was afraid to get sick in front of others. All in all it went ok. I'm hoping at some point I can get to where I get a full feeling before it's a "too late ohoh I overdid" feeling.


My weight loss has been extremely slow. Last week I only lost 2 lbs. I think part of the reason is that I'm having a hard time getting over 500 calories in per day. I'm finding that it's almost impossible to do only eating 3 2oz meals per day with no snacks inbetween. So, I know I'm not suppose to snack, but I'm going to have a mid morning snack of 1tbsp of peanut butter dailey to try to get my calories up. I also havent been exercising because of the clot issue but have decided that I'm going to start in the next two days. Hopefully those two things will help me to lose a little faster.


I have set a goal and I'm not sure that it's a good healthy one, but it's one none the less. I am aiming to lose 50% of my weight by my 3 month mark. That means I need to lose 30 more lbs in the next two months. I really want to take advantage of the honeymoon stage of losing. Once I get to my 3 month mark I'll set another goal for my 6 month mark.


More later


Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!:w00t:

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Good luck staying focused. When I was that early out it seemed I wasn't getting enough protein in and water for sure and the more I pushed the protein the faster the weight came off. Guess your body has to get used to not holding on to every pound if it thinks you are starving.

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Good Luck to you. I'm due to have surgery tomorrow at 9:30am and I'm hoping that everything goes well. Tell me, what clot issue did you have? I know about the risk, but was just wondering what issue did you have.

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