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    Hello, I am a 46 year old male from LaGrange Kentucky. I am 5'9" tall and currently at 334 and I lost 16 lbs on the pre op diet so far. My surgery is scheduled for tuesday 8/11/09. I feel pretty safe as my anastesiaologist is Dr. House.
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    I am a broadband data specialist, helping customers with internet and telephone issues.
  1. kentuckyjim

    Lap Band To Bulimia

    I began forcing my food back up not chewing well and getting stuck. I began eating the wrong foods and feeling guilty and bringing back up. It became very easy to regurgitate and to stop doing this I had my band unfilled most of the way so I can stop the habit. I didn't think I would go back to being starved and eating everything in site again. I gained 65 lbs back. I hope only a fill or 2 now will get me to where I should be. I really have to penalty for over eating and never have, but I got over filled and when I got stuck I couldn't eat, drink or take my medicine. so this is my bulimic story. I guess I need to do what I should have done 2 years ago and see a counselor and find a support group.
  2. kentuckyjim

    day 14

    Back to work today, could have stayed off longer but without having any pain couldn't really justify it to myself. I am down 35lbs as of sunday 8/23. Feeling great. Started mushy foods today. I can't believe how easy all this has been. the only pain I have is the pain of paying for this out of pocket. :thumbup:
  3. kentuckyjim

    5 days post op

    Still no pain, just some discomfort after vacuuming the living room. and the drinking too fast discomfort. Other then that this experience is wonderful. couldn't help getting on the scale today and anther 2 lbs. My band is a realize band. highest surgery current goal total 29lbs 350 234 221 170
  4. kentuckyjim

    8/14 3 days post op

    congradulations, I know you have been working hard to get each lb that you lose.
  5. kentuckyjim

    8/14 3 days post op

    Surgery went fine, instead of narcotics they gave me a marcaine pump to keep me numb. Took it out a day early because of leakage but so far I have had no pain. Not getting too terribly hungry. I weighed today and lost another 11 lbs which brings me to 27lbs over 2 weeks.:wink:

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