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  1. Hello...I'm 2 yrs post gastric bypass and 5 months pregnant and have been having some bad upper abdominal pain that starts right under the center if my breasts and radiates on both sides...I've been to ER twice and both times they found nothing ....the last time he gave me Maalox and said possible Gerd or ulcer ....I have an appt with ob tomorrow. ..I mentioned it at my last appt because it had happened one time prior and she said everything looked good not to worry but now it's happened at least 7 times and it gets bad but then goes away ...any ideas???
  2. Hope your sons doing well and congrats on the cute babies SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 277lbs
  3. Ok here are some pics of the box I'm not so sure the difference in carbs active carbs etc lol [ATTACH]5315[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5316[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5317[/ATTACH] SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 277lbs
  4. I give u all the credit in the world that u don't veer off at all ! SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 277lbs
  5. Has anyone tried the dreamfields Pasta..I haven't had any pasta still but was told by a friend that she's diabetic and her dr told her to eat that because its so low in carbs so I bought it and read the box and I'm confused about the carbs and too scared to try it lol but I'd love even just a few small bitea of pasta here and there lol SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 277lbs
  6. I have a galaxy and I have the same problem..lately ita been happening a lot more often...I havent been anle to get o in a few days SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 277lbs
  7. Ok so I'm down 85lbs so far and wanted to see how many things on my list I can now do ! 1) I'm 17lbs away from weighing less than him getting closer 2) can fit in every booth that I've tried so far and even took my husband to his fav restaurant for his bday on tuesday that we haven't been to because last time we went I couldn't fit in the booth and left crying and when I sat down at the booth this time not only did I fit but I had extra room 3) haven't been on a roller coaster but did go on a carnival ferris wheel with my daughter and Water slides 4) I have SO much more energy now 5) my seatbelt fits but snug still 6) haven't flew yet 7)starting to like how I look in my clothes and wearing non elastic banded jeans 8)my feet and knees still hurt a lot 9)sex is fun again lol 10)Can sit in armed chairs again 11) Im cold all the time now haha 12) can see no but still hiding a little lol 13)I still get tired but can now move muh faster 14)I'm feeling better than I have in years still have a long way to go but I'm on my way 15) still have to shop LB and avenue SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 278lbs
  8. Hey everyone glad to see everyone's still doing so good I finally hit 85lbs down I still have a ways to go...I am super excited because I started on the treadmill the other day and was actually able to not only do a mile but i jogged/ran some too and i did it faster then my hubby and then tonight I beat my time and realized I did it faster then I did in high school lol feeling pretty good anf hoping now that I can excercise I will start to lose again a little faster SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 278lbs
  9. pebulz

    What ya eating tonight?

    Had anyone had dreamfields Pasta ? I'm not supposed to eat pasta because the carbs and my dr is super strict but I was told dreamfields is super low in carbs ...any suggestions?? SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 278lbs
  10. Thanks SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 281lbs
  11. Thanks SW 363lbs Surg Date 4/16/2013 CW 281lbs

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