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    Too tight vs. Sweet Spot

    I think you guys are right. I did most of the upchucking the day of my fill which was tuesday and the day after. I was never told to eat soup and soft stuff after my fills but It's now friday and I am beginning to feel a lot better. I am keeping everything down not that I am eating a whole lot, but I actually forgot to eat this morning but I'm not hungry at all and I had a few spoonfuls of some broccoli and cheese soup and I was fine. Thanks for the advice. :blushing:
  4. Hi, I recently was filled to 7cc's in a 10cc band. I am literally miserable and scared to eat. Mostly everything I eat gets stuck and I have threw up just about everything. I am question this because I don't know if I am now to the point where I have to chew, chew, chew and take small bites or if this is just waaaayyy to tight. I made an appt for the dr to take some out, but I don't want to stop the weightloss. I have already loss three pounds since the fill on tuesday. I do also know that if I don't eat that will slow down my weight loss as well. What does your sweet spot feel like and am I being a punk?....Don't know yet. :thumbup:
  5. Well I went last week and got a fill and I think I have finally reached my sweet spot, because I wasn't losing before and I have lost 5 pounds since. The problem is..yes, I get full quicker and stay full longer, BUT I think that sometimes I am getting stuck too much. I will say I was not disciplined before this fill and did not chew my food well and didn't really concentrate on taking small bites. So i'm not sure if thats just coming to bite me in the a#$ now or if I am just too tight. I really dont' want them to take any out because I am scared I will stop losing, but I do know that I need the appropriate amount of calories on a daily basis also. What did your sweet spot feel like and did you have this problem at first....HELP!
  6. I was banded 6/12/09 by dr. touliatos and I love him to death, but I'm not really seeing a difference. I have lost 25 lbs, including pre op diet and its been two mths today. I don't exercise regularly, but I am active. I am trying not to lose patience. I know that I have to get to my sweet spot but I have had 2 fills and at 4 cc's. I don't think the point of the band is to have it filled completely...i don't guess anyway. Please tell me this gets better....
  7. Thanks guys. I know that I am not being patient. I had my first fill on 7/13 and I have an appt on 8/4 for another fill. I have limited my caloric intake and my best friend had the bypass and she has lost 70 pnds in 3 mths so I guess thats why its frustrating me a little. I chose the band because I can control my weight loss more than with the bypass and I know it won't come off as fast. I will have patience.
  8. I had surgery on 6/12/09 and I have lost 20lbs including the 10 prior to surgery. I'm about to get pissed. Was this all for nothing or have I just reached a plateau?
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    A little bit bummed...

    I think thats what you should do. My mom is a nay-sayer but I decide whats best for me. Unless you are over weight you really don't know what its like. I am having my surgery in june and I am excited about life in general. My entire family is obese and will be the first to take a step to fight that starting now. I am 25 and have no health issues and don't want to start any so I say as long as your husband is supportive forget everything else.
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    6 days since my surgery

    Yes, how was it initially after the surgery?

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