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  1. First I wanted to thank Dr. Jossart for taking time to answer questions. You have no idea how thankful people will be. I had VSG through single incision on 8/26/09. I am on full solids. Due to a strange sequence of events I have not seen a bariactric doctor since the day I left the hospital. I have been seeing a nurse. She didn't seem know what my lab results meant. I admit I don't take my Vitamins daily. I miss doses. My life is kind of hectic right now. I workout 1 hour 4-5 times per week now. My questions is: Does rapid weight loss cause cholesterol levels to rise after surgery? My 3 month labs showed a rise in my cholesterol from 119 to 172. Here are my specific cholesterol results. Ranges are in parenthesis. 11/10/09 Total: 172 (<200) Tri: 91 (<200) HDL: 38 (35-85) VLDL: 18 (8-32) LDL: 116 (65-130) Before Surgery 6/17/09 (no special diet but was being careful about what I ate) Total: 119 Tri: 110 (40-150) HDL: 44 (35-85) VLDL: 22 (8-32) LDL: 63 Low (65-130) I can never remember having cholesterol above 140. My cholesterol has always been low and hovered in the 120 range. I eat more meat now. I used to eat more on the vegatarian side but obviously need more dense Protein afer surgery. I do also rely on cheese as a protein source more than maybe I should. Below I have included my full 3 month labs in case you need them. Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it. Full labs 11/10/09: Thiamine: Lost in transit. No results Protein: Lost in transit. No results Iron: 57 (37-145) IBC Transferrin: 206 (200-360) TIBC preformed on COBAS: 288 (261-478) WBC: 5.5 (4.0-10.5) RBC CNT: 5.03 High (3.9-5.0) HGB: 13.5 (12.0-15.3) HCT: 42.1 (36-46) MCV: 83.7 (82-99) MCH: 26.8 Low (28-33) MCHC: 32.1 (32-36) RDW: 15.0 High (11.5-14.0) Platelets: 232 (150-450) PMV: 8.2 (6.4-10.3) All specific WBC were normal except: Mono %: 2.3 Low (2.0-7.0) Mono #: .01 Low (0.2-0.9) Na+: 138 (136-145) K: 3.6 (3.5-5.1) Cl-: 103 (98-107) CO2: 23 (22-32) Anion Gap: 12 (3-20) Creat: 0.6 (.4-1.0) BUN: 11 (6-20) CA: 8.9 (8.9-10.4) Phos: 3.5 (2.7-4.5) Mg: 2.30 (1.7-2.55) GFR: >60 (must be >60 for caucasion female) Fasting glucose: 82 Day after surgery 8/27/09: WBC: 9.9 (4.0-10.5) RBC CNT: 4.55 (3.9-5.0) HGB: 12.3 (12.0-15.3) HCT: 36.4 (36-46) MCV: 79.8 Low (85-99) MCH: 27.0 Low (28-33) MCHC: 33.8 (32-36) RDW: 14.6 High (11.5-14.0) Platelets: 253 (150-450) PMV: 7.8 (6.4-10.3) Fasting glucose: 96 Pre Surgery 6/17/09: WBC: 6.4 (4.0-10.5) RBC CNT: 4.87 (3.9-5.0) HGB: 13.3 (12.0-15.3) HCT: 38.9 (36-46) MCV: 79.8 Low (82-99) MCH: 27.4 Low (28-33) MCHC: 34.3 (32-36) RDW: 14.5 High (11.5-14.0) Platelets: 270 (150-450) PMV: 8.0 (6.4-10.3) All WBC normal H pylori negative HGB A1C: 5.5 (4.8-5.9) Est Glucose: 97 Fasting Glucose: 82 Total Protein: 6.5 Low (6.6-8.7)
  2. DownInSocal

    Whatcha' Eating?

    Another board has what are you eating threads almost everyday. I was thinking we could have the same thing here. I will try to keep up with mine. It might keep me clean about how good or bad I am doing with my Protein vs calories and such. Feel free to put yours down. You don't have to put calories and protein if you want, just what you have been eating. It might help newbies get an idea of what we eat after surgery. Newbies feel free to post what you eat too! Even if you are pre op it helps to see it up sometimes in making sure you are staying on track. You might want to note you are pre-op so people are not wondering about a large intake than a post op.
  3. UGH.......... So I am back. The lowest I got down to was 138 lbs. I was really happy at that weight. Then I started to gain, slowly. I was stressed over things in my life and was grazing and eating things I should NEVER eat, like Pop Tarts, cookies, etc. Guess what? I gained a ton back. I am going to start the 5 day pouch test tomorrow. Hopefully that will get me on track again. I miss my tiny stomach.
  4. DownInSocal

    Month Six And Feeling Very Emotional.. It's All Over The Place

    You are far from crazy! I noticed right away how different the world treated me. Amazing how much better the service is when you are not heavy. :-/ It took me a long time to realize I was no longer the fat girl in the room. My life did not calm down for two years after surgery. I was in a constant state of personal (and physical) change. I would suggest getting some counseling if you can afford it or your insurance covers it. The problems that drove us to eat are still there when we are thin. We just don't have food for comfort anymore. I promise you will look back at this time fondly in a few years. You are already an incredible person for even doing this. Those who have not had to prep for this surgery, go through it, fast, deal with pain, etc just don't understand how it changes you and your life. My surgeon told me that my hormones would not even begin to return to normal for a year to a year and half. He was right. Best of luck and you look AWESOME!
  5. Thanks so much guys. I am going to definitely consider her plan. I actually don't feel like my sleeve is "broken" or stretched. I feel like I am out of control with my eating, well as out of control as one can be with a sleeve, but still. I am gaining so that means things are not good. I agree with her that the carb monster is the problem. I am eating too many carbs. I was heartbroken entering my weight in my ticker. It was REALLY difficult coming back and saying I had a major slip but I knew I had to or I was going to gain it all back. I appreciate the words of support.
  6. DownInSocal


    At 2.5 years out I learned my lesson early with cold cereal. It is a slider food because when you eat it, it makes a "slurry" in your stomach that just goes right through. It is also a high carb food. Careful.
  7. I am 2.5 years out. I promise this will pass honey!! Your body has been through something incredible. You are essentially starving. That is going to be tough on anyone. This is "normal" for after surgery. Are you getting at least 500 mg of sodium a day? I know when I was getting less than that I felt faint. I hope you feel better.
  8. DownInSocal

    No Support

    I am feeling totally and utterly alone today. I woke up crying. I am at work crying. I had to ask a coworker to get my calls. I am sure some of my weeping is the stupid birth control pill issue. I have noticed since I got my surgery date people?s ?support? has disappeared. Now I get ?Are really sure you want to do this? ?You know you can die from this? ?I bet you could accomplish this with diet and exercise? ?You are not really that fat, you just need to lose a little? or their other favorite thing is to say nothing at all. Basically since I got my surgery date no one has said anything to me. Not a ?How are you feeling, nervous, excited?? or ?You are going to be so happy and healthy? When I told people I got my surgery date I got blank stares or the above statements. My husband is the only one who supports me but he is not a man of many words and never knows what to say. He is a wonderful man don?t get me wrong. Just not a talker. More of a cuddler. The rest of my family so silent on the issue you could hear a pin drop. That is fine I will remember this. So if I gain weight my surgery won?t happen. I usually weigh twice a day. I did not weigh last night because I had a friend over (which turned out to be none supporter too). Somewhere between yesterday morning and this morning I gained two pounds. WTF? So it is back to shakes only for me. I tried the powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury chocolate sample this morning. It made me nauseous just to add to my misery I am downing Water to try and not throw up and move the stuff through. (I have not had surgery yet for any reading who don?t know my whole story). I have been drinking a Protein powder shake every morning for months now so I don?t think it is the sudden protein rush or something. Whatever. I will try the strawberry sorbet or vanilla tomorrow. If it still makes me sick I will mail someone my samples. I hate wasting. It sucks. Litterly my only support is my husband this board.
  9. DownInSocal


    I cautiously stick my head up and ask: Anyone want to talk about Healthcare? I will be forthright. I lived for years with no insurance. I have had insurance I didn?t pay for through work. I have paid out the nose through work for insurance. I have bought insurance on my own. Now I am considered by U.S. standards to be cream of the crop if you will, I have dual coverage. I am married to a retired Navy man and I have coverage through my job. No matter where I go I pay nothing for my health care or medications. Through my husband I will now have healthcare for life. I understand what a gift his 21 years of service has given me. I watched a Michael Moore movie years and years ago (not Sicko, I refuse to see anything that promotes Cuban anything). He was asking some young Canadians why everyone should get healthcare and they simply said ?Because they are human beings?. A light went off in my head. I believe healthcare is a right in a prosperous nation such as ours. We are talking about fellow human beings here. It pains me to read the boards and see people struggling to get surgery when they want to get healthy but are blocked at every turn due to our current disaster of a system. I admit I am middle liberal and registered Democrat. I would love to have a civil discussion. Everyone be nice please. We are all in the same boat here. We want the best for our country. (Canadians, Aussies, Brits all welcome!) Ready????. Go! "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." ? President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  10. DownInSocal

    August Sleevers

    Just checking in with my fellow August 2009 Sleevers. How are all of you doing? I see a lot of tickers that I don't think have been updated.
  11. YES. Take pre-op pictures. I wish I would have taken more through this process.
  12. DownInSocal


    I also was anemic right after surgery. It has resolved now though. Good luck hon.
  13. Guys I am having a real hard time today. I have to lose 4-5 lbs by June 15th or I don't get a surgery date until I do. I did really good losing the first 5 lbs and fell off the wagon a little last week and really off this weekend. I didn't really overeat I just didn't stick to my diet plan. During the week last week I emotionally ate several times. Again not overeating but not sticking to my diet plan. I am supposed to be doing slim fast to try and get rid of this last 5 lbs. I did do all my exercise this weekend though. Today I am starving. I have had my slim fast shake, my Protein shake, and a banana. If I can't go a whole day on just slim fast shakes how am going to do the 3 weeks of liquid after surgery? Emotionally I am a wreck. I feel like I am never going to be able to do this. That I don't have the willpower. I am destined to be fat. Since starting this journey in April I have never felt so down or defeated (or hungry). I am in danger of screwing up again today because I really am that hungry. I feel like I am going to fall over if I don't eat something more. :thumbup: Who else struggles with emotional eating, not overeating per say but making bad food choices because you are upset or down?
  14. DownInSocal

    Sample Day?

    I don't see anything wrong with what you are doing except...... lose the snack of saltines. Sub in a Protein shake. You need to get into ketosis. You might not be if your carbs are high. Count them. Get under 60, 40 if you can. You have good weight loss. Not everyone losses mass amounts right away!
  15. DownInSocal

    Back Pain after eating

    Seeing as how I was released from the hospital for an accute gallbladder attack last weekend I can say: Get it checked out! You need bloodwork and a gallbladder function test. Yup.
  16. DownInSocal

    question about hunger

    Protein. It really does work. At 5 months I must admit I still don't feel *hungry* I just get a vague feeling I need something. Also you should be hungry. You are surviving on very little calories. The stomach is not the only organ that stimulates hunger. A drop in blood sugar can cause the brain to release a hormone to stimulate hunger also. Protein will whip that monster away. As your blood sugar rises from a shake.
  17. DownInSocal

    Judy's After Photos

    Wow Judy you look great!
  18. DownInSocal

    Depressed and hungry

    I can't eat moist breads. I can eat a half a piece of toast and that is it. I don't very often though. I don't want to waste the space when I could be eating Protein. No more moist breads. Protein. Cutting soda is tough. I can tell you going from 204 to 152 I would give a million six packs of soda. Sometimes I look at my legs and arms and go "Are those mine?" I felt strange shopping in the regular section. I thought for sure someone would run me out or look at me funny. It is worth it. Trust me.
  19. DownInSocal

    Do I stop having a period now??

    I am 5 months out and my period has been all over the map. I spoke with my PCP about it and he said this surgery sends your hormones all out of whack for about a year. I would not worry about it. Are you *sure* you are not preg?
  20. DownInSocal

    Heftynetty checking in again!

    Netty! I was thinking about you this morning. Wondering how you were doing. I feel so bad for you. You keep going forward though and with minimal complaining and whining I might add. You are so strong. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing.
  21. Oh boy. You know I honestly don't think I could have done it. I got tired easily the first two weeks out of surgery. But I know there are some on this board that would have done it and had no problem. If you do go make sure you stay hydrated! I know this is said over and over again but it is that important. Oh by the way I don't know what days you were thinking of going but San Diego is wet right now and will be for awhile. Check the weather. You don't want to be out in cold rainy weather for a long period right after being on a ventilator. No reason to risk an infection in your lungs.
  22. DownInSocal

    cool photo of healed VSG

    THANKS SO MUCH! I was wondering also if I had a big ugly looking mess there that was not healed. I bet I am fine as wine.
  23. DownInSocal

    Confession Time

    You deserve better. Plain and simple. Don't let people treat you this way. Family or not. They are supposed to be supportive. Not make crap ass comments. How about you stop cooking for them? I am NOT kidding. They don't support or respect you. Let them feed themselves. You worry about yourself for awhile.
  24. DownInSocal

    Confession Time

    I confess that I started smoking again. One cig is all it took. Now I have to quit and go through the withdrawls all over again. Damit! I also confess that I don't really want to stop smoking right now. I confess that I think I made a mistake when I got married. Not his fault. All mine.
  25. DownInSocal


    In my humble opinion I think you are too early to drink soda. I don't think your stable line is ready for expansion that can be caused by the bubbles.

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