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    Little fill - 4 months from surgery

    I had a very little fill yesterday .2 ccs. I thought I was already at 6 ccs, but the doctor said I was actually at 5.8. so now I am at 6. I am doing soft foods for today just to be safe. I lost 3.5 lbs in the past 2 weeks. :thumbup: I am now down 30 lbs!!!!! I have noticed that I am pretty tight in the morning and can not really eat anything solid. I started eating a few bites of yogurt when I wake up just to have food in the pouch and jump start my metabolism. Night eating is still the hardest part of my day. I get bored or something and want to munch. Any helpful ideas????? :blushing: I do sugar free popsicles already. All in all I am really happy and pleased with the weight loss and the progress. My clothes fit better and my joints feel much better. I know I still have a long way to go, but I am on the right track at least and making head way. :thumbup: Oh and I have never had blood preasure issues, but when they took it yesterday it was 117/78. She said that was ideal!!!!! How cool. :smile2:
  2. luceparis


    On Friday I went to the doctor to get a little taken out of my band. She took out .3 ccs so now I am right at 6 ccs. I feel so much better now. I had thrown up food 3 times in 3 weeks and at most of my meals I would get the tight chest feelings. For a while I just thought that is how I was supposed to feel during a meal, but the vomitting did it for me. Had to get some taken out... I may go back in a few weeks to get a little bit put back in, but will wait to see how the weight loss goes first. I am getting full on about a cup of food and happy with that for several hours. :cool: Everything else is going great. I did not join the gym yet though... watching my pennies...
  3. luceparis

    Hard time eating

    It has been 2 weeks since my last fill. I am really having a hard time eating, but am getting in small meals so I think it might be okay. I had mexican last night and it made me vomit. I just ate some chips and queso and a half of an enchilada. I was in the bathroom within minutes of finishing. It was a very bad food choice and I will not do that again. I am still learning to eat with the band and small meals. For the first 3 months of the band I did not really have any restrictions and I could eat anything. Now that I am close or at my sweet spot I really have to watch what I eat. So that is good because my weight is starting to come off a little at a time. I am joining the gym next week. I have to pay for the year up front to get the good deal, so I am saving up a few weeks before joining. I was on a free trial for a while, but that has run out. I miss going and noticed that I am not sleeping as well as I was when I was working out... oh well. I will join soon. It is 100 degrees F in Houston today!!!!!!!!!!!!!:crying: HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:target: Wish I was at the pool today! Anyway I hope everyone is doing okay and I would love to hear from you... keep up the great work everyone!!!!!
  4. luceparis

    5th fill

    I had my 5th fill yesterday. I got an additional .8 ccs to bring me to 6.3 ccs. I can finally feel some restriction. :wub: I had tuna salad today for lunch and I did get full and had to stop eating before I got too full. It has been almost 4 hours and I am still not really hungry. I have been really frustrated these past several weeks. Just not really seeing any changes. i am trying to stay possitive. it just gets hard sometimes. it feels like no one really understands what I am going through. I have started actually working out. I am getting on the elliptical machine for around 20 minutes. It is not a lot, but I have always been a fan of baby steps. hehehehe I do enjoy it and I am even shopping around the local gyms. My very good friend at work is having bypass tomorrow. I am so excited for her. She and I have been in this together for almost a year now. I am so proud of her for having the surgery and making this huge step. :biggrin:
  5. luceparis

    1 week after 3rd fill

    It has been 1 week after the 3rd fill and I can tell I am almost there. I am going for my 4th fill on Thursday of next week. I am trying to get most of the fills done 90 days after surgery. My insurance does not make me pay the copay for 90 days after surgery, so that is really cool. I am getting full faster and eating a lot less. Night eating is still a problem, but getting a little better. I got a few things stuck last week after the band fill. One time I even had to go to the sink and sort of spit up a little. It was very uncomfortable, but I knew it would not last. Glad I was at home. I have been going to the pool a lot this week and doing a little work out. I have been dreaming about running a mile, does that count?? My doctor set me up on the Realize My Success website even though I had the Lap Band. It is really cool. you can track your progress, diet, workouts, and goals. He is on it and can monitor my progress. Today I put in several goals. Some are to do with health and fitness, but most are about fitting into normal clothes again. I really want to go to a day spa and when the lady hands me the little bathrobe and says to meet her in the relaxation room, I want to not cringe in embaresment. When I see that bathrobe I feel anything but relaxed. I want to be able to slip it on without a thought about "I wonder if they have a bigger size"... Anyway it seems to be a good site to track my progress.
  6. luceparis

    Hard times

    I am in your exact position. I got my band on March 10th so I am almost to 2 months. I have lost about 20 lbs, but the past 2 weeks I did not look anything. I just got a 2nd fill today. I was so frustrated, but had to remind myself that this is a long process. Don't worry about what people are asking you. You are doing a great job!!!! and you are doing it for the rest of your life!!! :wink: I tell people that I am "still on track and right where I should be"... Also you might want to move to solid foods if you have not already. I was in the soft food comfort zone and I think that is why I was not losing anything... Focus on the good things and that you have lost 34 lbs!!!!!!!! I'm jealous!!!!! :wub:
  7. luceparis

    2nd Fill

    I just got back from doctor's office. I got another .5 cc in my band so now I am at 4.5 ccs. It was easier this time. I had the same PA do it, so it was faster finding the port and doing the fill. It has only been 2 weeks since my 1st fill, but I was not feeling any restrictions. Besides today and tomorrow, I am eating solid foods now. Hopefully that will help with the weight loss. The soft foods just don't stay in the pouch long enough to stay full. Since I have been eating solids I have noticed the sloshing feeling go away! :wink: When I would stand up or sit down I could feel the food bubble down the pouch or something. It was weird. I am still having a hard time finding something to eat for breakfast. I was doing the protien shake but the doctor does not want me to drink those, because it does not stay in the band. So I tried 1 banana and that is good, but I know it has too many carbs for me. I think I will try hard boiled eggs next.
  8. luceparis

    BEFORE SURGERY April 2008

    From the album: Progress

  9. luceparis

    New here and just got banded

    Thanks Monica!!! I am on pretty much real food now. I am at lunch now and eating chilli from My Fit Foods. They are like Diet Gormet. Yummy healthy food that are cooked for you by a real chef instead of nutisystem MREs. hehehe... All liquid diet was hard. I have to admit I cheated a few times, but very healthy cheats. Congrats on your band too!!!! Keep me posted on how you are doing :smile2:
  10. luceparis

    2 weeks after surger

    :thumbdown: It has been a bit over 2 full weeks since surgery date. I am not sore at all anymore, but I do feel the port every once in a while. I went to post opt and got to set a date for my first fill - April 13 or 14... I have been eating pretty normally for the most part. Tuna salad is my main course most meals. I have had chicken and meat loaf. All portions are cut down, but not as much as I would like. I am sure after the first fill things will be different. I have lost another pound since post opt. I have become a compulsive weigher. It is so frustrating because my weight goes up and down through out the day as it does with everyone. I am going to try to only weigh 1 time per week or maybe 2 times. It is really hard. It is nice to see the scale number not increase everyday. I have not picked up working out more yet, but I have noticed that I do not get tired as quickly as I used to. Even though I have only lost 20 pounds and I have a lot more to go, I do feel better about myself and feel better in my clothes - not too much, but a little better. it helps. Fianlly got banded (from my previous blog site) I finally got the lap band on March 10th. I have been working towards this goal since May 2008. Almost 1 year later it is done. Now the real work begins. I went on a liquid diet for 2 weeks before surgery and lost about 13 pounds. I have lost another 5 pounds since then. Totaling 18 pounds. YEAH!!!! Post Opt appointment was today. The doctor said I was healing nicely and that I was loosing a good amount of weight. Of course he said that I should not expect to keep up this weight loss. It should go down to 1-2 pounds a week or around 10 pounds a month with good excerise. I am feeling better and drove today. I still have a bit of pain in my side where the port is, but so much better than last week. Last night was the first night that I was able to sleep on my side. Doc says I will not be able to sleep on my stomach for several months, blah! Oddly I am looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. I have been working from my laptop this week and was out of it all last week. Surely after a few days back at work this will pass. :cursing:

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