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  1. Angie919

    Wondering about extra skin

    at your age the extra skin might not be as big an issue, on average weight loss is about 2 lbs a week with lap band.
  2. Angie919

    Soda soda soda

    that doesn't make sense to me sense the band is on the outside of the stomach.? I find I can eat flat breads such as tortilla shells, but only with small bites and chew like crazy, but i think mexican foods is one of the highest calorie choices out there so I only do that as special occasion on a high calorie day
  3. Angie919

    Soda soda soda

    that's enough right there to stear me away from sodas
  4. I agree Snowgator, it really inspires me to hear how others are getting along. I'm assuming when you say you get stuck you mean the food not going down. I have that prob if I let myself get too hungry and then I will tend to eat too fast and not chew properly, I still have to remind myself at times to slooooow down and chew chew chew. I'm so glad to have found you all and read how you are all doing. Here it April we got another month behind us, ALMOST THERE. gotta go, Biggest Loser is on, I'm hooked on that show
  5. a lot of times we get wrapped up on size numbers. i was so excited that i bought a pair of jeans the other day that were a 14, i hadn't worn a 14 in probably 20 years. my sister reminded me as we were leaving that store that that particular store usually does run a little large, my responce who cares, tag says 14 so they are a 14. i agree with what a lot are saying on here, we do lose here and there and the fit probably isn't the same and the visual perception that we have of ourselves. i have heard a lot of times people constantly view themselves at their heaviest even after they've lost considerable amounts
  6. I know I don't have as much padding as I use to and when I had been dieting before I would notice this. Sometimes I get so cold or feel chilled. Does anybody feel this way sometimes? I realize being mid 40's women go thru hormonal things but I don't think it's associated to mid life. My sister said she use to get chills when she dieted and was losing weight. I was just curious if anybody else goes thru this. It's not all the time either just every so often. Any ideas?
  7. Angie919

    Halfway there!!!

    Happy Dance... woot woot
  8. I know it took a good couple of weeks after my last fill before I didn't feel all gassy and gaggy. protein shakes helped me get through it, warm tea in the morning and maybe warm broth for lunch and then I was able to eat solid food for supper. seems like after my last fill my stomach and esophogus was irritated, it took some time to get use to it and laying off solid food for a day made a big difference. I notice too that if I don't get enough fluids one day the next day I pay for it, I'm very tight the next day if I haven't had enough to drink the day before and then I get all burpy again until i loosen up again.
  9. Angie919

    Fast food!

    is wendy's chilli very spicey? i can't do the spicey

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