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  1. mattie7632

    Still struggling a bit

    We all are different. The older I get, the less I tolerate procedures and it takes longer to bounce back. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, if you are within the normal healing range, enjoy your time off from work! We never get enough of that
  2. mattie7632

    Restriction finally

    Okay so I think I"m gonna second this post! I believe I too have finally "hit the spot". I am now at 6 cc and I've lost 4 pounds since last week, which is significant for me. I am not hungry and when I am, it's real stomach growling hunger. The band is most definitely getting the credit this time as it will completely stop me from over-eating. Of course, the band can never stop us from eating ice cream or lattes or Cookies and other liquid and soft calories, so I will always have to control that, but that's okay Don't give up everyone, it's been 7 months for me, and finally the band is doing some of the work too
  3. mattie7632

    Restriction finally

    Just had my 5th? fill today, 7 months into this and now at 6 cc's.....I think this might be the one.......cross your fingers everyone!!!
  4. I was banded 6 months ago and have had 4 fills to about 4.8cc I guess. I feel zero "restriction" and I am not losing weight right now, just staying the same since the first few months weight loss. I got a bill recently from the doc's office which included fees for the last 3 fills and I'm getting a little bit upset that I am paying $100 each time and my insurance is paying an additional $200 each time. A lot of d@mn money for a mere 1 cc each time. Starting to seem like the rest of the medical profession that milks you for all they can get$. If some people get 5 cc right off the bat then paying for 10 fills to finally get restriction is a rip off if you ask me.
  5. mattie7632

    Am I missing something?

    The psyche and nutritional consult are part of the approval process primary done for documentation for insurance companies. Once approved and a surgery date is scheduled, THEN the doctor may order pre-surgical tests like labs and xrays to make sure you are medically healthy enough to survive surgery.
  6. Being deficient in Vitamin D is quite common anymore, sadly. Our lifestyles have seen to that. Sunscreen blocks the absorption of Vitamin D and our diets of processed foods also prevent proper balance of Calcium and Vitamin D absorption. I take 10,000 iu daily. Vitamin D has been shown to prevent and even reverse conditions like osteoporosis, spinal degeneration and CANCER. Yes, that's right, cancer. Vitamin deficiencies are largely, if not entirely, responsible for most disease today. We can logically conclude then, that most diseases are preventable if we took the time and effort to live a healthy lifestyle.
  7. You definitely do not want to take anti-depressents unless you have depression to the point it is impairing your quality of life. What the doctors WON'T tell you about anti-depressents is: 1. You very possibly will gain weight 2. You may develop liver and/or thyroid issues as a result of taking the med 3. MD's overall have no clue what a good dosage is, so you will likely be given too much or too little. Psychiatrists vs MD's are medication specialists that should prescribe these. 4. Try to stop taking anti-depressents once you've started. The withdrawal effects are positively miserable. 5. There are adverse effects and side effects, as with any drug. 6. Exercise is 100% effective in curing depression as the anti-depressent meds. My advice, avoid seeking this as a solution unless there is no other.
  8. mattie7632

    Restriction finally

    Thanks for this post Michelle! I'll admit, for the first time I"m starting to feel like my weight loss is just done. I was banded Dec 27 and have lost a little over 30 pounds, but it's been SIX months you know!! Now, I'm starting to lose my motivation as we all do after awile when the scale isn't moving. I have 4.8 cc in my band and I think I have a little restriction I guess, but I don't really know, I guess I was expecting to "just know" when it was filled to that spot. Does that make sense?
  9. mattie7632

    Lump in the throat

    My doctor also says to watch out for reflux as a sign of too full .....
  10. mattie7632

    So Freaking worried!!!

    Hi Acadia!
  11. mattie7632


    I've said before "lapbandTALK" not lapband search!!!!! One could google "stuck" if they just wanted that kind of info. This is a discussion forum where folks want real peoples comments. Jeez!!! Stuck sucks but it's certainly nothing to stress yourself over. I think you will experience this at one point or another while you are learning how to eat, chew and as another poster said, what your own personal "avoid list" is. When it happens, you will know!!! I have been banded for about 5-6 months and I am starting to experience real restriction and am now having some trouble with breads and rice. And I just excuse myself and spit it up rather than suffer with the discomfort if it happens.
  12. mattie7632

    4th Fill and Out to Dinner

    LOL Dave! It's never happened to me in a restaurant before!! I swear, always learning on this journey.....
  13. OMG, wow, I am going to have to re-learn the eating thing now! I have shrimp and broccoli and had to excuse myself THREE times to go upchuck. NOT pleasant. Does anyone experience problems with shrimp? It might have been I was talking too much during dinner, thereby not chewing enough....not sure! :-P
  14. mattie7632

    How many carbs are you eating per day?

    I don't actually count the carbs, but I AVOID them except what is naturally in my whole foods ie meat, vegetables, fruits. I will eat a high quality Protein bar for a snack (expensive!!!) or oatmeal for Breakfast and those have 'carbs', but my meals throughout the day (except on CHEAT days!) consist of no unnatural carbs, all adkins approved foods. It makes all the difference in the world for me. I was on vacation and did not watch what I ate, and gained 3 pounds last week. Been back on track the past couple days and lost those 3 plus another pound already, just by eliminating carbs.
  15. mattie7632

    i dont understand

    Wow, that is just disgusting and you should have had some recourse with that doctor! Re: the knees, glad the new ones work! I know extra weight can put a real strain on them....I'm glad my weight loss has relieved a lot of my knee pain so far....

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