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  1. Big Momma is Shrinking

    Loosing Weight without fills.

    I don't know how the estrogen comes into play, but I do remember my surgeon telling me that women tend to carry their fat closer to the skin while men's fat is more internal and around their organs. He said that makes placing the band an easier procedure on a woman then a man....so I guess that as far as feeling restriciton goes this could go toward explaining why some men my feel more restriciton with little or no fill (possibly more pressure on the band from surrounding fat tissue). Just my personal insight....lol
  2. Big Momma is Shrinking

    what sucks the most.......

    This is WONDERFUL advice!!! You don't have any idea right now how important it is going to be to have supportive aftercare!!! Sadly there are lots of surgeons jumping on the "lapband wagon" for strictly financial reasons. I think your best bet is to find a doctor (and staff) that is going to be there for you when you start asking yourself what the hell have i done (and you will ask that at some point). The band is different than other WLS because it requires on going maintenance. It takes time to get to a place where your band is functioning for you at full capacity the way it is "sold" to us all. The hardest part of this journey is PATIENCE....and you will hear it said over and over, you didn't get fat over a 1 month period, your not going to lose it that way either. Good luck on your research, I hope you can find the doctor that is the right fit for you!! ~Monica
  3. Big Momma is Shrinking

    Can everyone PLEASE post

    UPDATE: down 34lbs Had a long talk with the PA & Dr about the fill schedules and I feel much more comfortable with the way they have things set up, and as long as I'm seeing results I'm not gonna complain!!
  4. As you read peoples after surgery stroires you will find MOST everyone has gas pain following surgery. It is because your abdominal cavity is filled with gas during surgery to allow the surgeon room to move around. After you are closed up all of that gas has to work it's way outta your system. Your doctor will tell you to walk walk walk to help move it...and the gas-x will help with the pain as well.....many people complain of shoulder pain as the gas tends to move up into the shoulders....it takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get it all worked....I think most people will tell you that the gas pain was the most unpleasent part of recovery. Bring on the questions....it is sooo much better to have a good idea of what you can expect then to be blindsided after you wake up...LOL ~Monica
  5. Big Momma is Shrinking

    Three (3) Months Out: No Weight Loss !

    bigpapa hit the nail on the head!!! I HIGHLY recommend using a online food journal to track what you are eating. I read a post just yesterday where the poster stated how shocked she was when she saw the cal. count of what she was eating. Sometimes we think we are doing good only to later find out that "healthy food" we were eating was packed full of calories/carbs/sugar. Second you have to move....even if you "can't find time" to schedule something into your day do all the little things u can. Park further from the door, take the stairs when you have the option, carry the groceries in one bag at a time there are all kinds of little things you can do to help, and YES I'm a firm believer that you need to find the time for a regular fitness routine, but you also have to admit that every little thing you do is going to help some. Good luck to you, I can imagine how frusturating this must be for you, but don't give up on yourself!! ~Monica
  6. Big Momma is Shrinking

    a non-supportive spouse...

    When I first decided the band was the answer for me my hubby said "I don't know how I feel about that." I lef him no in no uncertain terms that this was not HIS desicion to make. I live in this body not him, and he has no idea how it feels to carry around all this extra weight, how badly all my joints hurt all the time. Now maybe I didn't start off with the best approach, but we talked more, I took him with me to a siminar and then he began to understand more. He's seen me lose weight...and then gain it all back again. I think one of the main reasons he was hesitiant in the begining was that the idea of this scared him, to him better for me to be fat then dead. He was able to ask question, the surgeron has a cpl of ladies in the office that are lap banders and very open about their stories, he had lots of questions, but once he was able to talk to someone that's been there it helped a great deal to put his mind at ease. I had his complete support long before I ever went into the operating room. Weightloss is a hard battle we fight with ourselves everyday, you need your spouse on your side, not fighting against you. I hope that you can talk and perhaps he can meet someone who's already been there to help give him a clearer picture. Good luck to you!!! ~Monica
  7. Big Momma is Shrinking

    Lucky Losers Friday Weigh-in 5/8/09

    Well it's Friday..... So I've decided to only step on the scales on Fridays (only 1 day a week for the possibility of disappointment verses every morning). 220 this morning.....down a wooping 4.5 lbs since my 1st fill on May 1, man this is sure going slower then I wanted it to!!! If I only lose 4 lbs a month I'm gonna be fat forever!!! UGH!!!
  8. Big Momma is Shrinking

    How soon is too soon for real food?

    If you are hungry and just not getting satisfied you should call your doctor and speak to someone. If they give you the green light to advance your diet then so be it. In my opinion it's NOT a good idea to advance your diet just because you think you are ready for something more. And it is true that you can cause damage that might not show for months or even years down the line. I'm not trying to use a "scared straight" tactic here, but the bottom line is you should be following your surgeons guidelines, if you feel like it's not enough for you then your best bet is to speak to someone in your surgeons office and let them be your guide. I know this is hard, that's why it's called Bandster Hell....but you can do this and you are better off reminding yourself this is a very short time period in your journey to a healthy new you. Good luck and stay strong! ~Monica
  9. Big Momma is Shrinking

    I just have to tell someone......

    You are doing GREAT!!!! Congrats on the success....even though the scales not moving like I think it should I'm seeing changes in my clothes so I guess I'll take that (even been doing some "Shopping" on the too small side of the closet)
  10. Big Momma is Shrinking

    100LBs lost today!!!

    I think you deserve a standing ovation!!!! Thanks for reminding me not to give all the power to the scale (it let me pretty dissappointed this morning). Congratulations on your success and hard work (because we all know how much work success requires)!!! ~Monica
  11. Big Momma is Shrinking

    is this only me??

    Wow three weeks seems like a looong time, but every Dr has their own protocal....my suggestion would be try eating...er I mean drinking something warm, that defintely helped me to feel like I was having real food verses just drinking all the time. I was 1 wk liquids (could have s/f Jello and popciels then) 2 wks mushies (I was told mushies was anything i could smash with a fork) then at the begining of wk 4 began slowly reincorperating regualr foods. Good luck to you, just keep reminding yourself this is only temporary...you CAN do this!!! ~Monica
  12. Big Momma is Shrinking

    Texans Bandsters

    You are gettin filled on my B-day!!!....let's hope it's a great day for both of us!!! (when I blow out my imaginary candles I'm gonna wish the scale would be my friend....LOL) Stay strong....you aren't going to be in Bandster Hell forever...and Yeah for you 20lbs since surgery...that's AWESOME!!!
  13. Big Momma is Shrinking

    need pep talk

    Oh Sandi, hang in there, it's going to get better!!! I found that if I had something that was warm/hot I felt like I was actually having something to eat verses lots of cold things. This is temporary, you just have to keep telling yourself that. You are going to feel better when you get to add some solid foods back into your diet, but there will still be times that you get hungry. You don't have any restriction yet so everything that goes in goes right thru. When you feel hungry drink some Water, since you are home and have more freedom over your time talke a walk or soak in the tub, something that will get you away from the kitchen. The easier it is to get your hands on food that harder it is to keep in outta your mouth. Good luck to you....and remember YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
  14. Big Momma is Shrinking

    Links to On-line Recipes

    I thought it might be more convienent if we had one place we could go for recipes links verses them being spread throughout the entire forum. These are a few that I know of.... Lapband.com - Healthy Recipes to Support Your LAP-BAND® Journey Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes - Home http://www.lowcarbluxury.com/lowcarb-desserts.html
  15. Hey Bandsters... I thought some might like this link... Lapband.com - LAP-BAND® Recipes: Browse, Rate & Share there is something here for every stage and it does not require a id # or membership to access the recipes. Happy Shrinking

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