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  1. CONGRATS....... I am 33 weeks and I did not get an unfill either I've been self pay the entire time so I thought, if I could handle it, why not. So far so good. Sometimes I notice my band feels tighter or the port site feels a little sore, but nothing to the extreme where I have felt I needed an unfill or needed to see the band doc for any reason. I spoke to my OB and she said as long as I could eat properly I should not worry about unfills or anything. She's the doc so I'm trusting her opinion. My pregnancy has been amazing! No nausea, no heart burn, no nothing..... I feel fantastic the entire time and I hope it continues this way. So far I have gained 17 pounds and I'm 8 months along! WOOHOO! I hope that it continues increasing slowly and I don't gain much more. But we'll see. I am confident that I will lose this weight as soon as the baby is out, BACK TO THE BASICS and major EXERCISE. Good luck with everything!
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  3. Thank you everyone for these posts. I was starting to think I was doing something wrong. I had a fill 10/14/09 of .25 cc's total 6.25 cc's, that day I was fine, all was well, however a week and a half later on 10/24/09, it's like the band closed itself up. That day I threw up everything and could not eat, I really didn't eat anything in the entire day and did not drink anything. Since, I haven't been able to get water down. This morning I had milk/carnation breakfast, a little coffee, then I had lunch, which was actual food and thought ok, I'm doing better, but 1/2 hour later I tried drinking water to start getting my liquids in and can't drink more than 1 bottle of water per day if that. I constantly feel like I have a knot in my throat and I BURP BURP BURP. So......I think I'm going to need an unfill. I'll be calling the docs office tomorrow morning.
  4. You know....I think sometimes our family and friends unconsciously say things that are not uplifting. They don't mean to be hurtful or rude, but they just can't help themselves. I wouldn't be too discouraged. You're not obsessed you are succeeding and doing well. You should feel very proud of yourself and continue your journey with pride. You made a very important step to have the surgery and change your life for good. Why would anyone think you wouldn't change? My sister the other day (she's overweight also and trying to get some type of weight loss surgery in the future) said to me....You know...It's been 2 months since you had your surgery and you've ONLY lost 20 pounds? That is too slow and I'd be concerned that I wasted 14K on surgery that isn't working....I was insulted, but instead I told her, well, I'm not concerned. The doctor says I'm right on track and doing just fine. Plus I've always been a slower loser, why should I expect to lose weight so rapidly? From the beginning we were told 6 to 8 pounds per month is the norm....So why now is she being so negative? I choose to ignore those comments....I'm losing weight and that's all that matters. My blood pressure is normal and I'm wearing clothes I wasn't able to wear. I'm happy! Leave me alone! LOL! So, NO YOU'RE NOT OBSESSED, you are doing great!
  5. Ya....that doesn't make sense. Disappear? Hmm.... Something sounds fishy! I would definitely go back before you go, but be careful, you don't wanna be overfilled on your vacation and have an episode. I just came back from Vegas and I held off on my fill until I got back. I think I made a wise choice. I'm not so restricted either. I had 3 fills 4.5 cc's so far. However, I'm starting not to snack as much, which is great!
  6. Hi.....I have tried BENEFIBER packets, they look like Crystal light single packets and I pour one of those in my protein shakes or in a bottle of water mixed with ice tea and can't tell, plus it keeps me going regularly. I do about 2 per day. However you wanna gauge yourself and see if it has you going too loosely, if so, bring it down to 1 a day. Sometimes I stop for a little bit and if things start slowing down, I start back up again.
  7. dlmyvette

    What can I expect after a fill

    What you are feeling is normal. For me, on my first fill, I felt restricted for a day it seemed, then back to normal. Then I had a second fill and that helped a bit more because my snacking decreased. I think one more fill might be the trick for me, I hope.
  8. Hi. My doctor in Florida, charged a total of $14K this includes the surgery, fills/adjustments, nutrition appointments,pre op appointment, all for 1 year after the surgery. The only thing that was not included was my primary care visits (2), and the tests they had to run for clearance. These included (for me) and EKG, blood tests. I know some people have to do other types of tests, depending on the doctor. I didn't have the great opportunity of having my insurance pay for it, it was a policy exclusion. I paid out of pocket. That was tough, but it is worth it.
  9. dlmyvette


    AWESOME.......Congrats. I have 7 more pounds until I get there! CAN'T WAIT! I've been working so hard.....CONGRATS!
  10. dlmyvette

    Half Way!!!! - 71 lbs!!!!!! Four months Post-op!!

    WOW.....I'm almost 2 months post op and only lost 16 pounds. I wish!!!!! I must be doing something wrong! CONGRATS though, that is AMAZING!
  11. dlmyvette

    mind altering

    WOW....That was a great post. Let me tell you it was like I was reading all about me and what I've been going through. I have to say that I agree 100%. Today I actually cried. I couldn't believe what I had done to myself. Anyway, I did come to the conclusion that this surgery was necessary for me to live longer and a healthier life. I'm glad I did it. It's just tough just being on liquids for so long. Can't wait to be in the mushy stage. I think I'm ready for the mushy stage, but I'm waiting. Don't wanna jump the gun and make a really bad choice. Well, thanks for that post. It was good.
  12. dlmyvette

    one month down...

    AMAZING.....You are looking better already...That is great! CONGRATS! I just got banded this Tuesday. Thanks for the update.
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    Hi Pink: My name is Yvette. I haven't had the procedure done yet. I'm at the beginning stages of it. The first thing I did was visit a free seminar. I live in South Florida so I went to one of the ones here. I think the best place to start would be to find a surgeon in your area. I believe this site provides a link to find a surgeon in your area. Then, after the seminar. I went for a free consultation that basically explained the cost without insurance (which I have to pay out of pocket) and what it all includes. Also, more detailed information but basically the same as the seminar. Next week, I have an appointment with the surgeon. Not sure what to expect there, maybe tests? Who knows? Then I know they mentioned taking 2 nutritional classes prior to surgery then, surgery. So I'm hoping that I can get the surgery the week after Christmas. That would be great due to time off constraints for work. Aside from the information that I've recieved at the doctors office, I've gone on YouTube and found some useful information from LAP BAND patients, etc...Very useful. Also found this site today and it's been useful as well. Good luck and anything I can do to help you along the way, count on me!

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