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  1. This is the first I ever heard of this....... Usually people suffer from GERD. I suffered a slip, and trust me you don't want to go there. Do yourself a favor, and go see your Dr., even a slight unfill followed by liquids is a good thing. Your in this for life ! Adjustments are Adjustments, whether you go up or down is part of the game, and it is necessary. You could take a pill, get stuck, and swell up, and need to be unfilled for a while. Thats the band, a Life of Maintenance by your Dr., but you already know this, and if not, you do now. Check it out with the Dr. but please do something.
  2. Still,,, I wish you all the best, and success....
  3. 54Shirley

    Not Keeping Food Down

    Find a Dr. there, and arrange to have a slight unfill. Its better then suffering a slip.. After your stomach relaxes, and shrinks, you can always get it filled again.
  4. 54Shirley

    Still Swollen..

    Well, glad to hear your doing so well ! Yes this is normal. Take your time and heal. and enjoy your new life. Shirley.
  5. 54Shirley

    What Is With The "gurgles"?

    You probably have not been stuck yet, thats a experience by itself, For me Taking Antibiotics "in this case" is a pain. All it takes is 1 time or every day of putting down huge capsules, and I will swell up and stay swollen. As a result I will have to have 1.2 of the fill removed, and then start over again. This is the second time for me, and they better learn that I need it in liquid form. This is one of the worst things i think. I have to go in next Thursday when there up here and get a unfill. I' look at it this way though, at least its not a slip. Its everyday living with the band. I'll bet they never told you about this either. Keep it in mind. Shirley.
  6. No I was not self pay. But if this helps at all I will give you a little info on H.F. The Canadians come by the BUS full to have the surgery done. They accept the Canadian Ins., and Canada insists that they come to Michigan, because of the excellent work thats done. I had my band done there, and he didn't just put the band around the stomach and tighten it like a belt. He put it in place and pulled part of the stomach up threw, and over the band, then stitched it in place to help prevent slippage. Just a little info for thought.
  7. 54Shirley

    Share ideas, What did you eat today ?

    Go to myfitnesspal.com its free, and a lot of bandsters are over there. You can track your calories, plan ahead of time by looking foods up, and finding out if you want to eat this or not. Everything is kept in memory, and totaled out for the end of the day. You can also keep track of exercise on here like walking brisk pace or Cardio how many minutes, and the computer will figure it out for you. You can view other peoples diary, and see what they are doing, and get ideas for yourself, and chat. this will also predict "if you stay at a certain calorie per day" how much you should lose in 5 weeks. All in all, its a very good site. Look me up, and I'll friend you in if you want. I'm Losingintime on that site, hope to see you there. Shirley.
  8. Let me start of by saying that it sounds to me that you already know this is the rite thing to do, because of the Health Issues. That's a start. Depression can come from being Obese, it is tied in to the Hormones, which are out of whack, thus you have depression. This will improve if this is the reason for Depression. Your Surgeon knows all about this... As far as Family, Friends, Workers. Its none of their business, its your business only. If you choose to tell a bunch of people, and they cut you down for doing it, then its your own fault. Most people think your crazy for having anything done. Just loose weight on your own! Well, I think you no better then that. I can't tell you to do it. You must come to grips with that. I don't know one person that didn't have the jitters though. Including me. I can tell you that it was well worth it, my health is better, and I am banded for life. Every one that I new was against it, and now they no that they were wrong, and that even includes my husband.
  9. Well as you see for yourself, If you follow a proper plan weight loss is possible... But,, can you keep it off ! My Guess is NO !.... That's where the band really comes in handy. If you fall off the wagon, and your not banded ! I feel for you with trying to get your self back on that wagon... Its very hard. If your banded, and you have a day where you went out, and over did yourself, There's always tomorrow, and you simply start all over again. You might kick yourself for messing up, but the point is, is that you can still get it together all over again. That alone is a blessing with this band. Shirley.
  10. People really aren't rude on this site or thread. They just give there opinions on what they know ! If you want to go against the Dr.'s Orders, then you tell him/her about it, and see what they say. But with surgery, you need time to heal, and your stomach is RAW, and has been put threw allot. "I UNDERSTAND YOUR HUNGRY" I even had something, because I felt like I was starving. Then it was back to the Basics for me. And I did take it up with my surgeon, who gave me a adjustment. But you have to learn control too. It will be up to you and your control to work this band, until you feel restriction.. That could be a while. Shirley.
  11. My Dr. tells his Girl 4 weeks, and she has to book me for 4 weeks.
  12. 54Shirley

    I Need Motivation.

    I had to have my knees replaced from being morbidly obese. The Arthritis Shot both knees, it just ate them away, they honestly wondered if it was bone cancer.. It was not. I walk to the best of my ability., and I signed up to rent a Physical Rehabilitation's Gym. So I can use there equipment, and not hurt so much in the process. Call around and check into this. Allot of places are doing it for the money, and there is no contract at all. You might have to use your ins., just to get in the door, and then when there done working with you, you can sign up. I started this years ago, and I don't regret it at all. You asked for help, I just gave you the answer to your problem, because even people in there wheelchairs that can't walk, are getting up and walking with help, and in time they lose weight, and they get stronger. Feel Free to send me a message. would be glad to help. Been there ! trust me ! Shirley.
  13. 54Shirley

    Mother of the Bride dress

    That dress is back on ebay !
  14. My point exactly ! It takes time for this band to relax. So in the meantime, if you don't open up tell the afternoon. just do liquids, when things get a little better, try a small amount of mushies. It will come along.
  15. 54Shirley

    Addicted To The Scale

    I'll give my 2 cents on this one. I was addicted to the scale too, watching it go up and down use to drive me crazy. I told my surgeon about my hang up, "I thought I was doing the rite thing.." and he told me. Throw the Damn thing out ! and only count the weight when your weighed at the Dr.'s Office. I couldn't believe it... Then he told me that since they weigh people all day long, that every day or other day, a person comes in and calibrates them so they can be accurate, and you can't do that at home and be accurate. So you will always get a different read out. I weighed myself 3 times and went with the numbers that came up twice. If they were different all 3 times, I just said forget this and gave up. Also I went threw about 3 different scales in this process, and the problem was still there. Also never weigh yourself on carpeting, it has to be a flat floor. So I hung on to it for a while, then in discus t I threw it out. I only got weighed at the Dr.'s Office, and sure enough,, I started to see weight loss. To this day,, I don't own one.... If you insist on weighing yourself do it in the morning, and drop your bath robe, and get weighed, but do this once a week. Pick a day like Monday, and see what you lost or didn't. I go by my cloths size also..

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