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  1. OnMyWay2Thin

    I feel like crying:'(

    Give her some time... You know it's funny, but I kinda know how she feels. My husband and I start eating healthy together and he loses so much more weight so much quicker. This got me so upset that I said, if your weight goes lower than mine, I will not stay married to you. Then it happened... Fortunately, he's way too great a guy to let go so that didn't happen - also, he said if that's the case, I'll go eat everything in sight for the next week until I'm more! I wouldn't do that to him, it was just upsetting when he passed me by and he doesn't have the band and he's a guy and supposed to be heavier! Just give her a little time, she probably thinks things are going to change and you're going to leave her behind. When she comes around, assure her that is not the case and things will go back to your regular relationship. Change isn't easy and this is no different. Good luck, by the way, it's an exciting journey!
  2. OnMyWay2Thin

    200 Pound Loss Picw

    Missy, you are amazing! I think you have something special to have lost this much weight, let alone, the time period that you did. What an inspiration! I'm with you, losing the cane would have been great, but you also lost the weight - truly incredible. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!
  3. OnMyWay2Thin

    18 and 400 pounds

    Good for you, looking into what could change your life. This can and at your age, I would think if all medical clearances are performed, you will rock the world out of your band! Your concern regarding the scars is not a concern. I actually got my band in 2008 and you can not even tell I had surgery hardly. I also had my gall bladder out the following year and that is also so faded it's hard to see. When it was prominent, my husband used to laugh and say, only my wife could wrestle an alligator and win! Keep in mind, there are things for making the scars fade. The surgery was very easy and, honestly, none of my friends even know I have the band. My eating habits don't stand out and I still socialize at dinners all the time. I actually attend all sorts of luncheons for work (I'm a doctor), also, and no one has ever commented on my eating. I did have a few other medical issues that caused me to unfill the band for a while and, as expected, I gained back 40 pounds. I'm now refilled, completely health, and on my way again to losing that 40 pounds. That tells me the lapband works because within a week and half of a fill, I'm down another 6 pounds. Good luck with whatever decision you make, you deserve not to miss out on the things you mentioned so think it through and make a good decision!
  4. OnMyWay2Thin

    Is this the typical beginning?

    I promise it gets better! Honestly, I thought the same exact things you thought (and I'm a doctor!) On day two I even said to my husband, I think I made a huge mistake. Just give it time. I really like the way 2muchfun stated everything you had gone through and never thought about it that way myself but he's absolutely right. Hang in there, things will get better and Spaness2012 really hit it on the head when she said a week from now you'll feel completely different. It will get better and you will be very successful! For now, relax and try not to worry, I promise it gets better!
  5. OnMyWay2Thin

    Elevated White Blood Count

    Have faith that everything will work out just fine. They probably just want to be absolutely sure that everything is perfect for you when you have your surgery. I hope it goes smoothly, but keep in mind, if you have to wait to make sure everything is okay, it's worth the wait (and it will be that much sweeter when it takes place.) Good luck, hope everything is okay!
  6. OnMyWay2Thin

    Big NSV for me!

    You shut her up for good! Great job, what a wonderful feeling that must have been. I have an entire drawer full of clothes that I will one day fit into, very upscale summer clothes from closeouts and store closures. I can not wait to get in them, sounds like you would fit in them now - you've motivated me, I want to feel that way. Thanks for a great, feel good post, there's no stopping you now!
  7. Outstanding, keep up the great work! You really sounds like you were prepared and had everything in order to be the success that you are. Way to go!
  8. OnMyWay2Thin

    2 week post op appointment

    Excellent, keep up the great work!
  9. OnMyWay2Thin


    Wow, so you have lost 24 pounds in nine days! That's amazing. Just hang in there, it will get better as time goes by. It sounds like you have a good head start and if you follow the rules correctly, you'll be unbeatable! I'm glad you are feeling better, and, unfortunately, I will tell you that your appetite will come back - just give it a little time. Make sure you drink your water so you don't get dehydrated and think positive. You are on your way!
  10. OnMyWay2Thin


    Wow, that bra sounds really neat with the double straps. I'm a 38DDD and may want to head to Ashley Stewart to try their bras! I've never been in there. I can't imagine wearing a black bra with a white top... Wouldn't you see it right through the shirt? I've never been able to wear sports bras and probably never will (because I have no intention of getting a breast reduction!) You look fantastic, by the way!
  11. OnMyWay2Thin

    Is this normal?

    Yes, they are all normal. The only one that wasn't required for me was the upper GI scope. I was also required to get a psych evaluation and attend preparation classes. Good luck with everything!
  12. OnMyWay2Thin

    pre op diet questions

    Mine didn't require one, either. I'm betting they will stay stick to what they told you, but who knows! Good luck, either way!
  13. OnMyWay2Thin

    Hello fellow brave ones!

    You should be fine! Welcome and congratulations for taking the first step towards improving your health. Good luck with everything and stick to the plan, you'll do great!
  14. OnMyWay2Thin

    Got Lap band on march 29th

    Congratulations and good luck! This is a great site, I come on here frequently for motivation and support. Sure glad you found it. I'm happy to hear you are feeling good but getting tired. That is very normal. Hang in there and the rewards will be coming in your direction!
  15. Wow, you look incredible! You worked so hard and lost so much weight, you really deserve to feel comfortable in your skin. I have no doubt, you will now do feel just that way! Here's the big question, how the heck did you lose so much weight, I'm in awe...

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