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  1. LindsayT

    Protein shake recipes

    I do use Fairlife milk if it has something in it, like light start carnation instant breakfast. By itself, it tastes like it's been sitting out too long.
  2. LindsayT

    Protein shake recipes

    Thank you! Do you have a brand of protein powder you like? I have some "unflavored" left, but I can still taste it.
  3. Skinny Girl makes some really good salad dressing. I think it's like 5 calories for 2 tablespoons. The balsamic and raspberry vinaigrette are my favorites.
  4. LindsayT

    Starbucks Coffee or Latte's

    The only sugar-free syrup product Starbuck has is the vanilla. They have several herbal teas that are nice. I enjoy the peach tranquility. I have also started drinking caffeine and also enjoy an iced green tea. I wish they'd offer more sugar-free options. It's hard not falling back into the coffeehouse coffee habit.
  5. LindsayT

    Had my surgeon appt

    My experience... TOTALLY WORTH IT! I think the rushed appointment may be contributing to your feelings of uneasiness. You also have the option of using a different surgeon if this one isn't the best fit.
  6. I don't really need my arms dine, but my breasts and side boots need a lot of attention. Curious what others did. A full argumentation or a lift.
  7. I was allowed to do chewable or disolvable too.
  8. If you want/can, make your own protein shakes. There are a bunch of recipes online. Just no chunks or berry seeds in the beginning. They need to be smooth. Getting enough protein is super important in addition to your vitamins.
  9. LindsayT

    May 2023 surgeries

    Looking good!
  10. LindsayT

    Less then 30 lbs to go...

    Same. I have about 30 lbs left. It's definitely slow going right now for me, too. For me, I'm just sticking with the plan and adding more exercise. I still average about 1-3 lbs a week, which I'm okay with.
  11. I have noticed I wake up on my back with my arms over my head a lot (it actually hurts my shoulders and i dont know why i keep doing it), and quite a few times with my mouth open and seriously dry. I've also noticed my cpap doesn't fit well anymore. It's like my nose has shrunk. I keep questioning if I still need it because I also feel like I can't breathe with it on. I'm planning on calling the Dr today about it.
  12. LindsayT

    What Made You Smile Today?

    I think I'd enjoy this too much
  13. LindsayT

    How soon after surgery...

    I did stall often in the beginning though. About every other week. A good loss one week and stall the next.
  14. LindsayT

    Puree Stage Challenge - Anyone Else?

    All the above, and you can add unflavored protein powder to your meals for extra protein. I enjoyed foods that were already a pureed texture. You may still want to supplement your protein until you're on regular foods and eating a bit more.
  15. LindsayT

    Food Before and After Photos

    Cereal, in general, doesn't sound appealing to me anymore. TBH, a lot of foods don't. It crazy the cereals they have out now. Sure, let's start our day with 30g of sugar in a bowl...lol. Or when I was young, we had plain cereal; like plain cheerios, and we'd add heaps of sugar to it. [emoji1785] Now, as adults, we just run through the coffee shop and get the 300+ calorie latte with 50g of sugar. With Fall coming up, the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is launching soon. Here's the nutritional facts. It really makes me think about what I was doing to myself. I'd have one of these 3 or 4 times a week. No wonder obesity is an issue...
  16. LindsayT

    Food Before and After Photos

    In the US, Nutri-grain is a cereal bar. I'm not a fan of them and they're not very nutrient dense.
  17. LindsayT

    Pain after surgery?

    I'm almost 4 months out (September 1 will be 4 months). I don't like eating breakfast, so I still do a protein supplement then. I like the Bariatric Pal protein shots which have 25g protein. You can find them in the Bariatric pal store, and i think Amazon, if you're interested. They are 3 oz shots, but i add them to 4 or more oz of water because they are tart on their own. I asked my nutritionist about them vs the other protein supplements out there and he was okay with them. I normally get 60-80g of protein per day, sometimes more dependingon the day and how hungry i am that day. I usually have high protein yogurt, a variety of lean animal protein, reduced fat cheese, hummus or vegetable proteins throughout the day. I mix this up each day for variety. If I'm going to be short my goal, I'll do another protein shot. For you, if your program allows, you can have strained soups and add unflavored protein powder to them to get a variety of flavor besides primer protein. And once you're on puree, you can add protein powder to those meals as well. I needed variety and most protein supplements tasted awful to me. Are you working to get your fluid goals in too? In the early days, and even now, I feel like I am drinking ALL day. At 5 days, don't feel pressured to hit all your goals each day because you're still pretty swollen from surgery at this point, just work on getting there. You protein drinks count towards this and it's great you're able to get two in. Hydration, protein, and your vitamins and supplements are so important. If I remember you had the sleeve, so I'm not sure what long term vitamins and supplements look like for you, but for now, make sure you're taking them each day as your doctor or nutritionist suggests. For RNY folks, those are for life. How are you feeling?
  18. LindsayT

    Medication and the Gastric Sleeve

    I was on psych meds and didn't have any issues getting approved. However, I was told to work closely with my med provider to make sure my medications stayed at therapeutic levels as I lost weight. If you're not already, talking with a therapist might help. Also, FYI, part of the approval process for most insurances is a psych evaluation. And, as already stated, a lot of psych meds do cause weight gain. So that is something to consider for long-term success. One of the medications I was on contributed to a 60lb weight gain in a years time. Thankfully, I was able to find an alternative.
  19. I finally understand the "it hurts to sit". The butt padding is gone, which if fantastic, but OUCHY. 😆
  20. LindsayT

    Pain after surgery?

    Great news!
  21. LindsayT

    Question about bypass portion sizes

    I'm 3.5 months out and go to dinner all the time. You just have to be aware of what you order and how much you're eating. And to answer your question, I eat about 2-2.5 oz of Protein and about 2-4 tablespoons of veg depending on how dense the meal is for my main meal. It varies throughout the day.
  22. LindsayT

    May 2023 surgeries

    Great job on the progress! Way to be a loser 🤣 I'm down 64 lbs. SW 262 CW 198 I've gone from a tight size 18 and 2x shirts to a comfortable size 14 and L shirts. I'm super happy with my current progress. Though, the losses have been slower, which is fine as long as I'm still losing. Goal is 160, which is 38 lbs to go. I'm hoping to make that by the end of the year, beginning of next, bit definitely before the year mark. We'll see what happens and what my body has to say about that. I was 160 before and was very comfortable there. I haven't had too many issues. I had what the doctor thought was dumping, but my only symptom was cramping. And yesterday I had a bit too much ice cream (guilty...working on that) and it made me nauseous, which was the only symptom. Not sure if these were dumping episodes becauae it wasn’t like what I've read about. Still some learning to do. Otherwise, I make my goals most days and average about 750 calories per day Working out has been an issue and I have no excuse as to why I don't very much. But I'm working on that as well.
  23. LindsayT

    Heartburn after Gastric BYPASS

    I was required to be on a PPI for the first 3 months after surgery. I'll reduce my dose for months 4-6 and after 6 months, I think I'll completely go off it- with my doctors blessing, of course
  24. LindsayT

    Pain after surgery?

    Ya, the extras you mentioned are expensive. The protein alone is pricey. I hoping to get my protein from food more than the protein supplements soon. It's just hard to make goal. I try to look at the expense of better food as an investment in myself and my family. But eating out IS way cheaper. I don't drink and my husband and I split a meal when we do go out...which isn't often anymore. Like you said though, TOTALLY worth it.
  25. LindsayT

    Kids meals!

    It's better to just order what you want that's healthy and box half of it or more before you start eating. Kids' meals are usually full of fat and carbs and are not good.

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