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    NettyD got a reaction from Glampreneurs31 in July 2023 buddies   
    I so wish 😩 my surgery is scheduled for July but my coordinator said most likely the end of August! My last pre op appointment is 6/21/23…. Good luck to all the July surgery peeps 🥰🥰🥰
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    NettyD reacted to T O P in Help!!!! POST OP   
    I really do appreciate all advice. I will happy this Thursday when I can eat eggs or grits or mashed potatoes.
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    NettyD reacted to NP_WIP in Help!!!! POST OP   
    Soft/pureed for me was one period, so I had chilli, ground chicken, ricotta bake, refried Beans, crab salad, thick Soups, greek yogurt etc.
    That hurt feeling could well be your restriction, since you are only a few weeks out it takes sometimes to recognize your body's new way of letting you know when full, hungry etc.
    Regarding the saltine cracker, it is not the end of the world I think most of us during the first few months want to test our stomachs. But I will invite you to think what made you do it and see if its an urge you can control. Right now everything seems easier after surgery while your body is adjusting but down the line the process and its results are going to be based on your effort and how well you follow your plan.

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    NettyD reacted to £€@h in The little things no one has mentioned   
    Good idea on giving my belly its own pillow! I also am an advocate of therapy. Therapy needs to be normalized. I have a personal therapist, a marriage therapist, and a friend and I also share each others therapists information!😂

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    NettyD reacted to mcipanda in The little things no one has mentioned   
    I was able to sleep on my side. Doc said do what feels right for me. I had a pillow under my side belly but it was so nice to just lay vs sit.

    Other tidbits: 1) your digestion is gonna change. Constipation or diarrhea, bad smelling gas, etc. be prepared and ready to address the biome that is your gut, 2) “hunger” feelings might actually be gas. You just have to feel it out. 3) some people know when they’ve eaten enough, others find out the hard way (vomiting, foamies). I get the hiccups. It’s so strange, 4) you may be SO wiped out with such a low calorie diet. I felt drained for the first 8 weeks, which is not unusual, and 5) the mental/emotional struggle is REAL. Get a therapist if you don’t have one! 😂
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    NettyD reacted to SleeverSk in The little things no one has mentioned   
    Don't be to eager to "push the boundaries " stay away from no go foods and drinks as long as you can.
    I couldn't wait to see when I could eat/drink my old favourites which lead me on a slippery slope. I didn't reach my goal and now the kilos are creeping back on.

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    NettyD reacted to summerseeker in Been Reading Nightmare complications ?   
    I have all three of your nightmares. I knew all about them. I did not know I would get GERD too, I hoped to swerve it.
    My hair is growing back very slowly but I have begun to love the new me in a pixie cut
    My Nausea and GERD are under control - ish, I still get bad days and nights where acid wakes me
    Throwing up foam is called the foamies. Eat too fast, eat too much or eat a wrong food and yep that's a pain in the a--chest until its either vomited or it works its way through my stomach.
    So knowing what I know now about all that and the frequency that I get it, would I have this surgery? Hell yes, in a heartbeat. My life has changed dramatically. I feel as if I have lost 25 years. I have a life. I don't hide away anymore. I am super confident.
    Now what you must decide is - if the pendulum swings your way and you get these side effects, is it time for your surgery ? You are always going to mess with your insides, you are loosing most of your stomach. For lots of us with lots of medical problems its a no brainer and last ditch effort to save our lives. This surgery is not an easy option. I hope you work it out
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    NettyD got a reaction from Glampreneurs31 in July 2023 buddies   
    I so wish 😩 my surgery is scheduled for July but my coordinator said most likely the end of August! My last pre op appointment is 6/21/23…. Good luck to all the July surgery peeps 🥰🥰🥰
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    NettyD reacted to LMorales in August surgery buddies!   
    I'm getting sleeved August 10th! I'm so excited !
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    NettyD reacted to LindsayT in I Am Not Really Seeing The Weight Loss I Was Expecting   
    I've lost 20 since surgery (4 weeks) and 15 lbs during the preop diet for a total of 35 pounds. That's about what you lost, right? I stalled around 2.5 weeks in that lasted well over a week. Hang in there. It will come off. And like someone said, make sure you're tracking everything, and I'll go farther and say, before you ever eat it. What if you focused on some nonscale victories. For me it was a smaller size piece of clothing or getting my shoes on without huffing and puffing. Just today, I put on a shirt that didn't fit prior to surgery. Your body is doing a lot of behind the scenes work that may not be reflected on the scale.< br>This is not an easy process, and you don't have to do it alone.
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    NettyD reacted to catwoman7 in I Am Not Really Seeing The Weight Loss I Was Expecting   
    What were you expecting to lose? If you're looking for 30+ lbs the first month, that's pretty rare unless you're the size of someone on "My 600 lb Life". For most of us "average" WLS patients, that much loss the first month is pretty unusual. Most of us lose somewhere in the 15-25 lb range. Plus most people don't lose much the first week because of the "gain" from the IV fluids you get in the hospital (which of course is just water) - and then there's the infamous "three-week stall" that many of us experience, where you can go a couple of weeks (usually 1-3) without any loss, because your body is kind of recalibrating after the surgery - so you may be experiencing that as well.
    you're not going to lose the weight any faster than if you ate the same thing without surgery. With the extreme calorie deficit we have the first few months out, you'd probably lose about the same regardless if you had surgery or not. The difference is, it's much more easy to sustain that deficit with the surgery. Most people probably could not go for months on end eating something like 800 calories. But with the surgery, you can. Your hunger is suppressed, your stomach is tiny, etc. The most I could ever lose before surgery was about 50-60 lbs. With this, I lost over 200, and have kept it off for eight years. No way could I have done that without the surgery.
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    NettyD reacted to TRClark23 in My Gastric Sleeve Journey   
    I wanted to add a quick update, I got the approval from my insurance!
    I’m scheduled for June 23rd! 🎉
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    NettyD reacted to TRClark23 in My Gastric Sleeve Journey   
    I wanted to do a bit of an update, frustrating as it is...
    My final doctors appointment was on May 3rd and at this particular appointment, I finished by meeting with the office manager and hearing what the next steps would be. She told me that it could take up to a month for insurance to approve the surgery and that I'd be hearing from them.
    All of the research that I've done online, all of the videos that I've watched of other people's journey's all pretty much showed that it's usually less than 10 days. I'm sure that's not true for everyone, but that's what I've seen.
    I got a notice from a debt collector last week saying that one of my appointments hadn't been covered by my insurance, so I called my doctors office to see what was going on with that and they apologized for a billing error. I asked while I had them on the phone if they had heard anything back from insurance yet about my surgery and she got kinda quiet for a second, they said she wasn't sure if they had everything that they needed to submit my file to insurance, then she says "oh yeah, we have everything we need." We're probably going to send it today (this was on Friday) or Monday.
    Talk about irritated, it's been almost three weeks since my last appointment!
    Oh well, hopefully everything goes a little smoother from here on out.
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    NettyD reacted to Carla Ogwin in JUNE SURGERY BUDDIES   
    During the day it's ok because no one is here the hard part is when they come home, they eating pizza, or wings, so I just go to my room until they are done then I'll drink my broth or Jello or something. Hang in there.
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    NettyD reacted to Aliakathleen in July 2023 buddies   
    Hi! Totally new here today. I am both excited and nervous.
    I found out yesterday that my surgery was approved! I have a July 20th surgery date.
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    NettyD reacted to adelie21 in July 2023 buddies   
    Hi All.
    Found out yesterday that my surgery date is going to be July 17th. I am super excited, however I find myself feeling totally unprepared and almost panicked that I won't have everything ready. I think the liquid diet scares me the most because I have a physically demanding job and living on liquids is going to be hard to have enough energy to get through it.
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    NettyD reacted to Jnpxo2 in July 2023 buddies   
    Hey !!! I’ll be having surgery I believe in July. Just got approved today waiting to be scheduled. Definitely looking for a friend or buddy
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    NettyD reacted to Hilsbarijourney23 in 1 day post op.   
    Hi. I had sleeve yesterday and was released to home this afternoon. I currently drinking 2 oz of Gatorade zero with Protein every 30 min and will switch to broth shortly with unflavored protein. Any advice to get this gas out? How do I know when to take the med RX for stomach cramping. I’m not sure if it’s gas or new stomach adjusting. Thanks all :). Scared but excited for this journey. The gas pain is intense.
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    NettyD reacted to sharonwg in JUNE SURGERY BUDDIES   
    Hi guys. Final day of the pre op diet today and 13lbs down. I have my bypass tomorrow - such a mixture of feelings - mostly happiness and relief. 😘
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    NettyD reacted to Fred in Pa in Struggling… the evil voice is back.   
    I am a firm believer that food addiction is just like most others. With that in mind, having a slice of pizza is like “It’s just one little shot of tequila” for an alcoholic. One leads to two…and so one.
    I am also a firm believer that this is the main reason people gain back weight or completely fail after Bariatric surgery.
    It’s a constant struggle.
    Keeping that perspective, one slice of pizza is not worth it. I’m not perfect and will fail at times but keeping the above perspective helps to ensure I will be successful in the long run. If I tell myself that one slice is fine, I will soon convince myself that so is two.
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    NettyD reacted to Danielle22 in soon...   
    And you did it!! That's what counts. I just started preop diet today and it was tough but going to bed early so I don't have the temptations of food. We got this
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    NettyD reacted to Possum220 in Stall   
    When you had the bypass you signed yourself up for a spot in a marathon in a number or sports. Running (what you eat) Track and field (how you eat and why). Stamina (Patience). Synchcronized swimming (Creativity). Discus (More patience). High jump (Exercise). It will take a long time of practicing all of these elements to get to the end of your race.
    It can feel very hard at the start to even see the finish line and that is why you just keep on showing up for yourself day after day. I struggled at the start with the length of the journey ahead. It has taken me a year to feel better about being in my own skin. Keep on doing what your team has advised. If you keep to new habits it will happen even though there may be hiccups along the way.
    Picture where you will be at in a year and looking back at the victories you will have along the way.
    1 - Stay off the scales they will do your head in. Weigh once a week or month.
    2 - Measure yourself once a month a see the changes.
    3 - Set mini goals along the way and reward yourself when you achieve them.
    4 - Be proud that you are doing the very best you can. 💖
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    NettyD reacted to NP_WIP in High B12 and AST and Alt levels at 2nd year post op visit?   
    I just had my 6 month follow up and my B12 was 1728, I was asked to reduce my weekly 1ml sublingual dose to half. They said there is new research that shows B12 is accumulated and not peed out like it was thought.

    My first lab test was one month post op and both liver test were high and I was told by my Primary and Surgeon that it is normal, as long as the bilirubin and Protein were within range, not to worry about it. This time around everything was within range.

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    NettyD reacted to Helen of LaCroix in SoCal Kaiser Options Friends!   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm finally doing it. I started this process back in 2017 but then hiking and backpacking changed my trajectory. Then COVID caused chaos in my life and here we are again. I'm officially starting this journey and my first official Options class is Wednesday (5/24)! I'm so excited, so anxious and so ready to get this train moving. Tired of stalking all the WLS IGs and YouTube channels. Looking for new friends in Southern CA, with KAISER who are starting or already attending their Options classes. ❤️
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    NettyD reacted to qtdoll in SoCal Kaiser Options Friends!   
    I also did it through Kaiser SoCal! I absolutely loved the Options classes. They were so incredibly educational & I felt fully prepared for the surgery. I adored their program

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