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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to jami.1992 in Alcohol 3 weeks post sleeve op.   
    Rude comments are unnecessary. She asked a question in a forum made for ASKING QUESTIONS. If you don’t have anything helpful to contribute to the post then move along.
    I personally don’t see the issue with having a drink. I would suggest starting with 1 drink and seeing how you feel. Remember to sip slowly as it will hit a lot harder than what you are used to and worse case scenario if you do dump you’ll be able to feel it coming sooner if you’re sipping versus drinking faster.
    I hope you enjoy the wedding and spending time with your friends! ❤️
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to SkinnyMingo1408 in Pizza! No flour!   
    Ok so I just tried this and it was surprisingly yummy.
    1 cup mozzerella
    1/4 parmesian
    1 egg
    Seasoning of your choice (I used Italian seasoning and garlic powder)
    Low carb marinara (I used Rao's)
    Sprinkle of mozzerella
    Turkey pepperoni
    Mix all the crust ingredients together. Put parchment paper on a pan. Spray with cooking spray. Shape mixture into the size of a personal pan pizza (6" or so) on topof the parchment paper. Spread marinara on top of crust mixture. Sprinkle mozzerella. Add turkey pepperoni (I use 6 pieces- you can use more or less). Cook 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Let cool when it comes out of the oven. I side into 4 pieces, ate 2 and my daughter ate the other 2.
    Add toppings. Experiment. This really scratched the pizza itch and was surprisingly healthy.

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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to Jeanniebug in Low BMI obesity gastric sleeve option   
    I, too, was a low-BMI patient. But, my BMI was just high enough that with my comorbidities, my insurance would cover the surgery.
    Like me, you are one step away from metabolic syndrome: diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I have diabetes and high cholesterol.
    Only 5% of people who lose weight using "just diet and exercise" will have kept that weight off over a 5 year period. With bariatric surgery, the number jumps to 90%.
    I would set up the consultation with the surgeon and make your wife come with you to the appointment. The surgeon will explain to her the science of obesity and how it's not as simple as she thinks.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to ShoppGirl in Low BMI obesity gastric sleeve option   
    The surgery is a tool, just like using a washing machine or a calculator. It makes it easier, yes but you still have to put in the work. And the tool fades when your hunger comes back so keeping the weight off is just as hard as any maintenance plan I have ever been on with one exception IF you took the time to make real changes to your diet and habits you know what to do to keep it off this time.

    Having said that, this is a major surgery with real changes to you body. Many of us have chronic Constipation to deal with, most of us have to take Vitamins forever and I believe all of us are told to avoid NSAIDS forever (which kinda sucks when you get a headache or throw your back out and drs won’t give you pain meds for these things). These are not major things, no but evidence that this does change your body forever.

    The nutritionist and the bariatric therapists are two huge components to the surgery that make it successful. If you have not tried those two things you may want to consider trying those first before committing to major surgery. I had a low-ish BMI and I had the sleeve (35). I wish I had tried those things first so that I would know I absolutely had to take this extreme option. I may very well be exactly where I am but at least I would know I truly did try everything first. But ask your doctor because you have real medical issues that I did not have and maybe losing it fast is imperative. The surgery will definitely help you to lose it faster that diet alone.

    Best of luck in whatever you choose. And just keep talking to your wife. My husband is also someone who has always been fit and doesn’t totally get it either. He is at least supportive but he is first to admit he doesn’t understand. I once told him when he was thirsty to try not to drink anything for hours and he will have some clue what it’s like to try to ignore hunger. Not the best analogy I know but it was the best I could think of. I also recommend taking her with you to your doctor visits if/when you do decide to have surgery or while you are trying to decide. They can help explain things to her.

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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to SpartanMaker in Low BMI obesity gastric sleeve option   
    I hate that "it's taking the easy way out" line. There's nothing easy about this. Plus, why in the world would that even matter? It's like some people think if we use a tool like surgery, we didn't pay our "penance" for being fat.
    "Nope, sorry, you're not worthy of being healthy, because you cheated your way to health. Do it the right way or not at all"
    I sympathize with the position you're in as my wife was and still is very anti weight-loss surgery. Her line was always why would you permanently alter your anatomy when it's possible to do this without making so drastic a change? My response is I never had a problem losing weight, what I always struggled with was maintaining. After way too many yo-yo diets, I needed to do something else. Dieting alone was not working for me. I needed a better tool.
    That's what it is, by the way, a tool. The analogy I like to use is that WLS is like a shovel. I know that sounds odd, but bear with me...
    I've dug quite a number of holes on my property to plant trees. Most of those trees will be here longer than I will, but It's still worth it to plant them. I suppose technically I could have tried to dig those holes with my hands but wow, that would have been a challenge and I'm not sure I would have been able to finish the job.
    With a shovel, it became doable. The shovel still was a lot of work, but it made an almost impossible job, possible. No one thinks using a shovel is "cheating", we just think of it as a better tool.
    At the end of the day, the risk of early death for me was extremely high with cardiac issues, diabetes, liver and kidney problems, etc. I began to feel that I was living on borrowed time. WLS for me was life-changing and life saving. It immediately reversed my diabetes and high-blood pressure. I used the tool because I had reached the point where all I saw in front of me was an early death.
    For what it's worth, it would also seem that the medical community takes your side here based on the available medical evidence:
    Best of luck whatever you decide.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to Merri Beth in Dealing with Sabotage   
    Misery loves company. It sound like she is miserable with herself and she wants someone to be miserable with her while she controls them. I am so sorry you are going through this, i would tell my husband to tell her she has to move. I am sorry to sound harsh but she can go to a shelter until she can get housing. Don't give up and don't give in to her that is what she wants!
  7. Congrats!
    Cee Cee 3 reacted to NP_WIP in November 2022 surgery support!   
    Just got the call from the hospital confirming all information and providing instructions. It just became so real!!
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to SmolGojira in How long did you drink protein shakes after bypass?   
    Meeting your Protein goals is really a "For the rest of your life" thing, just like with Vitamins. Which we would have to do even without having the surgery, it's just that now with the surgery, it will be so much harder to fit in all those great nutrients, which is why we need to have more nutrient dense foods to fuel our bodies. The amount you need to eat per day depends on what your Height and Weight is.
    The good news is that this doesn't have to be in Protein Shake form. You can do it just with diet. If you have a dietician, it's worth chatting to them about other ways to get your daily protein in. Some people just find the shakes easier. Others are happy eating it in their daily food.
    Below are a bunch of foods high in protein, you can make amazing meals with these and get all your daily protein without using shakes
    1) Beef Skirt Steak: 26.7 g Protein Per 100 g
    2) chicken Breast: 23.1 g Protein Per 100 g
    3) Canned Tuna: 23.6 g Protein Per 100 g
    4) Lean Pork Chop: 22.4 g Protein Per 100 g
    5) Sockeye Salmon: 21.3 g Protein Per 100 g
    6) Lentils: 25.8 g Protein Per 100 g
    7) Shrimp: 20.3 g Protein Per 100 g
    😎 Sardines: 20.9 g Protein Per 100 g
    9) Lamb Chop: 20.4 g Protein Per 100 g
    10) Cocoa: 20 g Protein Per 100 g
    11) Cod: 17.9 g Protein Per 100 g
    12) Cheddar Cheese: 24.9 g Protein Per 100 g
    13) pumpkin Seeds: 18.5 g Protein Per 100 g
    14) Beef Jerky: 33.2 g Protein Per 100 g (Dont know if we can eat this)
    15) Nutritional Yeast: 50 g Protein Per 100 g
    16) Turkey Breast: 24.6 g Protein Per 100 g
    17) Parmesan Cheese: 35.8 g Protein Per 100 g
    18) whey Protein: 70 g Protein Per 100 g
    19) Dried Squid: 72 g Protein Per 100 g
    20) Mackerel: 18.6 g Protein Per 100 g'
    Then there's also things like Peas, Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Sprouts, Mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, Edamame, Sweet corn, Winter Squash and Yummy Avocados.
    Hope this helps

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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to summerseeker in Am I weird?   
    Lots of people on this forum have had bad results from telling others about this surgery. Before this surgery I didn't want any negative input from people, so I only told my husband, son and BFF. Even now I have only told larger people who have seen the change in me and were genuinely interested in how I managed such a big loss.
    I am not an open person; the British reserve is a real thing. We don't share our feelings. I would never tell a waitress/ waiter why I wanted different choices, just that I did. If more people were like you then maybe some of the stigma would disappear.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to BayougirlMrsS in Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first   
    no only can i cross my legs..... I can do this....

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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to Starwarsandcupcakes in Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first   
    The first time I noticed mine I actually made an appointment with my doctor because I felt a “lump” that hadn’t been there before. 🤦‍♀️ I hadn’t ever had a protruding collarbone so I had NO clue.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to Betty1971 in Weirdest None-Scale-Victory - I'll go first   
    Here are just a couple of the silly things that have made me smile the last couple weeks:
    1. I can buy cute underwear that are not made out of white flour sack material.
    2. I can put on my socks in the morning with out making strange sounds and grunting.
    3. When getting dressed to go somewhere the first thing out of my mouth is NOT "does this make me look fat!"

  13. Congrats!
    Cee Cee 3 reacted to Teresa Eschenbaum in Passed psych eval!   
    After reading other people's experiences here when they had their psych evaluations, I wasn't nervous at all. I went in and took a test of about 300 questions which took me about a half hour. Then later I met with the doctor and he asked some questions about my lifestyle, work, family, history of anxiety etc. I was in there about 10 minutes and he passed me! On to my last two dietician appointments and hopefully I will get a surgery date for me bypass!
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to heatherdbby in 3 months post op and I'm done.   
    i dont think it is fair to cast your own opinion or feeling of contentness onto her..
    both of you have different outlooks and thats okay - you shouldnt shame her for it.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Chicken wings and worry   
    I'm not sure why people are acting like chicken wings are the devil in this thread.
    The only issue I have with chicken wings is they are a pain to track, and you can't really track them accurately.
    There seems to be an idea that people can't tolerate things, and honestly that is pretty rare. My opinion on that is it is based on one, a lot of previous WLS patients that were old, and already in bad health and had RNY. Then when you add in people that had lap band and all the issues that came with it, there is this idea that eating is hard, it isn't.
    A sleeve is really just a small stomach, so unless you had some other issues before, you are still going to tolerate almost everything. Which is why as sleevers, nutrition and life long changes are very important.
    I eat chicken wings because it is fattier white meat and basically the only way I can tolerate chicken. Chicken breasts are too dry and painful to eat. As long as they aren't coated in mounds of flour they aren't an issue.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to friesianet in Majorly embarrassing moment on my first day back to work   
    First time poster:

    Figured this is a group that would appreciate this…..

    I’m 3 weeks post surgery and am down a little bit of weight. On my first day back to work, I put on my regular work pants (stretch dress pants, 2XL). I also had put on a new body shaper (HoneyLove) because I have to wear a suit in a couple days for an important offsite meeting. I tried on the shaper this morning and decided it was best to wear it to work to get used to wearing it/break it in. Plus it’s like wearing the binder and actually helped with the discomfort from the laparoscopic sites.

    Problem is, I didn’t think about the combination of the weight loss + the silkiness of the body shaper meant that the loose dress pants really had nothing to cling to. They don’t have any pockets or belt loops. I walk into the front door of a very busy building, swipe my badge, and as I’m in the front lobby and beginning to walk down the hallway to the elevators, I almost trip—MY PANTS WERE AROUND MY ANKLES. Because of the legs of the body shaper shorts, I never even felt them slip down. I’m carrying things in my arms and immediately have to bend down, drop everything out of my arms, grab my pants, pull them up, then hold them up while I pick up everything off the floor. 😖🥺😳😳😳😳😳

    I didn’t even look around to see how many people saw the whole thing. I just kept my head down, kept one hand clinging onto my pants with the other arm juggling my stuff and walk as fast as I can to the elevators. Had to walk around with one hand down on my side slyly gripping my pants. Felt like Bob Dole with a dead arm while I was awkwardly walking from room to room. 🤣😂

    *Sigh*. Good news/bad news eh? Definitely an eventful return to work!
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to catwoman7 in First Bowel Movement… dark brown?   
    various colors of poop is not unusual the first month or so after surgery. Fat malabsorption, Iron supplements, some residual blood from the surgery - this can all affect it. If you're worried, call your clinic - but I personally wouldn't worry about it too much unless it continues after the first month or so.
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    Cee Cee 3 got a reaction from kcuster83 in First Bowel Movement… dark brown?   
    I ended up calling the nurse practitioner and she said the same thing after asking me a couple of questions. She said if anything changes, to let her know but she’s not worried about it. I have a follow up appointment on Friday so I’ll see what my doctor says then. Thank you!
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    Cee Cee 3 got a reaction from kcuster83 in First Bowel Movement… dark brown?   
    I ended up calling the nurse practitioner and she said the same thing after asking me a couple of questions. She said if anything changes, to let her know but she’s not worried about it. I have a follow up appointment on Friday so I’ll see what my doctor says then. Thank you!
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to RickM in Food confusion   
    Programs will vary all over the place depending upon their experiences, convenience and tolerance for potential minor complications. Our program, for example, allowed us most everything liquid, mushy or soft for the first month, and we could switch between them and experiment depending upon our personal tolerances - if something didn't settle quite right, go back to what did and try that food again in a week or two. Some programs may prefer to keep their patients all on one track based on the most problematic patients (lowest common denominator) to avoid hassles and calls to their staff.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to SpartanMaker in Food confusion   
    Exactly this.
    There are unfortunately no standards at all when it comes to pre and post bariatric surgery diets. I found this incredibly frustrating early on as it makes it seem like it's not science, but guess work. On reflection, I suspect it has more to do with how long a particular program has been doing bariatric surgery and the experiences of their patients over that time. Most teams probably only update their plans rarely. Some may still be clinging to recommendations that were more common a long time ago. Also, some doctors are just more conservative than others. Anyway, whatever the reason, every bariatric program is free to design their own plans. Some are very strict, and some not so much.
    When I asked my team about this, I was specifically told to ignore what other programs were doing. They designed their plan around the outcomes that work for them.
    In terms of conflicting advice between your written plan and what you were told, I agree it's best to ask. I had this happen a few times, but I always asked about it and was given a reason why they wanted me to deviate. For example, at my 2 week post-op visit, I was told I could progress faster than the written plan. This was specifically done for me because I was healing well and had no nausea.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to AboutDangTime in November 2022 Surgery Buddies   
    Scheduled for my sleeve surgery on November 2nd. Final dietician appt in a couple of weeks and then a 3 days liquid diet prior to surgery. Nervous but I think it's long overdue. Haven't had many issues losing substantial weight, it's the keeping it off part that is tough. I think this is the tool that is needed to help me do so.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to heather200202 in Jewelry Removal   
    I had to remove all my piercings before I went into surgery but I had my husband put them back in as soon as I got to my room. If he couldnt do it my mom was going to. I was so out of it I didn't even know he did until the next day but he did as I asked. I would ask your surgeon the next time you see him on what their policies are for piercings during surgery.
    HW:331 SW:319 11-26-12 CW: 196 8-16-13 GW:170
  24. Congrats!
    Cee Cee 3 got a reaction from AgentCherryZero in November Surgeries   
    My surgery is scheduled for November 2nd and I just started my liquid diet today 🥴. I’m getting VSG.
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    Cee Cee 3 reacted to KimA-GA in insurance frustration   
    oh, my! that must have been very very frustrating! you are right, there is nothing that can be done but go with the flow as best as you can.
    we are technically going into fall, but here that doesn’t mean much. it’s still around 85F/29C … A tv station posted on Facebook this morning that it’s 100 days till christmas and the average afternoon temperature for christmas is 55f/12C …. tho we do have about a month it gets chilly in january

    I am impatiently waiting for things to fall into place. Done all I can, now it’s up to everyone else !

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