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  1. Kelly Sweetheart

    Are plastics worth it?

    I've had multiple surgeries. Some in the states, one in Mexico. My in the states Tummy tuck was first. I was not that pleased. I lost my curve and looked like spongebob square pants. This was done in a surgical center. I was kicked out and sent home pretty quickly after surgery. Not the best experience. This was in 2015 My second surgery was covered by insurance. A breast reduction that was also performed in the states. I am surpised how small he made my breasts, but I've always hated them and wanted small breasts so I was happy. I did end up with dog ears and some keloid spots. I didn't have them addressed, but I'm told it's pretty simple to address both issues, so I may in the near future. This was done in a hospital. It was a more pleasant experience. I did go home the same day. This was in 2016 During COVID I gained 50 lbs and had bariatric surgery. Lost 60 lbs The third plastic surgery was a brazilliam butt lift. I had this surgery in January. I explained that I wanted lipo to try to give me my curve back and a natural looking butt. This was done in Mexico. I am absolutely amazed at this procedure. He lipo'd my back and flanks and extended tummy tuck? Basically gave me back my hourglass figure. He inserted the fat at my hips and butt. I stayed in the hospital for a week. I had round the clock nurses care. I didn't need it. I would have preferred being at home but I don't like staying in hotels/hospitals. I want to sleep in my bed. I found that they do specialize in weightloss patients and have a long waiting list. But cancellations occur and you can move up your date rather easily if you are flexible.
  2. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    So thankful that I went on this journey. It's been a long time since I've been at a normal BMI. I'm getting a facelift in July
  3. Kelly Sweetheart

    Starting Out and Self-Pay in Mexico?

    I am 53. I had my surgery last year. I had the gastric sleeve surgery. They fixed a hiatal hernia as well. I live in Ohio, but flew to Las Vegas for my surgery. I paid $9800. My general practitioner did my follow up labs at 6 months, and will do my one year labs as well. I'm a couple pounds away from my goal and a normal BMI. I will definitely hit my goal before my one year mark. My sister saw my success and wanted to go to Las Vegas as well. Her price was a few thousand more so she looked into Mexico. She did go to Tijuana, and I was her companion. She paid half of what I paid. She had her surgery last month and has lost 25 lbs so far. She has not had any complications. The gastric sleeve seems to be a common surgery with very minimal complications wherever you go. I wish you the best! Kelly
  4. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    So glad to hear you are doing so well. I'm doing well, as well, thanks. I've lost about 40 lbs. I need to lose another 13 or so to have a normal BMI. But I'm quite happy with my weight loss. It has been very slow throughout this process. I'm averaging a pound a week. But that's better than not losing, or God forbid, gaining. I'm going on a cruise for Christmas. Bathing suit, size 10. Great to be there again. I hope all is well with everybody
  5. Kelly Sweetheart

    recommendations for lipo and bariatric surgery

    Thanks, they are on my list to call.
  6. Kelly Sweetheart

    recommendations for lipo and bariatric surgery

    It doesn't look like they take credit cards. Did you have to pay in cash?
  7. HI all, My sister is planning on having the gastric sleeve procedure done in Mexico in a few months. I am going to go with her and I am considering liposuction. Basically, surgery buddies, but different procedures. I know a lot of bariatric patients end up needing some surgery for loose skin, etc. But I'm not sure which practices provide both. Does anybody have any experience with a bariatric place in Mexico that also provides plastic surgery? Thanks, Kelly
  8. When I was researching sleeve vs gastric bypass, one of the doctors videos discussed the sleeve procedure and explained the operation in detail. the taller you are the longer the stomach thus the more it can hold. Honestly, we are talking the difference of 1-2 ounces though after the sleeve procedure. I believe his reference picture was a small banana vs a larger banana.
  9. Kelly Sweetheart

    Has anyone else...

    I was a self pay as well. I stayed in the states though. I flew to Vegas on a Monday, had preop stuff done Tuesday and Wednesday. My surgery was Thursday and I left Saturday. I looked at services in Mexico, but decided on staying in the states. It was my own fears. I trust the US restrictions, rules, procedures are in place for my safety. However, there are a lot of people on here who have had wonderful experiences traveling out of the country for surgery. I believe there is a group page dedicated to Mexican sleeve patients. I would check out some of their reviews and experiences.
  10. Kelly Sweetheart

    How long were you off work after surgery?

    I had surgery on a Thursday. I flew home overnight Sat-Sun. I went to work that Monday. I was tired. But I was flying from Vegas to Ohio. That time change plus the surgery had me off a little, otherwise the work day went smoothly. I have a desk job as well
  11. Kelly Sweetheart

    Kinda annoyed and confused

    I bet your nutritionist was thinking about food restrictions for sleeve patients and not truly understanding your question. The first two weeks I was restricted to liquids, but after that I could try whatever I felt comfortable with eating. I had stage 3 hiatal hernia repair, and had a lot of pain the first time I tried chicken. I couldn't eat food that was "dry" without pain in my upper chest. The focus on the 3rd week was introducing foods again and hitting your protein mark while watching carbs. Eat protein first. I bet that's what he meant by no restrictions.
  12. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I love seeing everybody's stories too. My surgery was 03/24. I'm having trouble eating solid food unless its soft. I feel a wave of pain in my chest when I tried to eat chicken. It comes and goes for a few minutes. I'm guessing it's my esophagus muscle squeezing. I've had that before when I thought I ate too much. This time, I had very little chicken so I know it wasn't that. It scared me. So I'm back to eating eggs for protein. I did have a stage 3 hiatal hernia repaired. It might have been that as well. Joined the local YMCA. They don't have a swimming pool, but my membership is nationwide, so I can go to one of the other swimming pools in the county. My kids love it, and they have some workout machines outside a play area. There are glass windows so you can use a bike, row machine, etc while watching the kids play. Upcoming challenges: Still unable to take vitamins w/o nausea. Was considering ordering some patches, but I'm not sure about their efficacy COVID 19 booster on Friday. I'm dreading this most of all. I've had 3 shots and I had a strong reaction to every single one. Fever 104, headache, body aches, fatigue, basically flu symptoms for about 3 days. I don't want to eat or drink, so I'll be struggling with fluids.
  13. Kelly Sweetheart

    expected weight loss curve

    Hmmm, from what he said it sounds like 600 kcal / day is the average daily goal for the first 6 months. Since I'm just now starting soft foods, 600 kcal is a lot. But when I can eat more items, I bet I'd hit 600 Kcal pretty quickly. They pretty much explained that I would be eating similar to the pre-op diet. I bet that's why they suggest taking a multivitamin, Calcium, B complex, omega III, probiotics
  14. Kelly Sweetheart

    expected weight loss curve

    Thanks for your insight. I will try to trust the process.
  15. Kelly Sweetheart

    Over night stay at hospital. Yay or nay

    Went to a hotel. Later that evening the practice sent somebody to provide IV therapy. Then they pick you up the following day and take you to their location for another IV therapy.

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