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  1. When I was researching sleeve vs gastric bypass, one of the doctors videos discussed the sleeve procedure and explained the operation in detail. the taller you are the longer the stomach thus the more it can hold. Honestly, we are talking the difference of 1-2 ounces though after the sleeve procedure. I believe his reference picture was a small banana vs a larger banana.
  2. Kelly Sweetheart

    Has anyone else...

    I was a self pay as well. I stayed in the states though. I flew to Vegas on a Monday, had preop stuff done Tuesday and Wednesday. My surgery was Thursday and I left Saturday. I looked at services in Mexico, but decided on staying in the states. It was my own fears. I trust the US restrictions, rules, procedures are in place for my safety. However, there are a lot of people on here who have had wonderful experiences traveling out of the country for surgery. I believe there is a group page dedicated to Mexican sleeve patients. I would check out some of their reviews and experiences.
  3. Kelly Sweetheart

    How long were you off work after surgery?

    I had surgery on a Thursday. I flew home overnight Sat-Sun. I went to work that Monday. I was tired. But I was flying from Vegas to Ohio. That time change plus the surgery had me off a little, otherwise the work day went smoothly. I have a desk job as well
  4. Kelly Sweetheart

    Kinda annoyed and confused

    I bet your nutritionist was thinking about food restrictions for sleeve patients and not truly understanding your question. The first two weeks I was restricted to liquids, but after that I could try whatever I felt comfortable with eating. I had stage 3 hiatal hernia repair, and had a lot of pain the first time I tried chicken. I couldn't eat food that was "dry" without pain in my upper chest. The focus on the 3rd week was introducing foods again and hitting your protein mark while watching carbs. Eat protein first. I bet that's what he meant by no restrictions.
  5. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I love seeing everybody's stories too. My surgery was 03/24. I'm having trouble eating solid food unless its soft. I feel a wave of pain in my chest when I tried to eat chicken. It comes and goes for a few minutes. I'm guessing it's my esophagus muscle squeezing. I've had that before when I thought I ate too much. This time, I had very little chicken so I know it wasn't that. It scared me. So I'm back to eating eggs for protein. I did have a stage 3 hiatal hernia repaired. It might have been that as well. Joined the local YMCA. They don't have a swimming pool, but my membership is nationwide, so I can go to one of the other swimming pools in the county. My kids love it, and they have some workout machines outside a play area. There are glass windows so you can use a bike, row machine, etc while watching the kids play. Upcoming challenges: Still unable to take vitamins w/o nausea. Was considering ordering some patches, but I'm not sure about their efficacy COVID 19 booster on Friday. I'm dreading this most of all. I've had 3 shots and I had a strong reaction to every single one. Fever 104, headache, body aches, fatigue, basically flu symptoms for about 3 days. I don't want to eat or drink, so I'll be struggling with fluids.
  6. Does anybody know what the "expected weight loss percentage" is for immediately after surgery and how the weight loss curves. I guess I'm trying to set up my predictable timeline. For example, it's been 2 weeks since surgery. I lost 10.4 lbs. That is 5.36% My nutritionist said my expected weight loss is 50-60 lbs in 6 months based on my metabolic test and a 600 Kcal/day diet. My resting energy expenditure test reported that I am using 16556vKcal/day. I saw another physician video stating that the curve is greatest in the first 3 months. Then the next 9 months you would expect to lose the same amount as you lost in the first 3 months. Simply, I want to track my weight loss and measure against something scientifically predicted based on those who have had bariatric surgery. Do you guys know of any calculator/program like that?
  7. Kelly Sweetheart

    expected weight loss curve

    Hmmm, from what he said it sounds like 600 kcal / day is the average daily goal for the first 6 months. Since I'm just now starting soft foods, 600 kcal is a lot. But when I can eat more items, I bet I'd hit 600 Kcal pretty quickly. They pretty much explained that I would be eating similar to the pre-op diet. I bet that's why they suggest taking a multivitamin, Calcium, B complex, omega III, probiotics
  8. Kelly Sweetheart

    expected weight loss curve

    Thanks for your insight. I will try to trust the process.
  9. Kelly Sweetheart

    Over night stay at hospital. Yay or nay

    Went to a hotel. Later that evening the practice sent somebody to provide IV therapy. Then they pick you up the following day and take you to their location for another IV therapy.
  10. Kelly Sweetheart

    Weight loss

    Wow. That is amazing.
  11. Kelly Sweetheart

    Over night stay at hospital. Yay or nay

    I had gastric sleeve surgery with stage 3 hiatal hernia repair. It was an outpatient procedure at a surgical center. My pain was minimal
  12. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    At my center, the first two weeks post surgery is focused solely on fluid intake. Protein is not the focus. They said the number one reason for rehospitalization after surgery is dehydration, so they don't worry about protein intake for the first two weeks.
  13. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I'm almost through my second week post op. I've lost 11 lbs. If it wasn't for the cuts on my belly and my missing hernia, I wouldn't even be able to tell I had surgery. I do tend to bounce back right after surgery, but then feel it a couple weeks later. I'm still on liquid diet. My guess is, I haven't had anything to stress my stomach yet. I'll reserve full judgement to when I actually progress to eating food.
  14. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Thank you, I had mine today , along with hernia repair. T he hernia is the worst
  15. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I’m super excited. Surgery is tomorrow. I have a port in my arm. I’m not liking it at all. But I’m sure after surgery tomorrow it won’t be much of a concern.
  16. Absolutely, I'm flying out tomorrow. I'm a self pay and having surgery in vegas
  17. @tristynftw and I are having surgery on the 24th as well. I know there are a few others this weeK too. I am very excited, super nervous, but ready!!
  18. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I can’t seem to get enough water. I am excessively thirsty and I haven’t even had the surgery yet. The only thing that has changed is I’m on the high protein low carb pre op diet. I’m drinking at least 64 oz of water per day and I’m still dry mouth, lips, and literally craving water.
  19. Kelly Sweetheart

    Negative comments from family members

    I've had a different mind set for awhile now. I'm doing this for me. I'm doing this because it's best for me. I did the research. I learned about weight set point. I've researched about Ghrelin (and Leptin). I've yo-yo dieted since I was a teen. I'm now in my 50's. I've spoken to those who have had wls. I've talked to physicians about success rates and complications. I'm sure you've done a lot of these things or more yourself. Besides, you already had the procedure. Shoot, I'd shut them down with that. But honestly, did you previously think of alternative ways to celebrate birthdays, holidays, etc. I would say that's an example of a change in thinking. Hell, you making changes like that is a major success in my book. You got this
  20. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I'm so sorry to hear this, such a long wait. I hope you recover quickly
  21. Kelly Sweetheart


    My surgeon was mostly concerned with iron levels. If that was to low, then surgery is postponed until iron levels go up. A lot of people have diabetes and it is one of the reasons that surgery is approved by insurance companies.
  22. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    A week from tomorrow is my surgery. 03/24. I fly out to Vegas on Monday. Pre op diet has been pretty good. Ive been drinking two protein shakes and one of my Leftover Jenny Craig meals. Im over my UTI and have used some of the urinalysis test strips to check my ketones. Im in fat burning mode, hopefully that means my liver is shrinking as expected
  23. Kelly Sweetheart

    Pain - Left Side Under Bottom of Ribs

    So I had a UTI last week and had purchases some urinalysis strips to check for Nitrites,, leukocytes. The strips I purchases also had Ketones. I am officially burning fat!!
  24. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    I didn’t realize how many of my family members don’t want me to do this. This weekend I went to my brothers to give him his bday present. He thinks it’s an overreaction to my weight . I was watching my 600 lb life sfter work today and my support person who is coming with me told me that she doesn’t want me to have the surgery. In her defense, the imagery in that show is pretty graphic. Then this evening , I confirmed with my sister that she will check on my kiddos while I’m gone and she said she had her doubts too! Dang! I was counting on family to help my anxieties. I have needle issues and always have the vasovagal response. I am fearing that, more than the recovery! Anyway. I’m glad I found this forum. I love the positivity
  25. Kelly Sweetheart

    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Walking and having somebody percuss your back/shoulder or wherever the trapped gas. It was explained in a video I watched from my surgery center. My surgery is next week, so I have no first hand experience though

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