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  1. Your body will change, but more importantly, the chemicals in your body will change. For at least six months to a year afterwards you're not gonna feel the same. Whether it's low energy, no iron, low libido, or any other things. It will be a mental adjustment as you keep pushing through, and your body balances out. Stick to your plan, take your vitamins daily, and don't hesitate to go see a specialist if you feel things aren't right, especially mentally. others on these forms have mentioned it before, I wish I had jumped on it sooner...
  2. Congratulations!!! I know that feeling. I know i never imagined I would be in the sizes I am now. It really is a surreal and "holy crap" moment. Keep up the great work!
  3. 15 lbs is still a great accomplishment, congrats!! I agree, protein shakes can be really pricey. I have found that juat about every pre-made shake has a powered alternative that is much more affordable. Takes less than 5 minutes to prepare them and averages about $1 per "shake" which is a much better value. Personally my "go to" is chocolate premier protein.
  4. Hey December folks! Just checking in to see how everyone is doing... As for me, weight loss seems to have slowed a bit, but is still progressing. I'm still finding it pretty hard to get protein and water in daily. I feel like its either one or the other, I just cant seem to nail both. Regardless, I'm now 45 days post op and 41 lbs down. Hopefully everyone is safe, doing great, and well on their weight loss journey!
  5. Hi! I'm exactly 4 weeks post surgery and doing pretty good. The weight loss has slowed a bit but still making progress. It's been amazing seeing the weight come off and fitting into some of my old clothes again. I'm still in the puree'd stage for another week, so now starting to get creative with fish, meat, and anything else I can ask the wife to mash up. There haven't been any major setbacks except for a severe gout flare up that has been hampering my walking since week 2. I'm drinking upwards of 70 oz's of water a day and still can't seem to shake the soreness and pain in my toe joint from the flare up. Other than that, it's full steam ahead!! Glad to hear your success!

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