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  1. AnotherGuy

    You are all my buddies

    Hey @FarfelDiego, You definitely got this! You are going to grit it out and work your way to a healthy lifestyle. Sure...there may be setbacks along the way. Every worthwhile journey has two steps forward and one step back. Here is an inspirational video of someone's journey. Perhaps this will help you too.
  2. AnotherGuy

    One Year Ago Today

    Congratulations!! Your results are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers to your new life!
  3. AnotherGuy


    Good morning @debg74 Welcome to the forum! I am certainly not the official spokesperson here but wanted to make sure you felt welcome. Congratulations on your surgery. There is a large amount of information on this site. I am certain you can find the answer to almost any surgery or food related question here. Everyone is very friendly on the forum and those with similar experiences are willing to share their wisdom. I am only four months post op and I still have a long way to go. Best wishes on your journey!
  4. Hello All, There are certainly many posts about non scale victories. Like many of you, I have clothes of various sizes in my closet. There is no need to purchase anything new yet, so I have not experienced the joy of shopping for smaller clothes. However, I was forced to purchase a couple SMALLER belts to use with the aforementioned clothes. Is there any better feeling than losing weight? I must say I truly felt joy disposing of the old, larger belts. I heard Oprah say this once, "..losing weight feels better than any food tastes." I agree. Please share any recent non scale victory you may have had. I like to read them. Best, AnotherGuy
  5. AnotherGuy

    Want to be a part of this site

    Hey @thinblueline, So nice to have you here. I am not the most active member of this forum, but I like to read the things you post. I don't always reply to everything I read...sorry about that. As always, good luck on your journey.
  6. AnotherGuy

    What do you guys think of this video?

    Advice is sometimes given with the best intentions but everyone is different. You should do the things which work for you. Only you know what is best for you. Listen, learn and experiment with your routines. Find something which is sustainable to achieve your long term goals. In my personal case, I believe the following things contribute to my success. I eat less calories because of surgery. I made a decision to make healthier food choices. I exercise regularly (cardio.) I perform weight training regularly. I feel great. I am losing weight. This is what is important to me.
  7. AnotherGuy

    Just signed up for 5K - very emotional

    Congratulations on your achievement! It is fantastic that you are on your way to running road races again. 🏃‍♀️
  8. AnotherGuy

    No Caffeine

    Sound thinking...especially the snorting part. 😁 My surgeon recommended waiting 30 days for the stomach to heal before drinking coffee which, according to surgeon, could be an irritant. I waited 30 days and I have been drinking normal amounts of coffee since. There have been no issues.
  9. AnotherGuy

    Feeling cold

    I am a member of the "Polar Bear Club." It has not gone away...although I am no longer cold most of the time, just some of the time.
  10. AnotherGuy

    Exercise post-op

    I am almost 8 weeks post surgery. Like you, I incorporate strength training and cardio every week. At the moment, I do cardio five days per week and I do strength training three days per week. One day per week, Tuesdays, I have a complete day of rest. Did I mention I love Tuesdays? It is my opinion that it is very difficult to build muscle while losing weight. To build muscle, your body needs the raw materials (food) for which to build muscle. While losing weight, your body has a calorie deficit...or in other words, a lack of food. Therefore, it is very difficult to build muscle while losing weight. Perhaps a good goal might be to maintain as much of the muscle you currently possess through strength training. As you lose weight, you will be losing fat and keeping lean muscle. And muscle burns way more calories than fat. Odd fact of the day: According to Harvard Health, adults lose 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after the age of 30. (This is the reason we get fatter as we get older even though we eat the same amount.) 🤔
  11. Your motivation is inspiring. 💪 Not too far from you, we are buried under snow. Got some extra exercise shoveling. I can think of 10,000 things I would rather do.
  12. I still get cold all the time...I don't think I am ever going to like it. 😕
  13. This is an excellent idea. I believe you and me are cut from a similar cloth. I enjoy your posts. 😁 I also find that I do better when I have an accountability partner. For instance, someone who agrees to do five days of cardio per week. We do not need to do the activity together, but we hold each other accountable for getting the work done. Later, we celebrate together.
  14. AnotherGuy

    Tips to break a stall...

    This is awesome! Congrats on not losing muscle mass. It is so hard to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. 💪
  15. AnotherGuy

    Tips to break a stall...

    I completely agree. Shake the body up...😁

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