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  1. Hey everyone! So I am 1 week and 2 days post-op, time feels so slow and it feels like I had the surgery forever ago! This week I am in my full liquids stage and I've been having a hard time ingesting cream soups, broths, and cream of wheat. I don't eat much and let most of what I pick up with the spoon fall off and I just eat/sip what's leftover on the spoon. My stomach hurts fast and I get pains in my chest and lots of gas while trying to eat. Is this normal? It has been so hard for me to take in my 50-64 fl oz because of the same reason. Please give me advice and tell me im not crazy!
  2. Angelica Pena

    Struggling with eating and water intake

    Hey! I would love to connect since our process is very close in timing… I been trying to find someone to share my experiences with and not feel like im doing everything wrong loll. We could even share pics and recipes as the process continues!
  3. Angelica Pena

    Struggling with eating and water intake

    Thank you everyone for the great advice! I’ve been reading them as they’ve been posting and I definitely started to progress from figuring out when to slow down and been more mindful of taking steady sips instead of rushing out of thirst😭 I haven’t been feeling too much pain now. I think i do get a bit of acid reflux when I do ingest too quickly but im only learning more from here. Thank u all!
  4. I have been seeing that so many people have surgery on the same date as me, December 7th. I would love to connect with all of you who have surgery on that date so we can motivate, push, and even vent to each other about the process since we will all be going through it at the same time. I have been trying to find a community of people and feel as though this is the best way to do so. We can exchange recipes and give each other advice on what to eat or do. Please comment and let's connect!
  5. I have surgery on December 7th! So glad I came across this post!
  6. Angelica Pena

    PreOp Liquid Diet…. Struggling hard.

    I came across this website yesterday and decided to jump back on to see if I can connect with a few people and you were literally the next post I clicked and the minute I read that your surgery was on December 7th, I immediately signed up so I can reply to your comment. My surgery is also on December 7th and I have been on my liquid diet since November 22nd. I do find it scary that your surgeon is not allowing you to drink protein shakes. Your body gets deprived off of so many nutrients and the protein shakes help your muscles build protein while you are losing body fat in order for your body to keep going throughout the day. I have done so much research on the internet yesterday because of how much I was stressing about this diet and found out that I am going through food grief. I would love to connect with you some more since our surgery dates are the same day. Maybe we can exchange recipes and help push/motivate each other?

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