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  1. heysam

    Stall and brain

    I am in the same boat - coming up on 7 months, and I've lost about a pound and a half in the last 30 days. My weight goes down, then the next week it goes up (sometimes for two weeks!) then back down to where I was before or maybe a tiny bit lower - its a slog and I'm not sure what to do. Very frustrating! I know to expect a slowdown, and my bariatric nurse warned me a lot of people stall around 200 lbs which is where I am. Its encouraging to hear its common to stall for up to several weeks, just frustrating. I guess hang in there? I'm going to reach out to my team, too, to see if there's anything I need to tweak.
  2. heysam

    What do YOU order at Starbucks?

    If you're on instagram, follow themacrobarista - he comes up with great low calorie/carb starbucks (and home coffee) concoctions. He always has the macros listed for those following macros. I've gotten several great order ideas from him!
  3. Occasionally I have a heavy/tight feeling there there - almost feels like trapped gas to me but I can’t burp it out. Finding gas-x and smaller sips helping so far.
  4. I am post-op day 3. Ever since coming out of recovery, I have been peeing but only in small amounts. The hospital was ok sending me home knowing that, which gives me a little peace of mind. Now at home, I feel like I go about every hour (based on sensation/urgency) and then it’s just kind of a trickle. Hoping it’s just from swelling/pressure in the abdomen and slowly “waking up” my bladder after anesthesia, but wondering if anyone had the same experience, and if so, how long did it last?
  5. I was sleeved yesterday! I could nearly stay awake all day. Gas pain wasn’t great although getting better. Incisional pain is a bit&@ though! Whenever I ask how long things will take to stop hurting I hear the “everyone’s journey is different ”thing, which doesn’t help!
  6. I’m on day 3 (of 10) of mine and I’m totally with you! I went for a walk with my friend and was in pain and exhausted after. I have a low level headache almost nonstop. I’m a little worried about functioning at work next week. And all I can think about is food- real food, not jello and protein shakes!
  7. December 6th! Although worried about it getting postponed since COVID is surging here in the midwest. My pre-op diet starts on Thanksgiving, so I might be opting out of the family celebration - that's a huge test of willpower right off the bat!
  8. I can't tell you how helpful it is to read this today. I am feeling the EXACT same way. My surgery is a month out, and I'm starting to panic. My rational brain tells me that some day I can enjoy food again (albeit is much smaller amounts), and I won't have to abstain from alcohol forever if I don't want to, but my neurotic brain is worrying about doing something irreversible to my body, and that I could end up going through this for nothing if I gain all the weight back. Glad to know I'm not alone, that this is normal, and that most people don't regret it in the long run.
  9. heysam

    December surgery buddies

    Me! 🙋‍♀️ Surgery scheduled for 12/6. Have to start my pre-op liquid diet on Thanksgiving. I guess I can sacrifice one holiday! Excited to finally move forward but sometimes reading some of these boards end up making me feel more nervous!

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