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  1. Thanks guys. My program says no caffeine for 30 days post op. Plus I am struggling to get in sufficient water and protein shake … thus I am afraid to add coffee at this point. It feels like my stomach is thimble size!
  2. Merry Christmas! I am two days post op (RNY 12/23) and I want to share my experience so far. The Good : I tolerated water right away after surgery and the next day I tolerated protein shake without any issues . The sipping is VERY slow going as I feel Like my new stomach is the size of a thimble! Also, I do not have internal visceral pain like I did with my hysterectomy. The Bad: the incisional pain is rough. I had a five hour car ride home from the hospital the day after my surgery and it was torture . I felt every roll and bump. Thank god I had a belly band. Get one of these from the hospital before you leave. The Ugly: caffeine withdrawal!! Omg . I did not have to give it up until surgery and wow. The headaches are intense. So my fellow coffee drinkers out there - beware.
  3. Dec 23. Excited and nervous. Handling pre op liquid phase pretty well but I have to say I am sick of jello!
  4. Folks - I just want to send a small positive vibe out into the universe - I am on day 5 of my liquid pre op diet and I have to say, I feel decent and honestly this is not *that* bad. I swear! I was massively dreading this. I was worried I would be nonstop hungry for two weeks and angry at the world. However, I got into a routine of shake - broth - jello/popsicle that seems to be working to manage the hunger. Am I hungry? Yes. Is it constant? No. (Could I eat any solid form of food right now? Yes. Will I? No.) I "eat" 4 times a day: breakfast, lunch, "happy hour" (oh the irony), and dinner. I have a shake at each meal and broth and/or jello. I have tried many broths and I honestly prefer the old fashioned boullion cubes or ramen noodle broth packet over anything fancy like bone broth. I am having 800-900 calories a day and I am not face down in the bed like I thought I would be. I even adulted at work today. 😂 Just want to send this note because the two week liquid preop was looming so large in my mind before I actually started doing it. Like many things, the dread was worse than just doing the dreaded thing.

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