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  1. Completely understand I still have issues falling and staying asleep after surgery
  2. Is so weird I haven’t either but my body can tolerate small amounts I usually have potent Brazilian coffee only 4 ounces with either 2 small spoons 🥄 of milk usually soy.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all. God bless can't eat turkey but had a nice tuna salad. Is all about helsthy choices now.
  4. EsojLabina

    Happy Thanksgiving 🍗

    Happy you all had a great thanksgiving
  5. You can try to either use low fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese with it or you have it medium or fried (using low fat margarine) and even with avocado. That has help me. I can’t also stand the nasty smell but I love 🥚
  6. @Charotera303 omg 😱 I feel you - I just had 🦑, smoked salmon 🍣 and lemon pepper salmon with ponzu sauce yummy 🤤
  7. I can relate to this completely. I also enjoy rest and being catered to. I now do my own steaks sous vide and then pan seared with rosemary garlic and unsalted butter. The only season I use is pure salted thick grained. And I make sure to buy lean cuts sirloin top sirloin etc.
  8. I was just telling my wife how I am not liking coffee and she was like what. Yeah I was a big coffee head from 32 ounces day I am doing about 4 ounces daily with milk. Things change I guess 🤣😂🤣😂
  9. EsojLabina

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Omg 50 pound in nearly 2 months that is awesome I lost 40 pounds until now post up 1 month. I feels greats.
  10. EsojLabina

    Happy Thanksgiving 🍗

    Omg 😱 can’t wait to be in that moser of at least 3 ounces I am just about 30 days can barely do 2 oz lol 😂 Happy you were able to enjoy your meals happy holidays and thank you for the share.
  11. Happy for you all. I had my gastric bypass and hiatal hernia repaired on the 28 of October is has been a daunting experience, still battling some old habits. Here to help in anything you all need ask ask ask. Happy Thanksgiving 🍗
  12. EsojLabina

    Happy Thanksgiving 🍗

    Yummy In time I will also be able to eat everything. Yassssss 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗
  13. EsojLabina

    After surgery diabetes

    @Prestonandme those are still great numbers congratulations. I am 20 days post-op my numbers went from 200 into pre-diabetic numbers 100-120 not sure if it would get better as I am loosing the weight. Happy Holidays and thank you for sharing.
  14. I lost 40 pounds I am in 20 days post-operative and now stalling for the last 5 days
  15. I’m like what the hell just happen - on the day of my surgery The weight was 330 and now 289 which is not bad - I am 6’2 and my healthy weight is about 200 putting me at 130 pounds of excess weight and I’ve lost 41 pounds post op which is about 31% from that excess weight. But for the past week now matter what I do I think I hit a plateau 😤😤😤😤😤 stuck a 289. Is frustrating at the least but I know is a long love journey. I keep my food diary and basically I am doing keto. Better get back to the drawing board and speak to my nutrition team. Anyone else has experience this post op in the initial stages????
  16. I was also diagnosed with diabetes type 2 no meds just dieting (which was not my thing 😂) and exercise. My surgeon told me your glucose levels will start to get better. I’ve read that in most cases or about in 85% diabetes would be cured aka go into remission . I have seen my numbers come done from an average of 150-160 fasting pre-op to pre-diabetes number 100-120 which is not bad at all. And again I know all bodies are different. I would love to read from fellow members that have gone thru same experience, and theu marvelous tool of weight loss surgery and lifestyle changes their diabetes has been cured, gain better control or gone into remission.
  17. @vikingbeast 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 “no te rajes” that’s going to be my week motivation phrase. Yeah I am about in that 7 days stall. Thank you me hicistes el día mano en la verdad. Felicitaciones en tus libras perdidas.
  18. @catwoman7 thank you for your continued support and sharing with me.
  19. @NovaLuna btw awesome pic and aka. This is why I love this forum. My wife was the the 1st to have her bypass done and she did stalled but it was like 7 months postop and yes it was disheartening and now I learned that there is a thing call the 3 week thingy 🤣🤣 I’ve learned. So grateful to be in this forum and thank you for sharing you story is brings hope and relief. Is part of my journey. God bless, happy holidays and I will keep posting my progress.
  20. EsojLabina

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Yes 🙌 setting a timer ⏱ for 3:30 after each bite. I feel much better today. Not sure but my pain went away like magic. All I have now is more of sore muscles in my abdomen section. Other that still learning the since last of being full. Thank you for sharing and your advice. How are you doing postop????
  21. EsojLabina

    Post op day 2

    Yes I know that feeling a I am seating a my kitchen table with a time I put it to 3:30 after chewing and swallowing
  22. EsojLabina

    Post op day 2

    You can try Epic really great snack with high protein.
  23. EsojLabina

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    I am 15 days postop and is hurting like hell. Combo meds such as Diazepam and Oral Oxy are not working for me. I stomach just growls at me. I am able to keep food down is just hurts like hell. My surgeon is thinking of doing both a Upper GI series and a CT scan. I am starting to regret this. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  24. Glad to hear that you are ok
  25. How did they know is was a popped stitch??? Did you get some kind of study done to determine it was exactly that? Just curious, and also very happy it has been resolved.

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