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    KellOnWheels reacted to Goddesslola in Just a journey   
    Good morning!
    i went out last night, date was ok but i am not interested anymore.
    I had two cocktails as planned and squid, weighted in at 181 flat,
    i think i had one Protein Bar, one Protein Shake, yogurt, a few slices of chicken, lots of coffee then the above, no run, ill go tonight.
    Happy with how I am progressing, and the self control im able to show. would like to buy cupcakes, would LOVE Cheesecake LOL
    will be back tonight
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    KellOnWheels reacted to shawnt in My 2.0 Bday and sexy AF   
    OK, click bait title..... I admit it......but I do enjoy looking at myself in the mirror these day. Down 80lbs...started working out late in the game but can tell I've added some muscle mass as well. Proud of my progress. Gastric sleeve for the win a year from today! Trying to squeeze out another 5-10lbs for my 25 year anniversary so I can prance around in front of my hot wife in my swim suit on our anniversary cruise! For all those sitting on the sidelines, jump in. My experience has been awesome!

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    KellOnWheels reacted to ms.sss in ms.sss: 3 years, baby   
    I created a blog entry with the same content below here, but I feel like no one ever reads BP blogs, so am posting in the forums for good measure. Sorry for the dupes! Also sorry this is so long!
    It's been 3 years, y’all.
    I’m a 5’2” female and was 235 lbs & 45 yrs old at the start of the 2 wk liquid diet. Didn’t lose any weight prior. I was on high cholesterol and blood pressure meds, diagnosed with fatty liver, pre-diabetic, peed every 20-30 mins, and snored like a freight train (so said Mr.)
    Day of sleeve surgery: 223.2 lbs
    No recovery issues, but I became dumper on sugar (still am). I got off my meds, eliminated liver and diabetic diagnoses within a month. I can hold my pee like a superhero (including not having to go once during a 9 hr flight pre-covid!), and I sleep so silently that Mr. admitted to checking on me during the night in the beginning to check if I was even alive.
    I ate VERY little during weight loss phase compared to most, but it worked for ME…I didn’t suffer any medical/nutritional issues nor any angst throughout.
    I tracked everything I ate/drank, weighed myself every morning and took my measurements every Wednesday (I STILL track and weigh daily - its just habit now -, but no longer take my measurements regularly)
    Reached goal of 127 lbs 7 months after surgery. I had zero stalls.
    I had a Tummy Tuck, arm lift and breast lift at 14 months post op.
    Lowest weight: 109 lbs (this was a month or so after plastics, but quickly gained back to 115-ish)
    I’ve basically been 115-ish +/- 5 lbs since a couple months into maintenance.
    Weight this morning: 116.0 lbs even.
    Happy place is below 120 and/or that my clothes still fit, LOL.
    These days I exercise semi-regularly, running minimum 5km 2-3 times a week supplemented with the occasional 20-30 min strength training sessions at home (I continue to hate strength training exercises but consider it a necessary evil), and various other for-fun cardio activities. Part of me wanted to get back to higher exercise levels so I can get the “fitter” look I had back then, but I long ago reconciled myself with the fact that I don’t want it THAT badly. Maybe someday I may change my mind, but I’m cool with it for now.
    I average 1800-2000 cals a day. I drink alcohol and carbonated Water on the regular, use straws, chew gum, drink coffee, and eat popcorn, fried foods and carbs. I love Desserts. At 3 years out, my restriction is still in effect and could probably eat about 1-1.5 cups of food in volume at one sitting before I need to tap out: some things I can eat more of (salads) than others (dense Protein & fluffy bread). I will barf if I eat too much or too fast.
    I have energy for days, and am more than satisfied with how I look and feel. Life is good.
    Had my 3 year follow up last week and I continue to be the picture of health, and my surgeon asked again if I wanted to be on a poster. Ummmm, no thanks.
    Regrets? ABSOLUTELY ZERO. Well, except maybe that I didn’t get a v-shaped tummy tuck incision vs the straight line one that I got. Just means that I can’t wear higher cut bikini bottoms without my scar showing (see the last pic in the collage below). But I mean, really, I’m just nit-picking at this point.
    This forum has been a constant in my life for the past 3 years, and I’ve made some great connections and some actual REAL friends. Its really nice to engage with others who know what the eff you are talking about, even if its just about food porn and clothes sometimes, lol.
    Hugs and Congrats to those who made it to the other side with me, and Hugs and Good Luck to those on their way.
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    KellOnWheels reacted to Starwarsandcupcakes in Food Before and After Photos   
    😂 I also sew and paint of which these are some of my favorite projects-
    A nightmare before Christmas tote bag, this landscape with gold glitter, a watercolor city skyline, and these super fun pants.

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    KellOnWheels reacted to Arabesque in What does 4-5 months out look like for you?   
    Glad you are doing so well & are happy with your progress. Whoo hoo!
    By 4-5 months I was eating a variety of meats, vegetables & some fruit & lots of dairy. Had a small amount of carbs in the form of rolled oats 3 or 4 times a week. Still small portions - almost 3/4 cup on a good day & depending on what I was eating. I ate three meals a day & usually two Snacks (yoghurt & cheese or fruit). No real difficulties eating most foods that I can recall by that time except for things I always had issues with like chilli & spicy foods. Though there are still odd occasions when my tummy says nope this is not for you but I’ve worked out what most of those things are now or why my tummy said no. I hit goal at 6 months so my weight loss was noticeably slowing especially by month 5. I did keep losing for another 11 months or so but it just took me time to be able to physically eat enough to stop losing & to work out how & what that meant & looked like for me.
    While losing my cholesterol levels increased & my liver function was off. Not because of what I was eating but because of what was being released into my blood stream from my melting fat. Once I reached my goal they settled & my cholesterol dropped back to the level it has been for years (regardless of my weight).
    Always had a tendency to low blood pressure & the occasional hypoglycaemic episodes & as I got closer to my goal, they increased in frequency (esp the low blood pressure: all day, ever day). So that did, & still does, affect my energy levels & my ability to be very active - start strong but fade fast. Lol!
    Now I eat almost a recommended serving size again depending on what I’m eating. Eat 3 meals & 3 or 4 snacks a day - about 1200/1300 calories. Cut out a lot of sugar, (real, substitutes & artificial). Only eat whole or multi grains - rolled oats & some crackers (2 serves a day). Can’t eat breads, rice & Pasta - sit heavily in my tummy & restrict what else I can eat. My surgery hasn’t limited me socially in any way.
    That’s my story anyway.
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    KellOnWheels reacted to vikingbeast in SV... but not the kind you think   
    We have a huge thread about NSVs (non-scale victories) but I wanted to share a scale-related one.
    As I posted in another thread, I had to go to the emergency room. Once I was in intake and triage, of course the first thing they said was "hop up on the scale please."
    And for the first time in my adult life, I didn't dread it. I didn't dread a nasty "guess what we found those 8 pounds you lost and they brought their cousins" number. I didn't even empty my pockets.
    It felt so liberating.
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    KellOnWheels reacted to vikingbeast in To those who had a very easy recovery...   
    I have the same worry. This seems... too easy. I feel like I shouldn't be able to drink as much as I am, and I worry that I'm consuming too much.
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    KellOnWheels reacted to Danpaul in What I've Learned Four Years In   
    I'm four years into my surgery this month and here are the things that I've learned.
    At the beginning most will feel mixed emotions. Euphoric due to rapid weight loss, concern due to stalls and minor setbacks and trepidation due to looking at how others are doing and you feeling you're not doing enough. The one feeling we all have will be a renewed confidence in ourselves due to the fastest weight reduction you might have ever experienced.
    We attain our goal weight. We then transition into making wise food and lifestyle choices. No longer are we to eat the things that made us obese and unhealthy such as the three C's, Cookies, Cake and candy. We will get more exercise. Maybe we park further from the building, maybe we join a gym, maybe we walk, run or work out. We are feeling great and we love our new selves.
    Next we work on maintaining the weight loss and our healthy lifestyle. One thing happens, we decide since we lost so much weight it couldn't hurt to visit our friends the three C's. If only for a short while and only in small amounts. Hey, why park so far? It's really cold/hot, I'll park closer. You're still feeling confident even if you gained only 10lbs of the 100 you lost. Hey, you're still down 90lbs. No problem, I can lose the 10lbs. I've lost far more than that after surgery.
    Then we realize, we are no longer weight loss super beings. We are just mere mortals who now have to work hard to lose the weight. Our bodies after time (usually after the one year mark) will not give us that rapid weight loss we once depended on. Here is when your determination and or lack of it will affect you for the rest of your life. We will all get back on a diet or healthier eating plan to lose the weight we gained. The majority will not succeed because it is not as easy it was when we first had surgery. Some will become complacent and throw up their hands and surrender. The weight will come back and the thoughts of a revision will come to our heads. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not allow for a do over. For a few they will overcome and work on shedding those pounds. They will succeed due to a variety of reasons such as a good support group, using the honeymoon period wisely and really making better lifestyle choices or simply losing one pound at a time instead of trying to lose all of it at one time.
    Since my surgery four years ago I had five friends and family members undergo the surgery. We ALL gained back some of the weight. Some were able to lose it and regain their healthy lifestyle. Some never were able to lose the weight and went back into the habit of eating for gratification.
    This is what I did. I originally got down on myself. How did I after three years let myself gain 10 lbs. I vowed to get it off. My 1st week I lost 1/2 a pound. I was devastated, how could this be? The next week I gained a pound. Why? I needed help!! My regular group meetings were cancelled due to covid so I lost valuable support there. I decided to call my family and friends who had the surgery. I spent hours talking to everyone, I told them about my struggles and they told me about theirs. We all came away with a few good ideas of what to do. First don't look to lose the WHOLE amount in one shot. It won't happen and it will derail you from succeeding. Set a goal of 1-2lbs per week. Don't worry that some friends or family might be losing more. We aren't in competition with them. Look at the little things. One friend said she stopped putting Crystal light or Mio in her Water. She only drank plain ice water. It seemed to help her jump start her weight loss. Another friend said he started taking the stairs instead of the elevator. He climbs seven flights at least once a day. Another told me her husband who did not have the surgery brought Snacks home and that she would eat them. She purged her home of the unhealthy snacks as she did right after her surgery. I started to implement these and other ideas and I have lost 5lbs in five weeks. I'm at the half way point to getting back to my goal weight.
    We are not super humans we need help and we need encouragement in order to succeed. There are a few on here who have done a tremendous job on their own and they are to be commended and emulated. For me, I need and I will take all the help I can get. Everyday is a struggle to be healthy. I told my surgeon that all this is happening after only four years, how do people succeed at maintaining the weight loss? He said sadly, the majority won't.

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    KellOnWheels got a reaction from happilylacey in September Surgery Buddies!!   
    My surgery is scheduled for 9/13. Fingers crossed it won’t be cancelled--I’m so ready to reclaim myself!
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    KellOnWheels got a reaction from happilylacey in September Surgery Buddies!!   
    My surgery is scheduled for 9/13. Fingers crossed it won’t be cancelled--I’m so ready to reclaim myself!
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    KellOnWheels got a reaction from happilylacey in September Surgery Buddies!!   
    My surgery is scheduled for 9/13. Fingers crossed it won’t be cancelled--I’m so ready to reclaim myself!

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